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Debunking Silly Plumbing Myths!

Drainage, pipes, and sewage system – these are the various essential parts of your plumbing system which are not much talked about. Maybe this is the reason that you tend to believe any kind of myth or misconception about plumbing easily. Like, if anyone says that you can get rid of the hair clogged in your drainage through pouring acid by yourself, you will believe it and carry out the same procedure on your own. While actually this could harm you and your drainage system as well. There are dozens of such myths around plumbing which actually create a lot of problems for you Plumbing services

Break the myths around plumbing problems!

Any plumber in West Auckland from First Home Services would suggest you to not to believe in any baseless myths around plumbing and always call experts before taking any big step related to it. They have got years of experience in dealing with all kinds of plumbing and drainage problems and that is why they would suggest only what is best and rational.

  • Hot water completely cleans your drain

Yes, hot water melts down your grease and makes it go down the drain easily. But eventually when the water cools down, this grease gets settled in your pipe and attracts food waste and the debris that goes down your drainage system. This would in the end lead to a clogged drain. So, if you are just pouring down hot water to get rid of your clogged drains because of this myth, we suggest you call your plumbers instead.

  • You can flush wipes and cat litter down the drain

Wet wipes are very hard to dispose and even cat litter can go down and get clogged in your pipeline. So, never ever believe this misconception that you can flush them down the drain. These deserve your dustbin and not your drainage system.

  • Water heater explodes after rumbling for some time

Your water heaters don’t explode unless and until there’s a problem in the wiring system of the heater. And if you hear the rumbling noise in your heater, then the issue may be the lack of maintenance of your water heating system plumbing services.

  • Your sink can be cleaned by a plunger

Okay, so sink-clogs can be really nasty business, and these happen so frequently. But have you ever wondered why your sink clogs so frequently? Well, one thing maybe because you put in a lot of solid food waste in your drainage system which eventually clogs the drain. Secondly, you didn’t clean the drain well and ii later accumulated more grease and waste, creating a larger issue for you. So, if you wouldn’t have believed the myth that only a plunger can clean your drain entirely and would have called the plumber instead, you would have saved the trouble.

These are some of the most common and silly myths we have heard about plumbing. You would have heard even more and would have landed in lots of unfortunate situations as well because of believing in them. So, the moral of the story is not to believe the random myths and always verify the information from the right sources  — the experts plumbing services


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