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Duplicate Content – A Risky Affair in Digital Marketing

Duplicate content is an exact copy of content found anywhere on the internet, and it is also known as plagiarized content. Content that undergoes changing the products, services, or brand names is considered duplicate content. Replacing some words in the content will not prevent a particular blog, article, cornerstone, or a small tag line from being categorized as duplicate content. The addition of duplicate content will predominantly reduce your site’s performance, and it will also impact organic results. Your website turns visible in the search engines when your customer’s search is digital marketing services in Delhi NCR. So it is essential to use unique content for your website.

Why is duplicate content a danger to your website?

When you generate a page with plagiarized content, there are several impacts in Google search results, and at times, your website will have penalties too.

If there is duplicate content, the incorrect page version gets displayed in Search engine page results. The keywords included in the plagiarized content will not perform well, which will lead to indexing issues. Moreover, site metrics such as traffic and ranking will also fluctuate regularly. One important guideline that the best digital marketing company in Delhi will follow is to “create content for users, not for search engines.” You need to create unique content that gains the credibility of users as well as the search engines. Certain attributes enhance the risk of plagiarized content on your website. It is essential to ensure that the website you have doesn’t incorporate duplicate content.

How to eradicate duplicate content on your website?

Here are a few ways to help you out in preventing the site from duplicate content.

  • Your website’s taxonomy is the initial point that you have to examine. Firstly, you can map out pages from the crawl to add unique Heading and focus keywords. This step can be executed to revamp all your pages and posts regardless of the content’s freshness. A topic cluster is an important step in SEO, which helps digital marketing services in Delhi NCR do well.
  • Canonical tags are very important as it indicates the main version of the pages you add this tag to. You can use both the canonical tags, one that points to a page and another that points away from a page.
  • A meta tag is another useful element to reduce the risks of plagiarized content.No index tags in the HTML code will prevent the search engine from indexing a particular page or multiple pages. This will be helpful to stop certain pages in your web page from appearing in the search results.
  • To know how efficiently the websites are crawled, URL parameters are used. The parameters will cause content duplication as their usage generates page copies. Digital marketing companies in Delhi will implement parameter handling using Google Search Console and Bing webmaster tools to avoid content replication.
  • Duplicate URL is yet another issue as the HTTP and HTTPS page version will create conflicts. If there is a problem like this, you need to follow the same pattern to prevent content replication.

What to do if your content shows plagiarism on other sites?

You can utilize a search console to scrutinize the indexing of your website regularly. Get in touch with the other sites’ webmaster that offers digital marketing services in Delhi NCR for your competitor. The webmaster should either give credits or eradicate the copied content from the website. You can utilize canonical tags while creating unique content to register as the true source of information.


If you want to improve the search engine ranking and market your products or services on various digital platforms, you need to acquire the target audience’s trust and the search engines. For this, original content is way too important. Above all, preventing others from copying your content is complicated even for the best digital marketing company in Delhi, but they tend to execute good strategies. Cautiously develop your site structure and concentrate on the users. If plagiarism occurs due to technical factors, the techniques mentioned above will reduce the risk. You should send the right signals to Google so that the search engine will identify your content as the source of information. This step is very important, and it will help address your content as unique when other websites replicate your work.

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