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Diamond Painting: My New Favourite Hobby

Over the years, I’ve tried a range of hobbies from the arts and crafts niche. From crocheting to embroidery and everything in between, I’ve found some crafts that I like and others that I never want to touch again (I’m sure you have a similar opinion reserved for some crafts!). In 2022, however, diamond painting has stolen my attention and I can’t wait to get back to the canvas even as I write this short article.

In the past, I’ve tried painting many times. Not only do I lack the skill to paint something that I don’t want to hide in the cupboard whenever family and friends come over but it’s also a nuisance to prepare and clean afterward. If I only have 30 minutes available to have some fun, I don’t then want to spend most of this time getting paints ready and then cleaning everything up.

Instead, I started to look for a way to create paintings and art without all the extra bits attached and without requiring lots of skill. Eventually, I stumbled across diamond painting, and it has quickly become my new favourite hobby.

If you haven’t seen the diamond painting before, the idea is to paint with small drills (resin diamonds) rather than paint. The canvas has an adhesive onto which you place drills and create your image. If you’ve ever painted by numbers, you’ll notice that diamond painting uses a similar system, and this is one of the things that I love most. Although it requires some concentration, I find it relaxing to put the drills onto the corresponding spots on the canvas.

When choosing a painting, Diamond Craft kits are some of the best around. As a beginner, I wanted a kit that provided everything I needed to start. Don’t you just hate it when you order a product online and then find that you need to order something else because the kit doesn’t include it? Kits from this particular supplier provide the following:

  • Equipment (tray, drills, canvas, wax, applicator, and tweezers)
  • AB drills (more on this in a moment!)
  • Poured glue canvas rather than a glue sheet
  • Clear symbols

Another reason I choose Diamond Craft is that they have a plastic offset program as well as a friendly customer support team. Also, I love the fact that you get AB drills when every kit. Short for Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), these drills have an opalescent coating that makes them shimmer and shine. Often, these drills add character to the canvas and bring the picture to life. Suddenly, the painting transforms into a 3D image with the glowing effect of AB drills. Fortunately, they’re the same colour as traditional drills and use the same DMC numbering system too.

In terms of the art itself, you start by peeling back a section of the covering on the canvas (don’t worry, your kit should explain everything). From here, dip the applicator into the wax and pick up a diamond from the tray. After placing it onto the canvas, you’ve started your painting. I recommend doing sections of the same colour so that you can fill the tray with that diamond rather than continually changing the tray.

As the diamond painting niche continually expands, it also means that we have more options. I’ve got my eye on a few different designs – some are animals, some are unique designs, and others are portraits of celebrities. Diamond painting is my new favourite hobby and I recommend it to anybody that wants to relax and de-stress after a long day of work.

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