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DTP Course in Delhi | Best Desktop Publishing Course

DTP course – If you have ever heard about Photoshop or Corel Draw, then you must also know what is DTP and what is its definition. Through this article, you are going to know about a very important technology course which is very important for everyone.

You may have heard about the DTP course before from your friend or someone else but do you know about its complete information like what are the benefits of DTP or what software is taught in this DTP course.

Newspaper, which we also call the newspaper, which comes in almost everyone’s homes today, but while reading the newspaper, have you ever thought that how it is published in the newspaper?

How is it printed or what technology or software is used to print them?

Be it newspaper or book, marriage card, different software coming under this course is used to publish any word on all of them. So come on, if you also have such questions in your mind, then definitely read this article till the end because you know what is DTP in this article? What is its definition and what is full form will also be known?

What is DTP?

The full form of DTP is Desktop Publishing. Desktop publishing means using a digital desktop to design and prepare documents. The term is sometimes used to refer to processes that allow paper copies of documents to be printed on local printing machines.

It may also refer to the preparation and creation of digital documents on the desktop. Desktop publishing is also known as computer-aided publishing.

It can also be understood in this way.

  • DeskTop = by computer
  • Publishing = Publishing

Now if we talk about these two together, then it means that the work of publication is done with the help of a computer. Talk through an example that we have a computer and apart from this we have Scanner, Printer.

With the help of a computer, you can design anything. If there is no photo for design in our computer then we can extract it with the help of internet or can bring it in computer with the help of a scanner.

The software is used to do the work of publishing on the computer. Earlier DTP was mainly used for specialized print-to-publishing. But as technology progressed, it was improved and in today’s time, desktop publishing printers can print high-quality images. 

There is much software being used for Descope Publishing, which we will know in detail below.

Full-Form of DTP 

If you are thinking of doing a diploma course in graphic design, then you need to have complete knowledge about it. That’s why we have also told about its full form and what it means, which you should remember well: The full name of DTP is Desktop Publishing.

Importance of DTP

Desktop publishing was developed in Xerox PARC in 1970 and later as new technologies were improved in it. Today its importance has increased so much that its use will be seen everywhere.

Whether it is a wedding card or books, newspaper or posters or banners, this software is being used for printing everywhere.

With the advent of this software, many of our tasks have become very easy today. With the help of these, today we can print the letters in whatever shape or size we want.


Desktop Publishing course

  • Documents are created by desktop publishing using page layout software on a personal computer (desktop).
  • It was initially used exclusively for print publications, but now also plays a role in the creation of various forms of online content.
  • You can do this course at any computer center near you, mostly this course is done at the computer center.
  • The centers complete this course in 3 to 4 months at a fee of 4000 to 8000.
  • The best thing is that anyone can do you for this course. It does not require any education or degree.
  • If you are thinking about doing this course, then it can prove to be very useful for you because with the help of the software learned under this course, you can earn very good money.
  • There is a lot of demand for this course today. With the help of the software learned under this, you can earn good money by doing things like online logo, design website page, etc.
  • The rest, we have already told you about which software you will read under this and where they will be used.

Software taught under DTP

The list of which software will be taught in this course can be seen below and they have also been explained in detail.

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. InDesign
  3. Pagemaker
  4. Corel draw
Adobe Photoshop

There are many versions of Adobe software available. Any photo can be designed in many ways using this software. For example, if you want to put a photo in a banner, then it is edited with the help of this software.


Adobe Indesign is software working under a Desktop Publishing, with the help of which it is used to edit letters, books, designs, layouts…

Adobe Pagemaker

Pagemaker has good features. Which is very important for publishing work but till now Adobe Pagemaker is used basically to print visiting card, news biodata, newspaper.

Corel draw

This software is mainly used to create one type of logo, banner, etc

Benefits of doing DTP course

  • With the help of the software learned under the DTP course, you can get a job in a publishing company and earn a lot of money.
  • You can earn good earning by creating an online logo, website page.
  • Earn good money by opening your photo studio.
  • And you can also earn money by going to Freelancer or Fever.

Features of DTP

Technology like this is much more important than ever before, due to its arrival many problems have been solved, the best thing is, where earlier it used to take months to print a banner, book, etc., today we do the same work in no time. What are the benefits of Desktop Publishing, you can also get below – you can improve any created file, document.

  • There is much such software in which page out has been given, with the help of them we can do the formatting of the page in a good way.
  • Where earlier a book used to cost a lot of money along with taking months to print, but today they can be printed in a short time with less cost.

Conclusion – To do the work of publishing, we have a printer, scanner, and a personal computer with DTP software installed. Desktop Publishing work is done for different software according to each printing key, about which we have told you above.

Meaning that friends, if you are thinking of opening a shop of your own, then this is a very good course for you. With the help of the software taught in the DTP course, you can easily earn lakhs of rupees online.

So, friends, this was our information today in which we told what is DTP, and what is its full form and which software is taught in this course.

If the information given in today’s article has been useful to you, then do share this article with friends on social media and comment on The Blogulator

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