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Difficulties in training as a truck driver

It must be understood that the specifics of driving a vehicle, in particular a truck, remains a challenging skill. The peculiarities of driving a car lie in its dimensions; it should also not be forgotten that a truck’s maneuvers are significantly different from a passenger car. The mass of a vehicle, including one loaded with various materials, may directly impact the change in stopping distance. Truck drivers have certain blind spots that are important to know and remember after obtaining a license. It is to these basics that many truck driving schools devote training.

It is essential to know that recent years’ statistics show that truck drivers are three times more likely to be involved in road accidents than car drivers. Therefore, the CE category (truck with trailer) assumes a certain level of responsibility and mastering correctly assessing situations characterized by high risk. According to the traffic police, terrible weather conditions or  bad roads’ quality may be the culprit for an accident. Still, one should not forget about emergencies: unpredictable behavior of other road users and animals’ appearance on the road. All of these features must be considered when training the truck driver.

Theory course

Any driving school is happy to open its doors for those who dream of getting a driver’s license. Regardless of the category chosen, experienced teachers are ready to begin presenting the introductory course on theory basics, subsequently consolidated in practice.

The theoretical course consists of the study of standard traffic rules, the study of regulatory means. Each driving school is obliged to provide students with a high-quality presentation of theoretical material since this is based on all training. The theory of traffic rules includes all the standards of everyday driving, and the theory course is pre-approved before being directly entered into the training system.

It is important to note that there are many teaching materials and specially developed applications in modern telephones, which greatly facilitate mastering the theory of the subject. The theory exam is about the basics of traffic rules and definitions such as truck and trailer.

Each driving school fights for the high preparedness of its teaching staff. Due to the lack of uniform standards in teacher training, there is some confusion in the country.


After the received theory course, each driver undergoes a particular practice, which involves mastering the main points in using a vehicle. Each student is assigned a car instructor who, throughout the practical part, shares his experience and driving skills. The duties of an auto instructor include advice on mistakes made and their immediate correction. You must admit that it is not easy to assess your driving technique initially, given that the attention is maximally dispersed. Constructive comments and work on mistakes are the basis of a well-completed practice course.

 The transferred experience is essential in a valuable role. For practical training, trips to the city on special trucks are provided. The car is also kindly provided by the driving school.

The practical part of the training allows you to master the steering wheel’s specific rotation; there is a direct understanding of the vehicle’s dimensions. Each student will also learn how to correctly distribute attention and master the given actions’ speed after pressing the pedal. The difference in vehicle learning is significant for truck drivers, so the training course must be completed in full.


Takes exams at the end of the entire course of theory and practice. Each student must prepare for three crucial exams: theory, site exam, and city exam. Only an excellent passing of these exams will allow a newly-made driver to be issued a license and release him on the road as a full-fledged participant.

It is not a secret for anyone that a failed attempt to pass these exams does not put an end to the driver’s future. It is only a reprieve for repeating and consolidating the course given to correct one’s own mistakes.

Extreme road situation

After receiving the cherished driving license, real life is just beginning, full of excitement, surprises, and urgent decisions. You have to understand that the roads’ current situation, especially within the city, is a hole of negativity. Beginners need to stay calm as emergencies require informed decisions.

Everyone understands perfectly well that all the necessary skills and skill levels come only with time. But self-training and improving technical skills are not prohibited. Every driver, including a beginner, must keep his car in proper condition. It is essential to exclude sudden breakdowns on the roads during the movement of transport. An early technical inspection will help to avoid such troubles on the road.

Weather conditions also have a definite effect on the quality of driving a vehicle. It is difficult to predict the weather’s vicissitudes, but it is easy to secure yourself in advance. Any trip should be treated with appropriate attention, being fully aware of the actions. Leaving on the road with discomfort and feeling unwell, the driver poses a particular threat to other road users.

Tuition fees and terms

Category C implies complete driver training or retraining from another category. As a rule, a full training course consists of theory and practice, designed for 25 to 35 days. The cost varies, it depends not only on the region of our country in which the training of truck drivers is carried out but also on the driving school level. On average, such figures can be voiced – from 18,00$ to 30,00$. Many driving schools have an installment plan, which significantly simplifies the calculation.

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