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Do you need a Master’s Degree to be a Data Scientist?

Data science is flourishing and the demand for professionals who can mine and interpret data is immensely increasing. Data science is a course that refers to collecting, organizing, analyzing, and using data to make any strategic decisions. Businesses use data science to convert data into value. Value is driven by enhanced revenue, reduced costs, business agility, enhanced customer experience, and development of new products faster.

A data scientist is a professional who can solve complex problems and is capable of figuring out the problems that need some attention. They create insights from unstructured data. They are responsible for making data more responsible, relevant, and insightful to derive better business results.

Well, graduation in data science is a must to pursue a career in this course. But, is it necessary to do a master’s program  in data science?

If yes, then what does the master’s degree in data science include, and what education is required to pursue data science as a career. Let’s explore all of this in the following article.

Education needed to pursue Data Science Career

Different job listings have different requirements in the data science course. A candidate with an associate or a bachelor’s degree in any computer stream will be eligible for entry-level positions. A person with additional work experience will be eligible for advanced computer and IT management positions.

A data scientist who has better problem-solving and leadership skills will have graduate degrees. A firm Burning Glass Technologies generated a report in 2017 that depicts 39 percent of data scientists and advanced analyst roles require students to have masters or higher degrees.

Advanced degrees are usually in the fields of mathematics, statistics, computer science courses, engineering, operations research, and economics. Pursuing a masters degree in data science will develop skills in students that recruiters are in need of.

What does a Master’s degree in Data Science include?

A Master’s degree in data science includes a “master of science” or MS or MSc in the title of the candidates. This degree majorly focuses on the technical aspects of the course. Students pursuing masters should majorly focus on data analysis, data mining, data preparation, data visualization, and decision analytics, IT ethics, and project management.

Students entering the post-graduation field should have better knowledge of data management systems and programming languages. These master’s programs enhance the student’s training experience by providing the best academic and intellectual exposure. Some programs include a final thesis that appears at the end of the course. Some programs allow candidates to customize their degrees to meet their interests. It can be through elective options such as big data, data management, artificial intelligence, and other subfields.


To become a data scientist, a candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in a computer science course. After pursuing the degree, the candidate should have relevant skills that apply to the data science course. A strong portfolio that includes a master’s degree in data science will help candidates in getting better job opportunities.

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