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D Pharma Colleges in Meerut

There are many D Pharma colleges in Meerut because D Pharma is the basic requirement for becoming a pharmacist.

Pharmacist is the professional that manages the pharmacy & dispenses drugs to the patients.

Over the years, many D Pharma colleges have mushroomed because pharmacy offers self-employment.

Other courses like Engineering except computer engineering are losing sheen because India’s economy is service oriented with 50% revenue attributed to it.

This leaves hordes of engineers struggling for core jobs because there is not enough manufacturing in India.

While Pharmacy is gaining momentum because India is the largest generic drugs & vaccines exporter in the world.

Pharmacist has the skills to be self-employed because they can dispense drugs through retail stores.

This evergreen profession has fostered D Pharma colleges in Meerut because people pursue a course that is evergreen & promotes self-employment like Doctors  & Architects.

In this article, I will elaborate on ways a student can judge a college because taking the right decision is crucial.

The Diploma in Pharmacy (D Pharma) is a 2 years undergraduate course which Science students can pursue after class 12th.

It’s the stepping stone for a pharmacy career because through lateral entry diploma, holders can pursue graduation in pharmacy.

There are many D Pharma colleges in Meerut that offer Diploma in Pharmacy. Noticeable among them are:

Venkateshwara College of Pharmacy

IIMT University

Subharti College of Pharmacy.

Meerut Institute of Technology

Shobhit University

Neelkanth Group of Institutions

Kalka Group of Institutions.

All of them claim to offer the latest curriculum, but students should know the criteria to judge a good pharmacy college.

Aspirants should check whether the Pharmacy council of India (PCI) recognizes the college because it regulates pharmacy education in the country.

Pharmacy education has gained relevance because new viruses are attacking us in varied forms.

The scare of Corona has upped the urge for innovative vaccines because it’s the only guard against viruses.

All professions except healthcare came to a standstill because of a lockdown on economic activities in 2020.

The pharmacists are essential services because they dispense lifesaving drugs crucial for humanity.

best D Pharma colleges in Meerut should nurture outstanding innovators because they are skilled at fostering vaccines crucial for life.

Pharmacist is the vital link between the Doctor & patient because they explain drug regimen to patients.

Doctors cannot cure a patient without the pharmacist devising drugs because they are experts in formulations.

D Pharma colleges in Meerut should train on research methodologies that foster innovation because, for self-sufficiency, we need innovators who discover drugs.

While zeroing on your college, students should check the infrastructure because the college should have labs & workshops that promote hands-on skills crucial for innovation.

Just gaining a degree without practical knowledge is futile, because such students struggle during placement.

Companies hire innovators who can devise solutions because they are striving for innovative medicines crucial for mankind.

While searching for D Pharma colleges in Meerut, look for a college that has industry sponsored labs because this will stimulate practical skills vital for a job.

The Corona pandemic strengthened the need for innovative vaccines because every country will first inoculate its own population.

India is the youngest country with 60% of the youth population who can foster discoveries.

In fact, India is the human resource repository because we can provide skilled manpower to other countries facing skill drought.

Look for a college that undertakes research projects because this promotes problem solving critical in today’s times. The college should have industry trained faculty because they transmit industry skills vital for a job.

The ability to incorporate industry skills along with academic knowledge ensures students have the job ready skills desired in the industry.

While short listing D Pharma colleges in Meerut, ensure that faculty are research oriented because this ensures they develop innovation skills crucial for a job.

While choosing D Pharma colleges in Meerut, ensure the college arranges internship because this cultivates practical skills vital in today’s time.

An internship bridges the gap between theory & practice & makes the individual job ready.

For a layman, arranging the internship on their own is difficult because companies avoid lone interns because from a college batch they can shortlist & reduce recruitment costs.

Look for D Pharma Colleges in Meerut that arranges internship because they foster practical skills vital for a job.

The teaching method adopted at colleges is important because student involvement is vital for imbibing the concept.

Colleges that provide role plays, projects & lab assignments are important because these foster critical thinking & decision taking most important today.

While choosing D Pharma colleges ensure they have industry projects because this enables application of theoretical concepts vital for a job.

D Pharma Colleges in Meerut should involve students in the learning process because, by practice, you learn for life.

Just having bookish knowledge is futile because companies hire those who have done industrial projects in R & D, formulation & quality control.

This requires investment in college infrastructure because better labs & workshops foster innovation vital for dominating the pharmaceutical industry.
Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) should bring revolutionary changes before granting approvals because colleges are the cornerstone of discovery.
The recent UGC decision to allow non-PHD industry practitioners to become Asst. Professors is welcoming because this enables skill development of the students.
Diploma in Pharmacy (D Pharma) opens up tremendous opportunities because it is a basic qualification for a pharmacy professional.
Students should enroll at best D Pharma Colleges in Meerut because our state-of-the-art labs & workshops inspire students with research.
Countries having a good research infrastructure coupled with quality education were successful in developing their Corona vaccines because they developed their expertise overtime.
VGI Meerut fosters futuristic education by hiring industry experts because they incorporate innovative norms, thus making us the best D Pharma Colleges in Meerut.
We have recruited best in class faculty from central universities because they impart research based teaching to our students.

Majority of them are doctorates with years of experience because this fosters skill development, thus making VGI the best D Pharma Colleges in Meerut.
We have tied up with renowned research organizations because this fosters conceptual clarity crucial for eminence in the pharmaceutical sector.
We invite industry experts for seminars because this enlightens our students about the latest trends in the pharmaceutical sector.
Education is not about passing exams & gaining a degree. Education means gaining expertise through practical experience coupled with industrial exposure because skills pay your bills.
We make our students’ job ready through internship because this nurtures hands-on skills vital for a job. VGI has partnered with leading companies for the internship because practical skills are crucial for success in the corporate world.
Students learn the peculiarities of their trade under the watchful eyes of industrial mentors because this develops problem solving & critical thinking.
Majority of them get placed after internship because of their problem solving, thus making VGI the best D Pharma Colleges in Meerut.
The course delivery at VGI is student centric because every individual has varied learning curves. We involve them in case studies, projects & lab assignments because this leads to conceptual clarity critical for innovation.
Regular lab contests are an integral part of curriculum because it nurtures problem solving & decision taking two vital traits of today.
The faculty endures in labs because this leads to conceptual clarity necessary for discovering new drugs.
Expert technicians manage our labs & workshops because they are competent in showing the outcomes, making VGI the best D Pharma Colleges in Meerut.
We take our students on industrial tours where they interact with mentors because this empowers them with critical skills necessary for their profession.
D Pharma opens up tremendous career opportunities because for humanity to survive potent drugs are necessary.
One can become a community pharmacist or a hospital pharmacist in a government or private facility.
Then various career options for a D Pharma professional are:-
What I can do after D Pharma?
1. Junior Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
2. Data Analyst.
3. Pharmacist.
4. Pharmacist in Charge.
5. Clinical Pharmacist.
6. Hospital Pharmacy Director.
7. Hospital Staff Pharmacist.
8. Assistant Professor.

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