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Do Cleanses Work? 3 Things You Need to Know

Imagine you’ve just finished a three-week trip back home after traveling around visiting family and friends for the holidays. You suddenly realize that you’re feeling sluggish, bloated, and generally lethargic. All of the cookies, cakes, and high-fat foods have caught up with you!

Your first instinct may be to start a diet and begin exercising more, but this can take a lot of time to show results. You wonder if a cleanse might be a faster way to get all of this “junk” out of your body so that you can feel like yourself again!

However, you’ve heard that cleanses may be a bit of a hoax or (at worst) not good for your gut.

So, do cleanses work, or are cleanses bad for you overall? Keep reading as we explain the top 5 things you need to know before you try one.

1. The Body Cleanses Itself

The main goal of almost all types of cleanses out there is to get rid of the toxins that don’t belong in your diet. You may have ingested things, like alcohol or other vices, that don’t provide the body with any real value, so a cleanse is meant to help rid your body of those “poisons” so that it will thrive.

The truth is that the best cleanse is actually the one that your kidneys do on their own! They do a great job of removing toxins with help from the liver and colon.

So, it may be worth it to talk to your doctor about whether or not a cleanse is actually necessary before you decide to take one on. If you really want to take action without a cleanse, you may want to look into getting the best zeolite supplement on the market as an addition to your diet.

2. Hard to Sustain Results

It is true that doing a cleanse is likely to make you lose weight at the start. You’re getting rid of a lot of bad things from your diet when you’re doing a cleanse, and if you’re used to eating or drinking high-caloric items, not having those is automatically going to lead to a weight drop.

Once that cleanse ends, however, you may go back to having those same items and gain the weight back. Therefore, if you don’t incorporate regular diet or exercise into your routine as well, the results might not last very long at all.

3. Exercise Might Become Harder

Exercise is scientifically proven to help us lose weight, but it’s also important for reducing any type of cancer risk you might have. If you’re cleansing, however, you may not have enough energy to actually do the exercises that you may normally do.

The lack of carbohydrates, electrolytes, protein, and fiber may make your cleanse nutritionally incomplete as a whole diet. This can lead to exhaustion, irritability, and more, which means your exercise routine may become interrupted.

Do Cleanses Work? Sort Of, but It’s Complicated

So, the answer to the question “do cleanses work?” is a little bit complex because they do work, but they may not give you the type of results you’re looking for.

Not only will it be hard to sustain any weight loss you have, but you may not be able to exercise regularly and could fall out of that healthy routine. Plus, your body is likely cleansing itself as much as it needs it, so a cleanse may not work for you if there is nothing left to cleanse!

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