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Do You Need a New Roof for Solar Panels?

Do You Need a New Roof for Solar Panels?

One in seven American homes should have a rooftop solar system by 2030. It seems that more and more people are learning about and reaping the benefits of solar panels. Along with helping reduce carbon emissions, solar panels reduce energy costs and more.

Therefore, you may think your solar system will pay for itself. However, there’s one hidden cost you may not see coming. You may need a new roof for solar panels.

If you don’t want to get surprised by this cost, read on.

Your Roof May Be Too Weak

The weight of roof solar panels will press down on your roof. Your roof has to be strong enough to support that weight. If it isn’t, your roof will collapse.

Luckily, you probably won’t have to deal with a roof collapse. Solar contractors usually check your roof’s stability before installing solar panels. After they confirm its instability, you’ll need to hire roofers to make a new roof.

Your Roof May Need a Repair Soon

Roof materials have a certain lifespan. If your roof crumbles before your panels do, the situation could get inconvenient. Contractors may need to uninstall your panels before roofers can repair your roof.

Both services aren’t cheap alone. Together, they’ll be even worse for your wallet.

Therefore, you may want to get a new roof and then add solar panels to it. That way, they will both degrade at the same rate. You can also make your roof the best roof for solar panels you can buy.

Your System Can Pay for a Roof for Solar Panels

Another thing to consider is the cost. Once you get more information on solar, you should realize something. The money you save on energy costs will pay for your roof.

This repayment will happen more slowly, however, if your roof is inadequate. Therefore, getting a new roof may be the cheaper option in the long run.

Your Solar Panels Can Protect Your Roof

However, the answer to ‘do I need a new roof for solar panels’ isn’t always yes. There are still some situations where it may be more worthwhile to not replace your roof.

One of these is when your roof still has a relatively long lifespan. Roof contractors can estimate for you how many years your roof has left. If it still has ten or more years, a new roof may seem like a waste of money.

Also, remember that roofs with solar panels may last longer. When you install them for energy, you also install solar panels for roof protection. They will take rain, hail, and weather debris instead of your roof.

After You Install New Solar Panels, Read More Articles

As a final tip, remember that you shouldn’t rush into installing a new roof for solar panels. Doing so could cause poor decisions. Instead, carefully debate with yourself about it over a few weeks or so.

While you’re doing that, read our other articles. You will find some more useful information. We offer pieces about travel, health, and more.

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