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Does Your Caravan Have The Following Gadgets?

Buying a caravan is just the beginning. The rest step is getting the right gadgets and accessories for a life on the road. If you want to take a look at modern caravan services in Melbourne, ensure that you have an idea of every gadget that they have to offer, 

Therefore, to help you settle better, here are some gadgets you must consider adding to your gadget. Let’s check it out!

Must-Have Gadgets In Your Caravan!

Electricity Cable 

Modern caravans provide a lot of comforts of your home like microwaves, refrigerators and such. All these appliances require electricity, so you cannot miss out on the electricity cable. It is best to get the 25-metre-long thick cable with a blue three-pin plug. An extension may come in handy.

External solar battery and solar panel battery charger

Experts at caravan services in Melbourne suggest that it’s always good to keep your appliances and gadgets charged so you can be in touch with people, especially in an emergency. There’s no better and more efficient way to do this than external solar batteries for devices like phones etc. while on the road. A solar panel battery charger helps charge your battery while on the road and can be valuable equipment.

GPS System

One of the essential gadgets for someone travelling in a caravan is a good and efficient GPS. There is nothing worse than getting lost while on a road trip. So invest in a good GPS.

Solar-powered Light 

Travelling in a caravan means camping at night in places that can get dark. In those times, solar-powered light proves to be extremely useful. ONE can get solar-powered lanterns or torches. 

Hitch locks

You need to get a decent hitch lock if you don’t want your caravan to be towed away. Invest in other locks as well if you want extra protection from theft or want to lock your devices or bicycles. 

Ramps, Chocks, Blocks

Wheel chocks help the caravan to stay still once it has been parked. Blocks and ramps used under the corner steadies and wheels help keep the caravan level.

Water carrier

Some sort of carrier can be beneficial. You might need to wash something or make a cup of tea. A water carrier is used then. It comes in cylindrical shapes so that they can be rolled. These water carriers are attached to the caravan’s inlet via a hose.

Portable refrigerator

Heading out for a long trip? A portable refrigerator is an efficient way to keep things cool and food items or drinks fresh for longer.

Smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector

A smoke alarm is a very necessary piece of equipment that one must surely invest in. Carbon monoxide, when inhaled in a large amount for an extended period, can cause fatalities. As such, a carbon monoxide detector becomes a useful appliance for someone living and travelling in a caravan. Place it close to the roof and as close as possible to the gas appliances.

Trust The Professionals! 

In 2022 here are the absolute must-have caravan gadgets that will make your travels much more comfortable. Does your caravan have them? If not, you might want to consult Focus RV Group, which happens to be the leading expert in the field. 

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