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Drift Hunters MAX – An Exceptional Free Drifting Experience

When legendary game creator Ilya Kaminestky made the original Drift Hunters, he made a drifting game that surprised many people. It was unmatched in the level of realism it provided in its presentation of physics simulations.

The quality of that first project is why approached Ilya to make a new game in the same style.

Using community feedback from the original Drift Hunters, Ilya developed Drift Hunters MAX, a new game that improves upon the first in just about every way. If you’re interested in a no-holds-barred drifting experience, here are a few features that make Drift Hunters MAX great.

A Visual Feast

Drift Hunters MAX features some of the highest quality texture work and graphics present in a browser game. Each car is modeled after a real-life counterpart and is easily recognizable as its inspiration. Everything from the spokes on the wheels to the reflection of light off the car’s different materials make the game look incredible. This graphical fidelity extends to the many tracks of the game, with each looking like it could be a real place you could visit.

Easily Accessible

To play Drift Hunters MAX, all you have to do is visit This awesome site has a gigantic selection of free car games and is the exclusive home of Drift Hunters MAX. That’s right – you can’t play this game anywhere else.

There is no additional charge to enjoy Drift Hunters MAX and all of its improved features. In addition, thanks to its Unity Engine foundations, it runs entirely in your web browser of choice with no extra download.

Account System

Have you ever become invested in a light browser game, only to close that tab on accident and lose all of your progress? Ilya Kaminetsky or the folks at have because one of the most important new features of Drift Hunters MAX is an accounting system that allows for intuitive cloud saves.

The game saves in the background while you play, so if you lose connection, all of your progress will be stored on the cloud, and you can start up again where you left off at any time.

Plenty of Cars and Tracks

As you play Drift Hunters MAX, you will gain access to 37 unique cars, each with its handling profile and power. If you aren’t into the car’s stock looks, go nuts in the tuning area, where you can select multiple different kinds of paint and various colors to apply to both the body and rims of your car. These customizations don’t cost any drift points and look great, so you can change your paint as often as you desire! Then, drift your customized sports car across 12 incredible tracks designed for maximum drifting ability. Be careful, though – the brand new physics engine will send your car spinning if you aren’t careful!

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