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Does kybella use to remove the excess fat?

Kybella is a non-surgical injectable treatment that needs to be used in the chin and neck area, so it does not help with fat removal. Read more below on Kybella vs coolsculpting.

How does Kybella Works?

Kybella is a non-surgical treatment that helps get rid of unnecessary fat in the chin or neck area. It includes extra skin, which can remove with liposuction. Like other fat removal treatments, it works only on fat cells (not different tissue types) and only on those responsible for the unwanted fat.

The treatment consists of two steps: First, a series of tiny injections (takes about 20 minutes) done into the fatty tissue to release the contents and destroy the cells. Secondly, natural substances will enter your bloodstream through your lymphatic system and help you eliminate the dead cell remains. The entire procedure can take up to 30 days, and the results only last while your body breaks down those cells.

It may need several treatments to get rid of stubborn fat, but it depends on how big the area you want to treat and how much fat you have. You will know if you need more treatments when the fat is not entirely gone after a course of treatments.

What Happens After One Treatment?

After one treatment, you will experience some swelling in the treated area (mainly the chin and neck) and some bruising. You will also get a feeling of firmness, which can make you look slimmer.

For several days after your treatment, you should avoid physical activity such as exercise or sunlight exposure, even though it is not very strenuous. It is usually recommended to have a second treatment done one month after the first one. You will find out as you compare Kybella vs coolsculpting to get the results you were looking for.

Does Kybella Work?

The results might vary from one patient to another and can be seen gradually, but they are usually visible after 2-3 months in most cases. Even though it is not a very effective fat removal procedure, it can make you look younger and slimmer. This procedure can also help with sagging skin due to weight loss or age-related changes.

Since Kybella designs only for the chin and neck area, it does not help with fat removal from the other parts of your body.

When used in conjunction with other procedures, Kybella can be a powerful complement to fight stubborn fat and reduce its damage to the rest of your body. Even though this treatment is designed only for those who don’t need liposuction, you should consult your doctor to achieve the best results.

The best way to get rid of stubborn fat is by getting liposuction, which can be combined with Kybella (or other treatments) for a better result.

How Much Does It Hurt?

Since this procedure does not involve incisions or injections in sensitive areas, it is not very painful. The first injection might feel weird and a bit uncomfortable since the medication will go into your body through the fat cells. Some people say that after injection, they think “pins-and-needles” in their affected area, which can last for up to half an hour.

The swelling and feeling of firmness can cause some pain, but most patients describe it as bearable.

How Much Does Kybella Cost?

Kybella cost ranges from $2500 to $3500 per treatment (dependent on the number of treatments needed), which is much lower than other options like liposuction or chin implants.

Side Effects of Kybella

Since this treatment is new and the procedure has not been applying in many patients yet, some side effects by users. The most common are:

· Pain after injections;

· swelling;

· Bruising;

· Some people report feeling nausea and a bit of dizziness;

· A feeling of “pins-and-needles” in the treated area;

· Loss in appetite and dry mouth.

If you experience any side effects after using this treatment, it usually recommends contacting your doctor immediately to advise you about them.

User Reviews on Kybella


· The treatment does by a doctor, not at home;

Results/Effects: how effective is the treatment?

Anonymous, Female, aged 21

People say I look slimmer, and it was easy and fast to remove the fat from my neck.”

Anonymous, Male, aged 25

Doctor Recommendations on Kybella

Choosing an Experienced Doctor for Kybella vs coolsculpting

Kybella is a new treatment that still tests on large groups of patients to determine its full effects. It is essential to use this procedure only with a doctor who has the experience and knows how to treat problem areas.

The best results can be seen in patients with fat cells in the submental area since this part of your body is more sensitive and resistant to fat removal. The doctor can determine in advance if Kybella will work on your problem areas or not.

Always ask for the used equipment and ensure that the place administers meets all health standards to avoid infection and other problems. It is also essential to visit a clinic with experience and see how the procedure does and to know what to expect.

By doing this, you will feel safe during the treatment and have realistic expectations about the results Kybella can produce for your body.

Some pros and cons of Kybella: advantages and disadvantages of the treatment

What Are The Side Effects Of Kybella?

Only a few medical studies were conducted to evaluate Kybella and its effects on patients. In this way, we can’t say that there are any severe side effects. But some will likely appear in the future.

In most cases, these problems disappear by themselves, and even though they seem like severe issues, we can say that this treatment is relatively safe since no significant side effects reported yet.

Some people also report feeling dizzy and nauseous after an injection, but these side effects disappear pretty fast as well.

Are There Any Precautions To Take Before Using Kybella?

It is essential to tell your doctor about all the medications you are using to decide. If you are eligible for this treatment or not.

Some prescriptions might interact with Kybella and, in worse cases, may cause unwanted side effects. So it is essential to let your doctor know everything before starting the treatment. You will also need to stop taking medications that make you gain weight. Such as steroids and insulin, since they could make your Kybella treatment less effective.

You will also need to avoid alcoholic drinks or any other substance. That could cause the treated area to swell further. Finally, you should inform your doctor if you have known allergies. So they can decide on a solution for you before starting the procedure.

Some people reported an allergic reaction when using this treatment, so it is essential to let your doctor know beforehand. You will probably ask to take a blood test before the treatment to see any allergies. And then you may have to get a particular medication.

Other precautions that your doctor may ask of you include:

Not eating or drinking anything for at least 8 hours before the injection.

Not getting any injections for at least 24 hours after the procedure.

 Avoiding exposing the treated area to extreme temperatures and wear loose clothing on it, even while sleeping.

How Much Does Kybella Cost?

Kybella is a relatively new treatment, so its cost varies significantly from one clinic to another. In general, you can expect the cost of an injection to be somewhere between $1000 and $2500 per session. This means that if you have two sessions, the treatment will cost around a thousand dollars.


The above are some of the Kybella vs coolsculpting to help you eliminate fat from your skin. After reading this post, you will be able to understand it better. 

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