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Durga – Mata Ki Chhaya

Durga – Mata Ki Chhaya:

Durga – Mata Ki Chhaya is a new Star Bharat presentation released by Rashmi Sharma Productions that the story of young Dev (Avinash Mishra) made into a mentally unstable person by his aunt Damini Aneja (Rakebenza Khan). ‘It’s a little new, and when we talk about men’s mental disorders that are mentally disturbed, our thoughts are quickly connected to Varun Badola’s clear performance in the Koshish Ek Asha show. So we will say Durga’s plan is an old wine that was revealed to viewers during the new package.The main difference here is that a bad person was exposed at scene 1, for the purpose of visual inspection. And this has left a heavy heart in Dev’s little mind.Alok Aneja (Mehul Buch, the younger brother of the deceased Avinash Aneja is getting married and brings dictators to Dine Aneja. Damini meets his older brother Amrish Aneja (Sai Ballal) to take a whip inside the house, which includes a plan to reduce Dev’s mental decline by giving him shocking treatment on a regular basis. Sailesh Gulabani and his wife Ketki Aneja Kajal Pisal, Aayush Aneja (Vikram Mehra) and his wife Neetu Aneja Yashahsree Chiplunkar. Samarth and Aayush are sons of Damin. Damini has one daughter, Tara Aneja (Simran Budharup), the only one with a good heart who fights with his mother, Damini, and his brother Dev. On the other hand, we have Durga Chahat Pandey from Gurdaspur. She may be a dedicated and unhealthy girl singing in Durga – Mata Ki Chhaya Jagrathas about her family’s discovery. You enter a unique connection with Dev. Whenever Dev is tortured or in pain, he feels pain alone and this makes him wonder what his contact with the person you see in his pictures is. He was made to know by a family priest that he was born for a purpose. After seeing her at auction, she believes she will marry a high-profile family, far away from the area, where she will be her husband’s savior. Her job will always be to protect her husband from harm. Although Durga has not seen Dev yet, he knows she is in terrible pain Durga – Mata Ki Chhaya and her life is in constant danger. we have seen many shows now, where male leaders are mentally challenged, so the girl comes into her life as a hidden blessing. The only thing inside the ordinary building is the undeniable fact that there is a woman here who feels the pain and suffering of man. This connection is what happens between the twins. But Indian Television has now brought us between two people who are sure to marry and protect each other .Cards are on display, with Damini Aneja and Amrish Aneja being the worst, greedy for property to be named after Dev soon. The works within the show are glorious. Avinash Mishra uses it because Dev is mentally disturbed. Rakebenza Khan because the Terrible Dam is ready for this role. Sai Ballal did an honest job. Chahat Pandey is good at his role, but he has to work out his skin to prove himself. We are trying to find the scenes where Durga will meet Dev, and when Durga will face the panic called Damini.Productor Rashmi Sharma knows that the heartbeat of viewers is right. He has within himself to pull out a new package from a standard building. However, it is only a matter of time before viewers are willing to see the same sites over and over again !! We at thank Durga – Mata Ki Chhaya for 2 stars in 5 stars.
Durga – Mata Ki Chhaya the most important traditional celebration among Bengali Hindus – is more than just a spiritual event. This article shows that the festival serves as a platform for Bengali people scattered to make Bengaliana, or an Bengali identity, far from home. arriving at Durga Puja as organized by the Bengali Association of Southern California, and using people’s ideas Victor Turner for critical ideas and a social drama like launchpad, this article explains how the Bengali diasporic theme breaks through the two pillars of ownership. A public drama such as Durga – Mata Ki Chhaya the essay says, allows the theme to be reunited as a social organization after the catastrophe triggered by diasporic movements from their home country. a clear practice. A peer-reviewed journal, Ecumenica, considers working with religion to be a divisive issue and, in some cases, a two-dimensional, non-selective form of art, with the right to abstain from certain religious practices. The purpose of this magazine is to consider the diversity of modes in which creative and non-creative ideas are found in the world. The Ecumenica diversity platform embraces all critical approaches to topics such as performance arts, theater, culture, reflective and dedicated practices, and public discourses. The journal hopes that practice and the study religion can add other topics to the current list. The journal publishes scholarly essays, book reviews, and performance reviews, and such as interviews, theater, commentary and other works. Ecumenica invites presentations from academic and emerging students Part of Pennsylvania State University and the Penn State University Libraries and Scholarly Communications, Penn State University Press works with University communities, Pennsylvania residents, and students around the world to promote scholarly communication within the core humanities and humanities. social. The media met with alumni, friends, faculty, and staff to report on the life and history of the University.

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