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Design Your Own Bedroom: 4 Tips and Tricks

Design Your Own Bedroom: 4 Tips and Tricks

Master bedrooms are only the seventh most popular room to renovate by homeowners in the US. But in reality, it’s one of the most important rooms in your house!

Some might argue that the decor in your bedroom has the most impact on your life. It can affect your sleep and, by extension, your health.

If you’re looking to upgrade and design your own bedroom, there are a lot of pitfalls that are easy to stumble into. But don’t worry! Follow these simple bedroom decor tips and your master bedroom will look and feel like a luxury spa.

1. Focus on Comfort and Privacy

What do you use your bedroom for? Most people use it for sleeping, dressing, “shushing” their appearance, reading, and very intimate acts. That means your bedroom should be a cave of comfort and offer complete privacy too.

Invest in blackout blinds or curtains to keep the light and prying eyes out of your bedroom. Create a calming bedroom by opting for soft pastel colors like cream, sky blue, and pale green. And don’t forget to include lots of soft furnishings like rugs, wall hangings, throws, and scatter cushions.

2. Check Out Your Local Furniture Stores

Many homeowners buy their furniture online. And while online descriptions always include measurements and it’s a convenient way to shop, it’s not without risks. And choosing good quality bedroom furniture is too big an investment to pick designs that aren’t perfect.

So, visit your local bedroom furniture store to see what catches your eye. There are furniture stores in Jacksonville Fl, Cincinnati OH, Baton Rouge LA, and most other cities in the country. You’ll have no problems finding one!

3. Invest in One Statement Piece

The best bedroom is one that doesn’t have too many busy patterns or distractions. This is an adult bedroom, not a children’s nursery.

Choose one statement piece when you design your own bedroom to provide the “wow” factor. This could be something like a vintage velvet headboard, a fringed lampshade, or a crystal chandelier.

Then, have some smaller decorative pieces to balance out the statement piece. These could be some simple photo frames, a narrow glass vase, and some trinket boxes.

4. Cull Your Clutter and Find More Space

When you’re a kid, you keep everything in your bedroom. You cram in books, sports equipment, homework desks, TVs, and more. But you should avoid doing this when you are an adult because too much clutter can impact your sleep.

Declutter your belongings or store them elsewhere. Build a bookcase in your living room and keep sports gear in a garage or shed.

If your bedroom still looks cluttered, try some hacks to create the illusion of more space. Opting for furniture with legs and hanging your curtains higher than your window will make your bedroom look bigger than it is.

Use These Tips to Design Your Own Bedroom

When you design your own bedroom, you are designing your own rest and relaxation cave. And if you follow these tips, you will be able to create a beautiful bedroom that you can’t wait to lounge in every night.

You’ve accomplished your bedroom design, but what about the rest of your home decor? Browse our home improvement articles for tips and tricks to help renovate the rest of your house!

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