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Customer Experience: A Defining Factor For Success In An eCommerce Marketplace

A multi-vendor marketplace platform faces several challenges today and one such challenge is giving an excellent customer experience to the customers. Customer experience has the power to create or destroy sales. Creating a sense of trust or frustration in the minds of the customers mainly depends on how well your multi-vendor marketplace platform has been developed. Taking care of customer experience will increase your revenue, and also improves the efficiency of your multi-vendor marketplace platform.

Why is customer experience so important?

When we build an e-commerce website from scratch we have the complete freedom of developing the multi vendor marketplace platform as per our demands and also we can put more focus on the customer experience. Let us first understand the importance of customer experience in detail.

  • Gains brand recognition – your brand is recognized only when the audience get trust on your multi-vendor marketplace platform. Without brand recognition, it is not possible to promote sales and get returns. Also through proper customer experience, you can get repeated purchases from the same customer.
  • Increase transparency – when the multi-vendor marketplace platform is more transparent in the areas like payment, shipping and products then the brand can get customers’ credibility and this, in turn, will make the customers decide on purchasing the product in your marketplace platform without any hesitation.
  • Creates an urge in customers’ minds – we all think that offers and discounts alone will get the customers’ attraction and will make them buy the product. That is not true. The pleasant experience that the customer gets in the multi-vendor marketplace platform will motivate him to buy the product.
  • Strong customer retention – acquiring customers is an easy process and we have many strategies to attain this goal. But retaining the customer all depends on how satisfied they are with your multi-vendor marketplace platform. When they are comfortable with your marketplace then they will not search for another platform.
  • Get more referrals – when one customer is satisfied with your platform than through word-of-mouth you can get more customers entering your multi-vendor marketplace platform. Without any additional expenses on the promotion you can easily promote your multi-vendor marketplace platform with the help of your existing customers.

How to boost customer experience in your multi-vendor marketplace platform?

So far we have understood the importance of customer experience. Now we need to know how to increase the customer experience and make your multi-vendor marketplace platform the best platform in the market.

Understand your customers

Every business will have its target audience. For eg., if you are selling a women’s handbag then your target audience will be women of age between 18 to 45. So your multi-vendor marketplace platform should be appealing with the colors and theme that will attract the target audience. When you start understanding your customers then you can personalize your platform according to their preferences. This will give you better results in terms of sales and revenue.

Makes products easy to find

Most of the people will visit your multi-vendor marketplace platform randomly without any specific idea about the product they want to buy. Once they enter they will start searching for products in your marketplace. You need to categorize the product so that the customers can easily find them when they need them. If this process is made simple then the customers will decide instantly to buy the product.

Have unique product pages

Product is the key factor that has to be given more importance while developing a multi-vendor marketplace platform. The main objective for any multi-vendor marketplace platform is to sell the product and to earn the profit. For this, your product page should be more unique and it should contain a detailed description of the product, its size, quality, the material it is made up of, its expiry period, and many more. This will give a clear picture to your customer and they can easily find out whether it suits their need and then they can simply purchase the product.

Give space for the customer to register their feedback

Every product page should contain a feedback and rating system that will allow the customers to give their feedback about the product that they have recently purchased in your multi-vendor marketplace platform. You may get positive or negative feedback. But the feedback will help you to enhance the performance of your multi-vendor marketplace platform. Sharing their opinion will give them a unified shopping experience and will feel recognized by your platform by registering their ratings.

Work on mobile optimization

If your multi-vendor marketplace platform is not mobile compatible then you are going to lose the major group of users. As it is well known that most of the shoppers will seek the multi-vendor marketplace platform through their smartphones, we cannot miss the mobile optimization part. The multi-vendor marketplace platform should be completely device compatible. And all features should be aligned by keeping mobile display size in mind. Try to capture mobile shoppers by all means and get more sales through them.

Easy checkout process

Most of the multi-vendor marketplace platforms will have complicated checkout procedures. This will make the customers abandon the site and they will move to another multi-vendor marketplace platform. Customers once lost cannot be found again. So you need to give the best impression of your multi-vendor marketplace platform. Make sure you have a hassle-free checkout process that will facilitate the customers in ordering the products with a single-click. Provide them various payment options so that they can select the one that is highly convenient for them. Allow them to select the delivery option according to their availability.


You need to improve your ability by focusing more on customer experience. Have all touchpoints in mind while developing the multi vendor marketplace platform. Never miss any opportunity that will let the customer have a pleasant experience with your multi-vendor marketplace platform. Pay more attention to their demands and fulfill their expectations. This is the only way that you can survive the market at ease and get idea about how to create website like amazon.


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