Easy Ways To Learn Car Driving & Things To Keep In Mind

Numerous considerations must be made when learning to drive. All drivers must use extreme caution, regardless of experience level, when behind the wheel. This blog contains all things you should keep in mind while going, and if you want to have an HR licence in Sydney, you need to abide by a set of rules & regulations. 

This list is intended for those who are just beginning to drive. But it’s also a reminder to all experienced drivers because they generally forget the fundamental principles and cause trouble on the road. The fundamental “Do’s and Don’ts” of driving are listed here. Let’s check it out!

Do’s & Don’t When Driving A Vehicle 

Get to know your vehicle.

Getting comfy in your car should be your first and paramount priority before you start driving. Before you start driving the vehicle, become theoretically familiar with its fundamentals. Learn how a clutch works, how the gears are arranged, and essential information such as that it’s always advisable to wait until the car has stopped before switching to reverse.

Do not be distracted.

Once you are in the driver’s seat, pay attention, adjust the mirrors, buckle up, and observe all traffic laws. Avoid being distracted when driving because city streets are crowded with possible accidents. As a result, you must always maintain your eyes and concentration fixed on the road. 

Before you get behind the wheel, remember these two fundamental rules: don’t use your phone while driving, and never drive after drinking. Along with following the above guidelines, novice drivers trying to get an HR licence in Sydney should avoid eating, listening to loud music, and having in-depth conversations while operating a vehicle.

Adjust the position of your seat.

One of the most crucial skills a beginner driver should master is proper seating. Even some experienced drivers may not be comfortable or in control of their vehicle because they are not positioned correctly, which raises the risk of an accident. If you sit straight, the seat’s shape should cup your buttocks and back, preventing back issues. A comfortable and easy view of the entire road should be possible from the driver’s seat.

Placing the steering wheel

Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t just one proper technique to grasp a steering wheel. Having the most control over the wheel depends on how you wish to grip it. Most studies indicate that all beginning drivers should start in the “10 and 2 o’clock” positions. To have the most delicate control over the steering and ca,r. As a result, it is crucial to hold the steering wheel properly.

Avoid going too fast.

When one is in charge of the wheel, the impulse to accelerate is most frequent. Before accelerating to the top speed limit, especially on highways, getting comfortable with the vehicle is crucial.


In particular, if you are a beginner, avoid letting your attitude affect how you drive. If you’re angry when going, you shouldn’t feel the need to travel too fast, and being in a good mood doesn’t give you a licence to wander off in the middle of the road. We hope you enjoyed reading the article, and If you want to have an Hr licence in Sydney, then you can contact Ultime driving school for further information.

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