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Easy Asanas for Women

Today in this article I am going to tell you the yoga asanas for women. With its regular practice, you can remain healthy and happy in body, mind, and body forever. The sequence of yoga asanas that I have told is so simple and useful that it can be done by a girl of 15 years to an old age of 60 years. It is a treasure trove of health and beauty.

But before that, there are many doubts and arguments and many questions about yoga. I will answer them first.

What is the use of yoga?

The path of yoga is long but it has a direct effect on the disease. The disorders of the body are removed by the asanas. Pranayama has a direct effect on the nervous system and the brain. Relaxation removes mental stress and increases stamina.

Why should women practice yoga?

In my opinion, yoga asanas are more important for women than men. The responsibility of the progress of the nation rests with the woman because if the mother is healthy and full of virtues, then the child will also be like that. Mother is said to be the first teacher because she first educates the child. Therefore, women have double the benefits of yoga.

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Essential instructions regarding posture for women:

The following things must be kept in mind before starting a yoga practice.

  • The timing of yoga asana should be fixed from 5 to 7 in the morning. You can also practice yoga in the evening, just keep in mind that it should be done only after 5 hours of lunch.
  • Get up while doing Tadasana. This removes laziness.
  • As soon as you wake up, wash your hands and brush your teeth. Practice yoga only after taking a bath as the body becomes lighter after taking a bath. By the way, you can practice yoga even before taking a bath. There is no problem with this.
  • Practice yoga only on an empty stomach. Yes, you can drink water.
  • The place should be suitable for yoga asana. In summer it should be done in an open space and in winter in a clean ventilated room.
  • To practice yoga, it is very important to have a double blanket. Practicing yoga on empty land can be harmful and strength is earned by yoga, it gets destroyed.
  • Women should use salwar kameez or slacks or stretch paint at the time of yoga practice. With this, they can do asanas freely.
  • Do not do asanas for four or five days during menstruation.
  • Do not practice yoga during pregnancy.
  • Yoga should not be practiced for two months after having a child.

Yogasanas for Women (In sequence) 

How hard did women work in ancient times? That’s why she was also healthy. But nowadays everything is reversed, all the work is done by either the servants of the machines. This is the biggest reason for women being unwell.

Due to less exertion, food is not digested properly, which causes disorders in the body. The only way to get rid of these disorders is through yoga practice. Let us know those yoga asanas, whose practice will keep women healthy and healthy.


This asana is very helpful in making the spine very flexible and staying young forever. It controls the whole body. The body becomes energetic and light and gets the ability to do more work in a short time. Digestion power increases. Many reproductive diseases of women are completely destroyed.


It is a very beneficial asana for women who have thyroid problems and this asana is very useful for reducing belly fat. By doing this asana, the blood comes towards the head and eyes, which gives strength to the veins. Brightens eyesight, cures gout and blood disorders. Women who have wrinkles on their faces and dark circles under their eyes must do this asana.


Do this asana after Sarvangasana, only then you will get more benefits of Sarvangasana. This is a very good posture for women because women mostly complain of back pain and it is a panacea for back pain. Due to this, the spine also becomes flexible and as long as the spine remains flexible, then youth also remains. Due to Padmasana, the thighs and calves also become strong and it is very beneficial for the strength of the shoulders.


This asana is a complement to Bhujangasana. This gives good exercise to the pelvis. It cures leprosy, liver dysfunction, and humpback of the waist are cured. For those who have back pain due to a slipped disc, it gets cured. This asana is helpful in healing the ovaries and uterus of women. The complaints of painful menstruation and irregular menstruation are removed. Reproductive disorders of women like white leucorrhoea, blood leucorrhoea, and various other uterine diseases are removed.


This is a very useful asana for women. Due to this the shape of the chest becomes beautiful and diseases related to the throat are also cured. Due to the pressure on the stomach, digestion power is good and the lungs also get strength. By doing this asana, obesity is reduced, there is flexibility in the spine, and diseases related to the uterus are removed. Women who have problems with increasing heartbeat or have nervousness, also get cured by this asana.

6.Vakshsthal Kriya 


  • First of all, sit in Vajrasana and keep both hands on the knees.
  • Then while inhaling (breathing should be deep and long), while spreading both the hands, move them from front to back and expand the chest.
  • Then while exhaling, bring both the hands on the knees again.
  • In this way do this action 3-4 times.


  • This action is very useful for asthma disease.
  • By doing this, tuberculosis is also cured immediately.
  • This action is also beneficial for women who have heart-related diseases.


7.Agnisaar Mudra


  • Sit in Padmasana and keep both hands above the knees.
  • Make a pipe of lips and slowly draw air in.
  • By holding the same air inside, inflate the cheek like a balloon.
  • Putting the chin in the throat, apply Jalandhara Bandha.
  • After stopping as much as possible, slowly expel the air from the nostrils.
  • Do this action three to four times.


  • As its name suggests, it is a mudra to ignite a fire.
  • This opens the stomach, which increases appetite.
  • Apart from this, nature is a boon for women, that is, women get natural beauty without makeup.
  • Therefore, it is a very useful action for women.


By doing this asana, there is a good exercise of the spine. The fat in the side of the stomach also decreases. Appetite increases by reviving the abdominal organs. Constipation goes away. The body becomes light and there is energy.


As the name suggests, the position of the body is similar to that of a dead body. This asana should be done at the end of all the asanas. It can also be done at night before sleeping. This gives a feeling of complete peace, joy, and contentment and removes all the tiredness of the asanas and a new freshness is experienced. Women who have mental stress or who do not sleep must do this asana.


For women, do the asanas that have been mentioned above in a sequential manner, in this sequence. You will definitely benefit physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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