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Does Drug Addiction Pose a Massive Threat to Older Adults?


The medical experts offering sublocade near me are visibly worried about the harrowing trend of drugs and substance addiction that is devouring people’s lives across the world irrespective of their gender, age group, and ethnicities. As it stands, drugs and substances could seem like the most obvious choice of escape from challenging and complicated situations to people who are devoid of healthy coping mechanisms to deal with their stress. Statistics dictate that the younger age groups that comprise children, young adults, and adolescents are the most vulnerable to substances like opioids. But according to a renowned suboxone doctor Providence, older adults, and the elderly population are not exempted from the influence of drugs and substances.

A suboxone doctor Providence demonstrates specific key findings involving substance abuse in older adults:

Several suboxone doctors near me dismiss the fact that the younger populace is more likely to be affected by drugs and substance addiction than those relatively old. According to them, drugs and substances affect people irrespective of their age. There is conclusive evidence about people over 50 who are suffering from substance abuse disorder. These suboxone doctors also say that the critical findings of such research demonstrate that the elderly population is more likely to be diagnosed with a co-occurring mental health condition and addiction issues. These coexisting conditions should be addressed along with the addiction issues in elderly patients. Such severe mental health conditions are often found to complicate the procedure of drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation in such patients.

Thus, the doctors specializing in sublocade near me emphasize that the older population is highly likely to encounter severe substance abuse disorder due to the existing mental health issues. These issues give rise to immense stress and make it hard for them to cope with their daily lives without taking refuge in drugs and substances. The rehabilitation centers and addiction treatment centers across Providence have seen a marked rise in the admission of older patients with co-occurring mental health issues and a chronic drug addiction problem. Though sometimes the reason for these psychological anomalies can be directed towards habitual substance abuse itself, many instances speak otherwise.

Substance abuse disorder due to coexisting mental health conditions:

There are situations when an older patient has been feeling cut off from his family and peers for a long time, and his usual environment seems suffocating to him. Other instances portray the inability to deal with the responsibilities and commitments towards their family, friends, and peers that these older people have been fulfilling for years. Suboxone doctors near me say that such situations give rise to acute stress, and when these situations persist for a prolonged duration, it might result in a mental health issue that is difficult to ward off. Substance abuse generally rises as a direct consequence of the older adults’ impaired mental health condition due to such problems in their lives and their inability to deal with them appropriately.

Substance abuse disorder that is a result of other conditions prevalent in older patients:

Comorbidity, or the condition where a patient has been diagnosed with multiple diseases, is a more prominent trend in older adults and the elderly population. According to an acclaimed suboxone doctor Providence, comorbidity is a significant reason for substance abuse disorder in the more aging populace. The diagnosis of serious health problems and diseases gives rise to a feeling of despair in the older populations, and they are often stripped from the will to live. Suboxone doctors near me say that in such cases, the more aging population becomes more prone to prescription drug and medical abuse and illicit drug use disorders like cocaine and opioid dependence.

Substance abuse disorder is an upcoming trend that jeopardizes the older population worldwide:

Research suggests that people aged 65 years or more are going to increase in numbers worldwide. From a 516 million population in 2009, the spike in the elderly population will continue to 1.53 billion in 2050. The advancements in medical science are already extending the average lives of people throughout the world. Suboxone doctors say that some people might have ventured into the perils of substance abuse earlier in their lives, which might persist into their elder age. Others might be vulnerable to aging-related alterations in medical conditions. Whatever be the cause, the elderly population worldwide is encountering a threat of increasing substance abuse disorder.

Studies have linked both health-related comorbidity and psychiatric comorbidity in older adults exhibiting a prominent trend of abusing substances like illicit opiates, opioids, uppers, and even prescription medications. Alcoholism and associated abuse are also widespread in this age group. Suboxone and buprenorphine treatment and detox in the rehabilitation centers in and around Providence create a significant change and address the co-occurring mental health issues and substance abuse through dual diagnosis in older patients. A prominent suboxone doctor Providence says that advanced treatment facilities and MAT and therapy will boost the elderly’s chances to evade the use of drugs and substances.

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