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Dining Room Furniture Modern and Classic Designs in Pakistan

Bring Everyone Together with Our Wide Range of Dining Tables

Good food brings everyone together and a beautiful dining table is the perfect place for people to gather and share a meal, exchanging thoughts, sharing memories and more. For Infinity Decore dining table is more than just a place to dine –it’s the place where friends and families gathered not just for eating food but also spending some quality time.

Whether you prefer  traditional classic or modern, our complete dining table sets help you to complete the look of your dining space while complementing the surrounding décor of your home. Pair out tables with matching dining chairs for additional comfort and classy choice at all meal times.

As every home is different, we offer a wide variety of dining table styles, ranging from round to oval to square, compact to large and even extendable, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your home and creating a unique living style. All of our dining tables are crafted from the finest quality materials and offer unmatched durability and value.

Classical to Modern Dining Tables Sets

The simplest way to make a dining area look perfectly managed is: a dining set! No matter what style you like – whether it’s classic, modern or something in between – you can find a matching dining table and chair set that helps strengthen the look of your room with our dining table varities.

Our range of classical and modern designs in multiple configurations ensures that you can create a space that keeps people comfortable. These designs range from modernand classy and feature with extremely beautiful and delicate decorations with a solid structure.

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Find Dining Table for Sale at Infinity Decore

As the name indicates, dinging tables are used for eating and come in different styles, shape and seating capacity. However, the choice and style depends on the need and usage. Dining tables are mostly placed in the dining rooms, but in some houses, where there is no separate dining room, these tables are placed in the drawing room.

Shop Dining Table Set in Pakistan

You will find a wide range of dining room tables at different furniture stores and showrooms. Due to  wide usage of dining tables in our society, almost every furniture manufacturer lists these dining tables as a necessary inventory item. The prices of the dining tables changes according to the style, seating capacity, type of material,finishing quality and paint used in manufacturing.

Usually the tables made of wood are mostly liked in our society, but some people may also prefer dining tables made of iron. If you are buying furniture in a deal or , you will see a style contrast between your sofa, centre table, side tables and dining table.

As per sitting capacity is concerned, dining tables come in different sizes with number of dining room chairs ranging between 4-8 usually. However, this range may vary as per the requirement and need of buyers.

At infinitydecore.com, you can browse various listings of dining table designs with prices mentioned along them. See their designs and contact them thorugh whatsapp chat or call.

And all other places in your house, dining table is a place where all family members get together on a daily basis after a long day and share their stories, while having a scrumptious meal.This is the reason, why you want to buy dining table set online to improve the quality time spent with your family. Not only that, your guests also have right to get wonderful experience at your home. And your dining room furniture should be meeting that experience. Rest assured, infinitydecore.com dining table sets are intricately designed with a particular attention to detail.

Way to Choose Dining Table Set

What important factors you should look for when you are planning to buy a dining table set. The most important thing in our sight is the dining table size and chair size.

Standard Dining Table Size and Chair Size

It must be noted that the standard height of a dining table start from 2 feet and 3 inches and 2 feet and 8 inches from the ground. Similarly, the seat height of a dining chair from the ground is between 1 feet and 4 inches to 2 feet and 1 inche.

Counter Table and Chair Size

If you want a counter table, the height should be between 2 feet and 11 inches to 3 feet and 3  inches and the dining chair seat in this case should be between 2 feet to 2 feet and 3 inches from the ground.

Bar Table and Chair Size

Then there comes bar height. The bar table height is between 3 feet and 5 inches to 3 feet and 7 inches from the ground in this case, while the seat height should be between 2 feet and 4 inches to 2 feet and 9 inches high from ground.

After selecting the size for your dining set,now comes the most important part for your dining table “material” that is ideal for your dining table and chair set.

Wooden Dining Table

If you want to buy wooden dining table online you should know that most of all wooden dining table sets are made with Keekar wood.It does not mean that other woods cannot be used as material. Some people like Sheesham Wood Dining Table, while some also go for Yellow Pine Wood.

Your have knowledge about that Sheesham Wood gives a darker tone when finished with polish. However, Deco paint can be used in any color. But, it is suggested that if you are going for pure wood, then why go for deco paint? Your better option is polish to make the wood grains look natural visible.

Dining Table Chairs

For buying dining table chairs online, you must need to know the size of chairs you want. The seat height from the ground is 1 feet and 6 inches and the seat depth is 1 feet and 6 inches. Secondly, the total back height from the ground is almost 3 feets and 4 inches. That does not mean you have no options of sizes available you can absolutely go for other sizes.

Secondly, when you buy dining chairs online you must confirm that high quality material is used in joints and are strong enough, so that the chair does not get out of order after some day of usage. Infinitydecore.com dining chairs are strong made with strong Keekar Wood and are durable for long term use. So, don’t worry, when you are buying from us, you are buying good quality product.

Best Wooden Mirror Console in Pakistan

Are you looking for mirror console tables to purchase in Lahore Pakistan then you are at right place.

Read Following Before Placing Your Order:

  1. Infinitydecore.com mirror console tables are high quality and made with an intricate attention to detail
  2. We do not increase our product prices by adding delivery charges. Our delivery is free of cost,that making us a trustworthy furniture company in Pakistan
  3. Our mirror console tables are made with both solid wood and engineered wood

Mirror Console Tables:

Mirror Console tables are the foremost hard-working furniture items. A mirror table is used for a multiple purposes. If you’re willing to purchasing a mirror console then you must confine the mind the rationale why you’re buying it for. you will buy a mirror console to position antique items on. On the opposite hand, you’ll use the identical table to figure on. If there’s shortage of food tables, then don’t worry, you’ll be able to use the simplest wooden mirror console with mirror in Pakistan.

Obviously, it’s not compulsory that the mirror is attached with each table. detain mind your priorities and only shop from reliable sellers. you’ll visit our shop to test out all the various sort of mirror console tables that we’ve got. On the opposite hand, you’ll also check our online store for more. All you’ve got to try and do is browse our entire collection and choose an item that interests you the foremost.

We are proud to tell you that we’ve got the experience of providing furniture items to clients everywhere Pakistan for the past twenty years approximately. Our customers are from Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, DG Khan, Karachi, Peshawar and literally in every place of Pakistan. We prioritize to follow all industry standards and make everything with care and respect. For us, quality and customer satisfaction is main importance.

Quality Modern table with Mirror

The modern console with mirror is in quite high demand although there are many sorts of console tables available within the market. you’ll use a console that comes with a mirror as a dresser also. Put all of your makeup down on the table and use the mirror to prune yourself to excellence.

We confirm to use high-quality mirror so the furniture item remains in its prime form for extended time periods. We use the newest tools and technologies to carefully make the fashionable console tables. Modern tables include lots of design variations and elegance.

You may have an interest in buying a table that comes with curves. On the opposite handle, many modern tables include neutral colors. Mirror console tables stand out luxury houses that use a monotone color on the walls. additionally to the present, you’ll have an interest in buying the neo-modern wooden tables that combine the classical tough of the past with the modernity of today. Whatever you’re searching for we’ve got it!

mirror console Infinity Decore

Best console with Matching Mirror

We have the simplest table with matching mirror available at our store. Furthermore, you’ll also visit our website to test out the many furniture designs available there. All you wish to try and do is enter infinitydecore.com in your browser’s web address bar and whoa; you’ll end up during a world of quality furniture items. many folks want to possess a table that comes with a mirror similar a la mode. If that’s the case then worry not. we’ve got an enormous variety to cater all of your needs. Visit our offline store to seek out out more. we’ve lots of tables present in our topnotch showroom further.

 Infinity Decore

Price of table with Mirror in Lahore

The price of table with mirror in Lahore is present on our online website. you’ll check the cost-effective items all listed on our concise website. you’ll be ready to reap the advantages from products that follow international standards. Our price of furniture is additionally very reasonable.

We have a top quality process that we follow to create all of our products. This rigorous process of quality make sure that our products stand go into the market and are thought to be the most effective. we’ve made this process after the labor of the many years. Whenever a client makes an order on our website, we contact them. If they need any design preferences, we encourage them to share. during this way, we are ready to add or subtract any elements they require to change.

Furthermore, we try our greatest to form the client journey as smooth as possible. To do that, we stay connected with our customers during the event phase and are available to entertain any query. Additionally, we use the very latest of tools to form neat and pristine designs.

After about 3 to 4 weeks’ time, we deliver our products with the assistance of a high quality logistics partner. Our products reach our customers without one scratch. Continue checking up the various designs on our website! We hope that you simply will your favorite product soon! If you wish any help we are only a call away.

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