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Day and Night Blinds

There is a brand new style in the curtains Dubai market and everybody talks about this type of blinds. Our customers are lucky because we supply these types of wonderful new blinds. We are here to talk about what day and night blinds are, how they work, their advantages and the installation process. We discuss it just to provide you with the right information.

Benefits of Day and Night Blinds

Day and night blinds are the combination of roller blind’s sleek and contemporary look with Venetian blind’s flexible privacy and control of the light. These blinds in Dubai are unique; they have two layers of fabric. One layer is transparent and the other one is black. Transparent stripes soften daylight and protect from glare, while black stripes provide privacy and light avoidance. These Day and night blinds are unique compared to other blinds because they are the only blinds presented by transparent and opaque horizontal panels.

Working of  Day and Night Blinds 

Named ‘Twist Vision Blinds’ because of how day and night blindness works. The blinds work day and night just like our roller blinds. Two different objects pass each other through the curve of a string. These blinds are a hybrid between roller blinds and Venetian blinds, taking the best of both and combining the two. Day and night blinds can be fully retracted, stretched, and twisted; these characteristics are taken from the Venetian blind.

The speciality of Day and Night Blinds

There are many reasons people love day and night blinds. Their flexible functionality is the main reason for that. These types of blinds are ideal for all seasons. In the cold season, its double-layered fabric is a great way to insulate the home. In their two layers, they can help reduce your energy bills because they can retain the heat in winter and reflect heat in summer. Our day and night blinds are the perfect addition in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and any other rooms especially children’s rooms.

The popularity of Day and Night Blinds

Day and night blinds are also very popular for conservatories and courtyard doors. In winter, the sun is generally low and often at eye level. We have a sun visor when we drive and we wear sunglasses when we walk around town, so why handle it when you are in the comfort of your own home or office? Day and night blinds allow for optimal light control and enhance the daily routine, making it everyday effortless.

If you love perfect fabric and finishing, Curtains Dubai offers a wide variety of day and night blinds for you. Are you looking for made to measure services, our Curtains advisors team to help you choose the right day and night blinds? We’d be happy to help you.

Day and Night blinds are advantageous to both domestic and commercial room spaces. The advantages of a day and night blind include :

Insulation process of Blinds

The 2 layer system in a day and light blind is the ideal means to insulate the window. It has a unique ability to trap and retain the heat and light between its two layers. This helps the user with a reduction in energy bills as it can retain the heat during winter and reflect the heat during summer. During summer who wouldn’t wish for a bit of shade after being exposed to the heat throughout the day, that too if we are a resident of Dubai. So with our day and night blinds in Dubai, you can peacefully head home, control the light and shade entering your room with the day and night blinds, thus keeping your room cool and enjoying an evening with your dear ones. You can even control the glare on your TV or laptop screen with these blinds.

Wait! Why should you wait to be at your home for a shade? Install these blinds in your office spaces so that you could work in the cosiest environment.

Vibrance and Light Control

Not just meant to fulfil a purpose, but also to enhance with a stunning atmosphere, day and night blinds play a vital role. These come in a range of colours which are not only festive but provide a fresh look to the room. Also, their layered style with dark and light shades of colour adds delight and imparts a warm and cosy atmosphere where you can spend quality time with your family.

The sun is generally low and often at eye level during the winters. Day and Night Blinds ensure optimal light control and enhance your daily routine and make your days effortless. With these blinds, you can determine the angle of sun rays and control the light entering the room in such a way that you can get enough light into the room without having to roam around the room for a shad spot or squint at your computer. The fitting of a day and night blind is as simple as the installation of a standard roller blind. Mounting brackets and safety devices come along with the blinds. All you need to make access to are screws and plugs suitable for the surface you are attaching the blind to. 

Installation of Day and Night Blinds

Here is a list of items you need to arrange before starting the installation :

  • Cordless drill and suitable drill bit
  • Crosshead screwdriver
  • Metal tape measure
  • Pencil

Now, one end of the blind will have a master control unit with a control chain attached. It will be pre-fitted based on your order, hence it will be pretty easy to work out which way around the blind will go and where the control unit will be established once the blind will be installed. The next step is to mount a wall bracket and depending on the width of your blind, the quantity o the brackets you receive varies. It may vary from 2 to 4 or more. Make sure you use all the brackets you received. They can be fitted in one of the two ways possible. Either Face Fix which is the best when you are fitting outside the recess of the window or on top or Top Fix when fixing inside the recess of the window. 

Window care with Day and Night Blinds

When you are deciding where to seat the brackets within the recess, it is important to consider any potential obstacles like window handles or locks. While fixing the bracket on top of the recess make sure that it is at least half a centimetre from the obstacle to ensure smooth calibration of the blind. Fix the brackets evenly throughout the recess. Position the brackets about 20 cm from the edge of the recess. With a pencil, mark the drill points in the wall for all the brackets before we commence drilling. Attach a suitable masonry drill bit to your cordless drill and start drilling at the marked points. Once drilling is completed, we need to add a suitable wall plug for the surface. Then fix all the brackets into position by screwing them. Once the brackets are firmly fixed, push the headrail towards the window so that the lip at the front of the bracket slips into the channel, then we simply push up at the back of the headrail until a clicking sound is heard. 

With this the installation is complete. And then we need to install the Child Safety Device. It is both a safety feature as well as add to the aesthetics by preventing untidy hanging off the chain. In this blog, we briefly discussed Day and Night Blinds.



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