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Easy Tips for keeping Floor Rugs Clean

An ideal way to add comfort and softness to every home is the rugs. It is no secret that the rugs continue to be a top option with a large number of rug styles and varieties of rugs available today. While the rugs have many advantages and disadvantages, what you might ask yourself is how do I look after the rugs? We have some ideas, hints, and tricks on how to make your carpeting look new and clean. You’ll love our easy to follow tips on how to clean and maintain floor rugs in your house, whether you have a home full of kids or pets, or you just want to keep your rugs clean to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. 

  • Use doormats

A simple entry mat stops dirt from being moved to the fiber of your tufted rugs and throughout the home. Be sure to periodically scrub these mats so that they do not themselves become a source of dust and dirt.

  • Keep bulky furniture away from floor rugs

On floor rugs, putting heavy furniture will crush the fibers and make dents. Using furniture coasters however can help avoid rug depression. 

  • Keep snacks in the kitchen

Consider having all food and drinks in your kitchen if you have a family who likes to snack at all hours of the day or you happen to be a little clumsy. Reducing the risk of injuries is all about avoiding them, and you also remove the stains by eliminating the spills that are inevitable.

  • Take care of spills

It’s best to take care as soon as possible of spills. Do not allow the liquids or dirt to dry and set in. The earlier you act, the quicker it is possible to remove the stain.

Proper cleaning means vacuuming the rug on both sides daily. Although vacuuming does not remove all debris from deep within the pile of the rug, it definitely removes some of the dirt and dust and decreases allergens trapped within the fibers. In between professional cleanings, vacuuming keeps rugs reasonably clean. 

  • Buy rug pads

The lifespan of your rug is prolonged by rug pads. They avoid sliding, absorb sound and provide softness. For area rug owners, a custom floor rug pad is a smart investment. 

  • Cleaning Floor Rugs Professionally

Occasional skilled cleaning should not be substituted by any rugs treatment. Professional floor rug cleaning is a must, even with daily home care, to prolong the life of your rug and bring out its natural elegance and bright colors. The suggested average time is every 12-18 months between professional cleanings. However you can clean more frequently if your rug is in a large people environment including pets or if you suffer from airborne allergies. Pet urine odors and other pet allergens, cigarette smoke, mould spores and dust mites are only eliminated by professional floor rug cleaning, and only professional rug cleaning guarantees that the cleaning process does not bleed dyes and cause damage to the rug.

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