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Debunking the Most Common Google Ads Management Myths That Exist Today

Did you know that Google receives roughly 3.8 million requests per minute?

That makes it the world’s largest search engine. Smart business owners are already taking advantage of Google AdWords. After all, it’s Google’s primary advertising program.

There are many myths surrounding Google Ads. Unfortunately, these myths may impede chances of benefitting from proper Google Ads management. It’s essential to distinguish facts from myths when deciding whether to use Google Ads.

Keep reading as this article debunks popular myths about Google Ads management.

Google Ads is Costly

Some small businesses believe that Google Ads requires a large marketing budget. But, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Google Ads is perfect for small businesses because it allows targeted marketing. This way, you won’t waste money on leads that won’t convert into sales.

The marketing program is also affordable because you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. You don’t incur expenses for users who show interest in your products.

You can convert your clicks into sales with proper Ads management. You’ll only be spending a small fraction of your revenue on marketing. Check this out for effective Google Ads management services.

It’s Impossible to Measure ROI With Google Ads

Google provides marketers with information on their Ads’ performance. It’d be easy for you to assess each ad’s effectiveness with this information.

The data allows you to identify areas you can improve to increase your ROI. You may need to change your target market, your message, or when your Ads displays. This is more than any other marketing program can offer.

Google Ads Don’t Work

This is the most common and outrageous myth about Google Ads. Did you know that Google recorded advertising revenue of roughly $75.32 billion in the fourth quarter of 2021?

This was an all-time high for the company, showing companies’ belief in Google. If Google Ads were ineffective, Google would be registering losses. After all, how many businesses would be willing to invest in an inefficient program?

Most people claiming that Google Ads are ineffective don’t know how to use them. Contrary to popular opinion, Google Ads requires work and expertise.

You Can Make the Most of Google Ads on Your Own

Most business owners prefer to do things by themselves to cut expenses. While this may work in some areas, it doesn’t work in Google Ads management.

Using Google Ads can be challenging. You need to identify a target market, create a proper message and track your ad. This may look easy on paper, but you’ll need a Google ad manager to make your campaign effective.

A Google Ads campaign can be time-consuming, taking you away from your business. But, with a professional’s help, you can focus on your core activities.

You Don’t Need Google Ads If You Have Website SEO

SEO and Google Ads perform almost similar functions. Some business owners believe that they can use one as an alternative for the other.

But, the two services are complementary. They work best when used simultaneously.

Any professional will tell you that SEO takes a few months to start working. But, Google Ads improves your site’s visibility almost immediately. It prevents you from losing users who may buy your products by increasing visibility.

Potential Customers Don’t Click Google Ads

Contrary to popular belief, not everybody skips Ads. In most cases, people find Ads that are relevant to their searches.

That’s because Google only suggests Ads that meet a user’s search request. This increases the chances of getting ad clicks and making sales.

Further, Google has made several changes to place its Ads better. These days it’s near-impossible to tell the difference between an ad and an organic search result.

That’s because the only distinguishing factor is a small box with the name ‘ad’ in it. You only see the box if you’re looking for it, which most users aren’t. This allows businesses to capture users who may be skeptical about sponsored content.

You Don’t Need Google Ads If You Don’t Have an Online Shop

Google Ads aren’t only meant for people selling products and services online. Remember, the primary purpose of Google Ads is to increase your business’ visibility.

How will potential customers know your store exists? Chances are, your brick-and-mortar competitors are advertising themselves and taking your potential clients.

While traditional advertising strategies may work, customers trust businesses they find online more. They’ll always choose a business they’ve learned about online instead of one they see on TV.

Competitors Can Click on Your Ads Maliciously

Google charges marketers based on the number of clicks their Ads generate. So, it’s justifiable to worry about clicks that don’t generate sales. Also, Google has had cases of malicious clicks.

But, this is no longer a problem. Google uses cookies to identify suspicious activity on its platforms. And its algorithm detects irregularities quite fast.

The company cannot debit your account for irregular clicks. And, you can demand the exclusion of suspicious activities from your charges. Trust is at the core of Google’s operations, so it works tirelessly to maintain it.

You Must Place a High Bid to Become a Top Seller

There is some truth to this statement. Your bid may affect your visibility. But, it’s important to note that a bid is not the only factor determining visibility.

Google assesses the quality of your landing page to choose your advert’s position. You may bid low and still get a good position if you optimize your landing page. Instead of focusing on bids, focus on making your content more relevant and site easy to navigate.

Gain a Competitive Edge by Avoiding These Google Ads Management Myths

These myths all have one thing in common: They portray Google Ads as ineffective. But, Google Ads has proven itself to be a reliable advertising program over the years. Propagators of these myths only find it ineffective because of poor Google Ads management.

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