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Ecommerce SEO Strategies to Get Your Online Store in the SERPs

Have you built your online store and not started SEO? It is like selling products in an unlit store. You have made your store unreachable and inaccessible to your potential customers. An SEO campaign enables you to bring your online store’s name to the first page of the search result.

Store Owners and marketers always like to centrally manage eCommerce SEO Brainvire Company is the best solution.

Some marketers claim that SEO has lost its effectiveness, as Google has made its algorithms more complicated to provide relevant results. However, without SEO, you cannot receive a continuous flow of traffic in your store. Nowadays, SEO is something more than a marketing technique. The best SEO professionals have started giving more focus on trust, relevance, and usability.

What is the best strategy to make your digital store highly visible to search engine users? Find the details of the most effective strategies for your e-store.

Identify keywords for your store

One of the most important steps is to spy on the competitors’ site. It helps you in outranking your competitors in the SERP result. You can find keywords for which you have to rank your site. However, it is essential to detect the high DA and PA competitors’ pages.

Based on your store’s products, you may guess the words used by your potential buyers. However, you have to refine the list of those words by using a reliable keyword research tool. To locate the right keywords, you need to answer some questions.

  • What are the unique products of my products?
  • How do these products benefit customers?
  • Do they have physical properties, like materials and colors?
  • Who are the target users of my products?

You can choose some long-tail keywords that comprise 3 to 4 words. Although these keywords are not effective in bringing traffic, they increase the conversion rate.

Another important step is to type your chosen keywords into Google and other search engines. Google will automatically suggest words when you start typing your keywords. It is better to avoid general phrases. Lots of eCommerce owners try to use keywords with high search volume. But, those words may not give you a good chance to rank high in the SERP result.

One of the notable SEO tricks for you is to identify keywords separately for every page. The big eCommerce sites have several types of products with different product pages. Do not stick to particular keywords for multiple product pages.

Add keywords rightly to your store

As you have now finalized your keywords, you need to add them to every section of your digital store. The proper placement of keywords is important to make your store visible to search engines and their users. But, where do you need to place your keywords?

  • Title tag- It is visible in the SERP result, and viewers have to click on it to reach your site. Thus, you must make your HTML tag enriched with keywords. Let viewers understand the relevance of your store to their searches.
  • Site URL- Your store’s page URLs must have keywords. The use of keywords also makes your URL easily readable.
  • Body content- It is the main content of your e-store where you need to write blogs, descriptions, and product titles. Maintain the keyword density while adding these words to the body content.
  • Image tags- Although the image Alt text is not visible in the search engine result, you have to add keywords to it. Thus, be careful while creating your image tags.
  • Meta description- It is another HTML element where you have to add keywords. The best meta descriptions are catchy and contain keywords.

Audit your site for refinements

You do not edit everything in your digital store for better SEO results. However, it is essential to focus on technicalities.

For instance, page loading speed is a relevant factor affecting the SEO ranking. Your website visitors may leave your site when they find slow-loading issues. The best website does not take more than 2 seconds to load its page. To make your webpage load faster, you have to-

  • Minimize the server response time.
  • Streamline different elements and reduce HTTP requests
  • Activate browser caching.
  • Minimize image sizes when your product pages have several photos.
  • Reduce the redirects and plug-ins

Manage the UI design and do proper formatting

How much time do your visitors stay on your website? Google tries to know it to measure your content relevancy.

You have to use easily readable font sizes, short paragraphs, and bulleted lists. Moreover, you may add sliders, structured grids, tabs, and rollover elements.

Now, you can start your eCommerce store SEO with the best strategy. You can look for reliable professionals to promote your store and get more traffic. They will also help in increasing the conversion rate.


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