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Discover the BIG Benefits of Instagram Messenger API this 2022!

“More than 1 billion people use Instagram at least once a month!” 

While the New Year is approaching, most brands, companies, and even the Instagram businesses are on a roll to give more discounts on their products and services. Instagram rules the demographics and geographies, and so, most online companies are now updating their strategies with Instagram messenger API. 

So, how does it begin? Everything you need to know about the idea of Instagram messenger API.

Undoubtedly, selling and marketing on Instagram is more accessible for online businesses. How? It is because now the companies can directly sell their products to the customers. They can also take orders as per the customers’ requirements and deliver them to their address directly.

One central element appeared in the above paragraph- yes, we pressed more on “Customers”- they are driving your business! You will be surprised to note that nearly 90% of Instagram users follow at least one company. Indeed, imagine the chances to get leads from Instagram and win a customer. It’s a huge possibility, right! 

Instagram Acquisition by Facebook

As Instagram came under Facebook, there were significant changes, including the launch of Instagram messenger API. In addition, the company made efforts to curate the right solution for easy switching between all applications owned by the brand. While they were trying to unify their customer messaging experience, the businesses got a new way to handle customers up to their satisfaction levels, and most importantly, in their preferred communication channel. 

With the all-new Instagram messenger API launch, online businesses can now manage their customers’ communications in the most accessible and easy way. Although the brand has its existing conversation AI platform, the upcoming Instagram messenger API transformed the way businesses respond to customers’ queries.

Indeed, that was the glory that Facebook introduced with Instagram API for messaging purposes. Now, you need to know how to work productively with Instagram API.

Working with Instagram messenger API – Easier, More Accessible, and Better Customer Retention Rates

Surprisingly, 375 million monthly users reach out to brands and search for their official business accounts! You will be more overwhelmed to know that Instagram Messenger ties in 2nd place with Snapchat media. While the customers want seamless and hassle-free shopping experiences, Instagram messenger API helps businesses do precisely the same.

You can craft a user flow journey with API for messaging on Instagram. Be it personalized communication with your customers, post and pre-sales engagement, guided selling, or checkout experiences, Instagram Messenger is the answer for everything to enhance customer experience. Pre-designed user flow journeys and a two-way stream packed with direct customer feedback make it more functional for your business needs. 

So, here are the common uses of Instagram API 

  • Seamlessly receive and send text, stories, media, etc., to engage with your customers.
  • You can anytime attempt to retrieve conversation history from the Instagram business Inbox.
  • Plus, the best part is to respond to the comments and feedback from the customers hassle-free with a private messaging option.

The Messenger API from Instagram is open for all online businesses. Indeed, most e-commerce companies integrate this Instagram API with a third-party application. The benefit they get is the advanced features with the broad Instagram features. Integration also helps you manage all customer messaging on different channels, including the option to leverage AI chatbots and live chats to address the customers’ grievances. 

So, do you want to get started with the all-new Instagram messenger API this 2022? If yes, here are the best four ways to do it right, in the most straightforward approach. 

How to get the most out of Instagram API for messaging?

With 500 million accounts visiting stories on Instagram daily and 130 million accounts that tap on shopping posts, it is the best way to create customer engagement. There is a broad acceptance of Instagram stories, reels, and posts. You may also experience conversational-based posts to drive a product’s feedback. So, the brands visibly have a messaging strategy to generate leads and convert them successfully for the long term.

Following are the four ways to start with Instagram API to fulfill your business’s communication strategies.

  1. Start conversations with the customer. 

It is similar to generating engagement for Instagram customers. With the Instagram messenger API, you enjoy the capability to initiate automated conversations with the help of AI chatbots. So yes, there can be different entry points for your business to enter into a customers’ buyer journey. 

The customers can also message you directly using your brand’s profile page. Next, we come to Instagram stories. These are also upgraded to send and receive 1:1 conversations between brands and customers. 

  1. Make your customers feel that they are being listened to!

If you have the power to address your customers’ questions and feedback, do it right away. Instagram API allows you to leverage fully functional conversational automation to provide answers to their questions. That means, with the help of AI-powered chatbots, you can accept different questions at the same time and also answer them in the least possible time. 

Let’s accept it- by solving customers’ queries first, you invite more customers to your brand. They will come and buy products from you as you can gain trust from them. 

  1. You can now help users to shop from your brand!

Choose completely automated messages for Instagram conversations. It will reduce the support cost and also increase your productivity. Moreover, you can effectively provide guided shopping experiences to your users. In this way, your business can eventually become one of the top online brands to deliver highly personalized and functional product suggestions useful for the customers.

  1. Get seamless, hassle-free, and organized support and Order Management 

While making the purchase, the customer may want to get all real-time updates. So, with Instagram messenger API, you can send order updates, delivery notifications, and the change in schedule updates automatically.

As the shoppers will be able to receive the correct response from your brand, they will come again, and thus your retention rate will significantly increase.

Try the Instagram API for messaging yourself! 

No knowledge is best unless you experience it yourself. Instagram API gives wings to online businesses in the true sense. Right from empowering the way to handle customers’ feedbacks, complaints, and engagement, it is now a new way through which your business can flourish. The year 2021 saw the online world’s remarkable power, which stayed in the e-commerce game. 

So, give your business a brand value with the new Instagram messenger API, and you will undoubtedly see success in the coming year. While online business was considered an option in the past years, the coming years see it as one of the most robust platforms to sell your products and services. Be the face of your brand, with 24/7 customer support, at a reduced cost and 100% service promise. Instagram API pairs best with AI chatbots to help your business grow. 

Get started with Instagram API for messaging to gain business benefits. The above tips guide you to get started with a new way to deliver the right messages, at the right time, to your customers’ preferred messaging app.

Grow better with Instagram API for business

You get a level of access that works for your online presence. Right from managing hashtags to exploring the data insights and monitoring your brand’s performance, the API from Instagram is your partner. While the next year brings in new updates, use the IG API from now to be more visible across the most popular social media application. 

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