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Different Betting Types and Markets For Sports Betting

Sports betting has many areas that you should know about before you begin. In that case, you should take the time to learn more about these areas to reduce the risk of placing bad bets. You can start with learning about the different types of bets you can place and how they work to see if they fit in your plan.

Other than that, you should also understand that it is one thing to know about the betting types and another to make the right predictions. You can try out point spread bets once you are familiar with that part of the betting world. However, it is better to go with the simpler ones when you’re just getting started to reduce the confusion.

In addition, you should know that there are general betting types and markets, while some sports have their unique types. You should first be familiar with the general types before checking the specific ones for different sports. Therefore, you should read this guide as it explains the general betting types and markets in sports betting.

Moneyline or Win Bet

The most straightforward bet you can place online is the Moneyline or Win bet. It is all about choosing which team, driver, or athlete will win the game. It can be a one-on-one tie with two boxers facing off in the ring, or it can be soccer teams with 11 players each squaring for three points. It doesn’t matter the sport; a Moneyline bet is the same.

It is easy to understand, and you know right away what to look for when you place a bet on this market. Once your pick wins, you will get a payout. Otherwise, you have to try again. The only problem is that there is no other result that can give you a win. So, it is either you’re placing a correct bet, or you’ll lose money. 

Totals Over/Under

Aside from betting on teams or athletes to win or beat the spread, you can go for something different like totals, whereby you’ll place bets on the overall number of points or goals in a tie. It is all about getting it right with your predictions to know if the teams can perform well enough to get more points or goals. Or it will be a more defensive tie.

This market works better with sports that have a point or goal-scoring system. In that case, the sports betting sites will set a standard spread for the totals, and you’ll have to bet if, at the end of the match, both teams will get over the spread or fall short. You have to do your analysis before deciding to bet on this one. 

Futures Bet

Different sports have varying competitions, and you can predict who will win the competition. You can do this at the start of the series or tournament and pick any athlete or team to win the competition. Once you do that, you’ll have to wait until the tournament is over before you can know if you’ve won or lost. 

Some sports even have a different approach where you can place your bets on particular players to win certain awards at the end of the tournaments. In this case, if you think a player would be the best in the competition, you can place your bet on them to win. The problem is that you have to wait until the end before getting your money. 

Props or Specials Bets

You can go beyond the players and the plays in the matchup. You can bet on different things like the first to score a goal in a soccer match, the driver to get the pole, who will land the first punch, etc. These props vary from one sports betting site to another, and in some cases, it doesn’t have anything to do with the outcome of the tie.

Therefore, it is a much more exciting option that even if the favorites don’t do well, you can still get your win once the option you picked is fulfilled. Therefore, if you don’t know who to back in a game, you can always look at special bets to try your luck, and if you’re lucky enough, you can win an incredible payout. 

Point Spread or Handicap Bets

There is a clear favorite in most games because of how better they are compared to the opposition. Therefore, in a bid to create a more fair game, sportsbooks have point spreads that they use to mitigate the difference between the teams or athletes. Different metrics determine these spreads.

Once they determine the favorite in the bout, they get the “-” indicator, and as a result, points are taken from them. On the other hand, the opposition, referred to as the underdogs, will get the “+” indicator to add points to them. In this case, the favorite has to cover the spread before a bet on them can be successful.

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