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Diploma In Engineering

Diploma in engineering

A career in engineering is the most sought after because it’s rewarding & stable. A country cannot grow without skilled engineers.

Whether it’s Germany, Japan or USA, all of them achieved excellence owing to their skilled engineers.

We attribute the technological revolution underway in the country to the urge to gain quality education. There are many colleges & institutions offering technical education for the masses.

In addition, We all know the world is transforming. The mobile & cars we used ten years ago have found their place in the scrap market. Engineering is a Science that strives to innovate products for human comfort.

Companies want employees who can think out of the box & offer solutions for problems afflicting the society. We want engineers who are dexterous in problem solving, critical thinking & decision taking.

However, Education needs to be accustomed to the changing demands of the industry. For this innovation is the key.

 technology –

Countries are toiling to innovate better technology which they can sell all over the world. We require engineers who can think out of the box & bring up solutions that are cost effective & unique.

Tech companies like Samsung, Oppo, and Xiomi are competing to launch new phones every month. There is an increased demand for skilled engineers.

No nation can survive without having excellent engineers who can innovate & lead from the front.

India is passing through an infrastructure revolution. New expressways, highways & metro lines are being laid out in newer places.

importantly, This is the beginning of a technologically advanced India equipped with a superior infrastructure that will make the life of its citizens enriching.

VGI wants to contribute wholeheartedly to the Indian technological revolution. Under the visionary leadership of Dr Sudhir Giri–Chairman, the group is cruising on its mission of ‘affordable education & healthcare for all’

Dr Sudhir Giri himself, an engineer, knows the hardships rural youth face in becoming an engineer. There is an economic haplessness that dissuades students from pursuing quality technical education.

Lack of guidance dampens their desire to gain good technical education, as most private institutes charge hefty fees.

Dr Sudhir Giri

Dr Sudhir Giri who successfully runs 12 educational institutes encourages students to gain technical education through scholarships & grants.

Our biggest contribution to humanity lies in our commitment to help the needy. We as humans have not done our part if we have not helped the needy & deserving.

Dr Sudhir Giri believes that serving humanity is the biggest religion of all. He has educated over 5, 00,000 rural youth by offering quality education at affordable rates.

To accomplish his desire, the School of engineering & technology at VGI Meerut is an institution brimming with excellence. VGI commits to educating the deserving in the most efficient way.

Moreover, We have designed the college with the motive of imparting skill based learning. The laboratories & workshops have been designed in consultation with the industry, because they will require technical workforce.

This ensures we are nurturing industry ready professionals who are employable from day one. Industrial trainers are working in the institute for imparting the most sought after skills.

however, We have designed the workshops as per the industry’s needs. This way we make available skilled workforce from day one, thus making us the best diploma colleges in Meerut.

Labs & Library –

We powered the computing lab with Intel machines that train on the latest coding skills. The students have full access as they hone their skills in the labs.

We are having Mechanical, electrical, Civil, ECE & computer science lab for providing hands on exposure to the students.

Apart from these professional communication & graphics lab empower students with the desired skills, thus making us the best Polytechnic colleges in Meerut.

Above all, We packed the college library with books & e-resources that help students achieve their academic pursuits & pursue higher studies.

Seminar halls –

We are providing AV enabled seminar halls where knowledge discourses are an everyday affair.

The conference hall plays host to symposiums that enthrall students, thus making us the best diploma colleges in Meerut.

Internships honing the hands-on skills of the students are the specialty at VGI. We believe that knowledge without practice is incomplete. We have partnered with leading industries for the internship opportunities.

Our students gain hands-on skills crucial for a job by working in leading industries. This enhances their skill set, thus making us the best diploma colleges in Meerut.

 faculty –

The faculty strives for the experiential learning by showing the outcome in labs & workshops. Experienced staff who help clarify the doubts of the students manned our workshops.

Our faculty members encourage students to develop prototypes that refine their acumen for engineering. Most of the faculty are industry veterans with skill set crucial for our student’s job & career.

Therefore, We have devised the course curriculum after consulting industry bodies for the employment of our students. This ensures we teach what they require in the market.

The course committee interacts with the industrial bodies & prepares the syllabus accordingly.

best polytechnic colleges

Moreover. this way, we train on the desired skills crucial for placement, thus making us the best polytechnic colleges in Meerut.

We are the only institution in the region that is proactive for student’s benefit because we employ the latest tools for imparting job ready skills that are crucial for the job.

The course delivery mechanism at VGI includes case studies, lab work & projects that give practical insights in engineering.

We give lecture for introducing the topic, but learning happens by practicing in labs, thus making us the best diploma colleges in Meerut.

In addition, They involve students in various projects announced by AICTE & BTE Lucknow that nurtures team spirit & innovative mindset in them.

We conduct engineering quiz that allow students to exhibit their understanding & develops in them team spirit crucial for the job.

Courses Offered

The institute offers 3 years Diploma in Engineering in –

  • Computer science,
  • Civil,
  • Mechanical,
  • Electronics & communication,
  • Mechanical (Production, Automobile, R&M),
  • Electrical,
  • Chemical
  • Refrigeration & Air-conditioning.

After that, Board of apprenticeship Training (NR) under the Ministry of HRD & Department of Higher Education, Government of India (GOI) has approved our diploma programs.

Career Prospects

Diploma in Engineering

The Diploma prepares the student for a career of his choice. With India becoming the innovation hub of the world, a Diploma Engineer finds lucrative employment, making us the best Polytechnic colleges in Meerut UP.

With rising incomes, A.C. penetration has increased. This has prompted companies to hire specialists for refrigeration & air-conditioning. The practice oriented course prepares the student to be an efficient air-conditioning engineer.

In conclusion, this trade has tremendous demand in Arab countries and  This opens up immense possibilities to make us the best Diploma Colleges in Meerut.

India is developing its oil & gas industry. We have expertise in refining crude oil. There is a demand for engineers in this industry, as companies are exploring new oil fields all over the world.

Companies like ONGC & GAIL offer contracts to other companies that are working all over the world.

The Arabian countries offer many opportunities to engineers in this sector.

Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

Over the years, the demand for computer engineers has increased. With India being the IT hub of the world, a career in computing is stable & rewarding.

After that, Keeping this in mind, the college has sophisticated labs, dedicated servers, and interdisciplinary courses to produce quality engineers.

Every institution requires hardware engineers to optimize the working of computers. No organization can survive without hardware engineers. This sector opens up tremendous opportunities for engineers.

The dedicated computer labs provide the ideal setting where students practice for sharpening their skills. Moreover, we lay emphasis on live projects that apply concepts in the actual situation.

Above all, With laptops becoming a household necessity, their Service Engineers are in high demand. VGI provides modern labs & workshops that enable hands on expertise, thus making us the best Polytechnic College in Meerut.

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering. It is an Evergreen branch, as it finds application in every field.

In addition, From the Metro to the Bullet Train to the latest cars, we find mechanical engineers everywhere. They provide solutions to the problems faced by humanity, like transportation & mass mobility.

The Delhi Metro has eased the transportation problem of Delhi, ascertaining the importance of Mechanical engineers for the country.

Finally,  the amusement parks to joy rides at escalators, a Mechanical Engineer is required everywhere and,  this ensures machines work and lessen the human burden. All this establish us as the best Diploma Colleges in Meerut.

A Diploma in Mechanical engineering provides job as a –

  • Automobile engineer,
  • Design engineer,
  • Industrial engineer,
  • Thermal Engineer,
  • In product design & development,
  • CAM,
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Material engineer.

Companies pay mechanical engineers well & they enjoy a stable career.

Civil Engineering (CE)

We require civil Engineers to develop the living & travel landscape of the country. With scarcity of space, high-rise buildings are the need of the hour. With India undergoing rapid infrastructure changes, civil engineers are in high demand.

The fast expressways connecting the length & breadth of the country have augmented the need for a diploma in civil engineering.

most importantly, We require engineers to construct green buildings that provide ample space & are in tandem with the environment.

Therefore, These engineers optimize buildings for reducing power consumption & make them environment friendly thus making us the best Polytechnic College in Meerut.

Electrical Engineering (EE)

Electrical engineers design circuits for electrification & to reduce power loss. With GOI emphasizing on Electric Vehicles, an electrical diploma is a good achievement. Moreover, Companies the world over are investing in R & D to develop the electric vehicles.

Skilled electrical engineers will develop the next electric car which will be a gift to humanity.

Electrical engineers are working overtime to harness the solar power for our energy needs. Solar Power is renewable & pollution free & pocket friendly.

In conclusion, This has prompted governments the world over to employ electrical engineers who will develop the most efficient solar panel that would augment the power needs of the country, making us the best Diploma Colleges in Meerut.

Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)

We require electronics engineer to develop the next generation smartphone.

With India in the middle of a communication revolution, a diploma in electronics is highly employable.

Countries all over the world are striving to develop 5G & 6G technology. This opens up a plethora of opportunities for electronics engineer.

Therefore, With India slated to become the phone manufacturing hub of the world, engineers are in high demand. These engineers will design the smart phone circuit.

For instance, An electronics engineer can find opportunities in telecom companies, making us the best Diploma Colleges in Meerut.

Chemical Engineering (CE)

Chemical engineers study the application of various chemicals & fluids to innovate new material. They innovate new products like polymers, polythene, resins, etc. Similarly,  There is tremendous scope for chemical engineering and  companies worked overtime and developed PPE kits using chemical technology. This shows us the importance of Chemical Engineers.

A diploma in chemical engineering cam provide job in –

  • Oil and petrochemical industry.
  • Electronic industries.
  • Mining and metal industries.
  • Biotechnological industries and institutes.
  • Research organizations.
  • Chemical industries.
  • Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Food industry.
  • Wine making.

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