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Home Improvement

Easy Home Improvement Tips to Get Your Home Ready for the Market

Putting your house on the market isn’t as easy as it may seem. Even if you’re going to sell your house for cash, you’re still going to want to do a few home improvement projects to get your house ready to wow potential buyers. But, where do you start? There’s just so much that you can do!

Well, keep reading dear friend because we have some easy home improvement tips that’ll help get your house ready to wow potential buyers.


Home Improvement

Painting is the cheapest home improvement project you can do, but it can breathe new life into every room. Now, when you’re looking for paint colors, real estate agents strongly recommend going with a neutral color palette. You may have an amazing eye for what works well together, but your color choices may not appeal to everyone.

To buyers, neutral colors are the perfect blank canvas. Not only can they envision their own stuff in the rooms, but they also don’t have to worry about trying to cover dark-colored paint.

Proper landscaping

You may keep up with regular landscaping, but sometimes that isn’t enough – especially if you have more brown spots or patches of crabgrass and clover than actual grass. Proper landscaping (trimming the bushes, weeding the gardens, laying grass seed, etc.) is important because you want to make a good first impression on buyers. Sure, they may find your photos online and love what they see in the house, but that goes out the window if they pull up to your property and it looks unkempt.

To buyers, a neat yard with lovely curb appeal is an indication of how well the interior of the home may be. In their mind, if you’re taking care of your yard, then you’re probably taking good care of the interior.

New light fixtures

You’d be surprised by how much of a difference new light fixtures (and LED bulbs!) can make. This home improvement project isn’t going to break the bank because you can find nice fixtures at a relatively cheap price point online. But, you can also catch good sales at your local home improvement center as well.

To buyers, light fixtures aren’t necessarily a focal point, but the bright LED lights help to make things look fresh, clean, and new. The key to choosing new light fixtures is to choose a finish that matches or complements the other metals in the room.

New hardware

A super affordable and easy home improvement project you can do is to replace the hardware on your cabinets, drawers, light switches, outlets, and doors (if you want to go that far). Just imagine how different your kitchen would look if you switched out the shiny brass knobs from the 80s with sleek brushed silver or even matte black. It may seem like such a small thing, but these small changes play into the larger picture.

To buyers, when you replace the hardware with more modern options, it’s like the icing on the cake in terms of design. It isn’t necessary, but it can make a pretty big impact!

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