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Custom Touchscreen Monitors and Industrial Pc

As a producer of altered touchscreens, we create and produce custom touchscreen monitors as per client determinations.


As a producer of altered touchscreens, we create and produce custom touchscreen monitors as per client determinations. For the areas of industry and clinical innovation, we offer demonstrated arrangement ideas that need just be adjusted exhaustively to your singular necessities. We have currently effectively breezed through numerous industry-explicit assessments and principles. This lessens your improvement expenses and gives you a significant time advantage in progressively lithe business sectors. Confidence in the trained professional.


Optical holding is one of our exceptional accomplishments. We ace LOCA wet holding and OCA holding extraordinarily well and at extremely aggressive costs. We convey fortified total frameworks with optical picture sharpness. Optically fortified touch frameworks at especially alluring conditions. Persuade yourself with a free statement.


We foster individual touch evaluates for you dependent on various innovations, materials and plan developments. Whenever required, the touch sensor can be ideally adjusted for amazingly cost-productive or great applications. As a trained professional and contact screen producer, we give equipped and dependable guidance.

Protection FILTER

Security insurance and the related information assurance is an undeniably significant prerequisite for contact frameworks. The more extensive utilization of touch screens additionally expands the requirement for security ensured contact screens. Contact screens with protection channels are great for applications in banks, government organizations and drug stores.


We meter and punch pragmatic fixing frameworks for quick and dependable reconciliation into your framework. Therefore we accomplish an ideal money saving advantage proportion with magnificent fixing up to IP69K. Robot-based cycles and demonstrated materials guarantee stable cycles and predictable quality.


Anticipate from us ideal completing choices for optical enemy of intelligent coatings. We are a finished arrangement supplier for reflected touch frameworks. Faltered AR against intelligent coatings just as AG coatings in the scratching system or as a heated on shower covering are among our standard arrangements. Precisely coordinated to your necessities for shine level and scratch opposition.


EMC protecting doesn’t generally need to be costly. We are glad to foster effective answers for you as per the detail of the relating standard. We draw on an enormous arrangement of executed undertakings and as of now offer numerous standard answers for you minus any additional improvement exertion. Uncommon safeguarding materials are available from our distribution center.


As a touch screen maker, we offer definitively coordinated with PET polyester to precisely adjust the touch screen to uncommon optical conditions. We have the best answer for your optical prerequisites. Demonstrated ideas and advances for indoor and open air applications.


Sunscreen is heat insurance. Infrared channels shield your showcase from overheating and untimely disappointment in requesting applications. We execute IR insurance channels as overlaid PET film or as great temperature-stable IR security glass for ideal life span and negligible hotness input.


Forceful UV radiation is a central point in fast maturing of show frameworks. To guarantee dependable and great lucidness, surfaces or defensive channels ought to be chosen. We offer demonstrated answers for testing open air applications.

Covered GLASS

Optical holding of at least one glass layers altogether builds the effect opposition of touch screens. Covered glass with sway opposition of more than IK10 + involves course for us. Glass covers are ideally fit to tie parts in the event of glass breakage and to diminish the danger potential.

PCAP Custom Touch Screen

Our stock scope of standard PCAP contact screens from 7″ to 55″. For especially high requests as far as effect opposition, we offer you our extremely strong IK10 contact screen. Top notch modern PCAP contact from the experts at alluring costs.

Custom Industrial Monitors

Find the practically boundless conceivable outcomes and make your own individual modern screen that coordinates with your character and adds to the expressive appearance of your image.


  1. Splendid tones
  2. Great materials
  3. Alluring glasses
  4. Imaginative hardware

There are no restrictions to your plan inclinations and your singular acknowledgment.


Our objective was to plan novel modern screens for the upcoming modern apparatus and clinical gadgets.

  1. With an extraordinary plan
  2. Remarkable picture quality
  3. Abnormally wise usefulness
  4. Amazing value execution proportion
  5. Our screen stage is a secluded framework that is not difficult to alter and still ensures quick conveyance times.
  6. Each modern screen is 100% tried and superior grade. Plan and creation by Interelectronix.


Interelectronic has its own advancement offices in Canada and Munich with profoundly qualified architects and professionals.

We can fall back on protected innovations just as an exceptionally qualified improvement group in the space of touch screens. At our areas, we are likewise ready to change the final result to meet your singular necessities.

Modern Monitors

For over 20 years we have created, delivered and dispersed touch screen innovation. We have created from part provider to contact screen framework provider with excellent item and cycle ability.

Custom Touch Panel

Existing Project / Drop-in Replacement or a New Design
Type of Product: Standard or Custom Made
Touch Panel Type: Resistive or Capacitive
Graphics: Digital/ Analog
Target Price (If Available)
Shipping Information (FOB US or FCA: Hong Kong)
Additional Instructions (If Available)

For CAPACITIVE TOUCH, it is better to know the following:

Touch Type (Single Point, Touch key, Two Point, multi-touch, Glove, water, salt water)
Handwriting support (Yes/No) and Drilling Holes (Yes/No)
Preferred controller (if available)
Touch Panel Dimensions (Active Size, Outer Dimension with Cover, & Touch panel thickness)
LCD Dimensions (Active Area, Viewing Area, & Resolution)
Connector (B2B or FPC) and Interface Type (SPI or I2C)
Drop Test Condition (<0.5m, <1m, <3H or none) 8) Surface Hardness (>2H, >3H or >7H)
Surface treatment requirement: AG(Antiglare), AR(Anti-reflection), AF(Anti-fingerprint), AS(Anti-shuttering)
Bonding to LCD: Air bonding or optical bonding?
Cover glass material and thickness (Tempered, Gorilla, Dragtrail, Plastic)
We encourage you to provide us with as much information as possible. It will help our engineers and design team to have a better understanding of your needs and requirements, and ensure quality and efficient customer service. If you are unsure about any of the above information, please feel free to contact us.

Dwg or dxf files for drawings are most welcome, it can make the whole procedure shorter although we accept any other types of files.

If you are not sure about any of the above information or have any difficulties designing a touch panel, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help you from conceptualization to production.

Touch Screen Solutions and Protective Shield Integration

Today, touch screen systems and custom Industrial Pc are essential information tools in a wide array of industries, including retail, hospitality, higher education and healthcare. But determining the right solution for your application depends on a number of factors — from the surrounding environment to end-user preferences. That’s why Canvys employs experts in touch screen and protective shield integration. With more than 35 years of experience, we can help you assess your needs and select the products and technologies that will deliver the right results.

Using branded and non-branded LCD display components

Create customized touch screen solutions
Integration of protective shields
Provide expert installation and calibration services
Offer on-site maintenance, as well as 24/7 online troubleshooting through our Teklink service
We also maintain close relationships with original equipment manufacturers, ensuring that we have access to the latest touch screen technologies. And you can trust Canvys to support you with comprehensive resources, such as U.S.- and Europe based integration facilities, Class 10,000 Clean Rooms, and expertise in firmware and drivers for application compatibility.

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