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Different Types of Workwear Worn by Hard Working Professionals

Have you ever been shopping for embroidered workwear online and been overwhelmed by the sheer variety of choice? There are tonnes of options when it comes to workwear, which makes it hard to know what is best for your own day at the office (or site, or farm, or warehouse, or rig…whatever the case may be). So, in this blog we will break down the different types of workwear available and which workplaces they are most suited to. Ready? Let’s dive in.

Hi Vis Clothing

High visibility workwear, known colloquially as hi vis, is required whenever working around moving vehicles and heavy machinery, as well as in low-light conditions, and other risk-prone scenarios. A common example is construction workers. Construction workers need to be highly visible in order to be avoided by anyone operating machinery, as well as to be seen by nearby traffic. This is also why traffic wardens wear hi vis jackets. However, hi vis clothing isn’t all one and the same. There is a difference between hi vis and reflective clothing. Hi vis clothing is composed of bright fluoro orange or yellow block colours and contrasting panels, which is easy to see in daylight conditions. In contrast, reflective clothing has shiny panels that reflect all available sources of light, making someone visible in low light conditions. In most cases hi vis clothing will combine both highly visible colours and patterns with reflective components, in order to be suitable in both the day and night.

Fleece Outerwear

Fleece clothing and outerwear is fantastic in cold and/or outdoor conditions where you are exposed to the elements. Fleece has a more casual appearance than a tailored shirt, but they can be customised with embroidered logos to portray a more professional image.

Mesh Shirts

Micro mesh polo shirts are made from durable, breathable, and moisture wicking fabric that helps keep you cool and dry. The polo shirt is a staple of the work site environment, and a fantastic balance between looking professional while still being comfortable. That said, polo shirts don’t cover the forearms and do not provide protection against sparks and other hazards. Polo shirts are also not as put-together or business-appropriate as a traditional button-down shirt.

Overalls and Coveralls

Overalls and coveralls are one-piece suits that keep dirt and pills off the body. Coveralls and overalls are a staple of safety wear that are suitable for a wide range of industries. They can be made with a variety of technologies and from a wide variety of materials, such as fire-retardant fabric.

Freezer and Thermal Workwear

Freezer and thermal workwear is purpose built to keep workers cool in low temperature conditions. Their thermal properties offer superior protection and warmth in environments as low as -47.9°C. Freezer and thermal workwear often also includes hi vis colours and reflective panels.

Water Repellent Workwear

If you are working outdoors then water-repellent workwear is a must. Water repellent workwear keeps workers dry and comfortable when working outside in the elements and tough conditions.

Work Site Footwear

Workwear doesn’t just end with your clothes; you also need to choose the correct footwear. Work boots and shoes need to be durable, comfortable and able to withstand a variety of work environments including cold conditions, wet conditions, hot conditions and sharps. Work site footwear includes: At the workwear store, you’ll find one of the largest selections of Carhartt in the nation.

Safety Boots

Safety boots have steel or composite toe caps that protect the foot from falling objects. These are strong, comfortable boots made for heavy duty working conditions.

Freezer Boots

Freezer boots are similar to safety boots except they also provide thermal insulation and waterproofing as well as breathable linings for ultimate comfort in cold conditions as low as -30°C to -40°C.

Hospitality and Chef Shoes

Hospitality and chef shoes are designed for spending hours on your feet in the kitchen. They are lightweight, non-slip and oil resistant, and can come with toe caps for added protection.

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