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Electric scooters invasion: why do people love them?

In bigger cities tens or even hundreds of electric scooters can be seen almost everywhere – on the streets, in parks, at university campuses etc. Although most of them are e-scooters for rent, the number of private electric scooters is constantly growing. Why are electric scooters so popular? Is it worth having your own e-scooter? What are the main benefits of using an electric scooter?

Is the electric scooter invasion a passing fad?

When the first dock-less electric scooters for rent appeared on the streets of Santa Monica, California in 2017, no one expected that scooter-sharing systems would spread across the world so quickly. During the last four years, numerous companies have introduced their e-scooters in hundreds of cities on different continents. Although at first the vision of people massively using e-scooters on a daily basis to move around the city seemed to be rather unreal, e-scooters quickly became a symbol of modern cities. Why are electric scooters popular? The answer is simple: they offer a huge number of advantages, incomparable to any other means of transport.

Why are e-scooters popular?

If you have used an e-scooter at least once in your lifetime, you probably know well what this trend is all about! E-scooters are fast, relatively inexpensive and can let you drive even through the narrowest streets to reach places which are inaccessible for other means of transport, such as cars, buses or the subway. If you haven’t already had a chance to drive this type of machine, check out why electric scooters are so popular!

Fast and effortless

Using an e-scooter is faster than walking. The speed you can usually reach can be comparable to riding a bike. Taking this, plus the fact that you don’t need to pedal into consideration, this means of transport seems to be an ideal solution for all those who want to quickly change locations without any effort.

Cheaper than you may think

Would you like to have your own e-scooter, but the cost of buying one scares you? There is nothing to fear! Although the initial cost of an electric scooter may seem relatively high, you need to remember that, if properly maintained, it is a purchase for many years. The operating costs of an e-scooter, Electric scooters invasion including charging the battery, are relatively low, so if you regularly hire e-scooters, having your own one will probably be more cost-efficient.

Enormous choice of different models

One of the biggest advantages of e-scooters and at the same time the reason why e-scooters are so popular is the vast availability of different models. The models available on the market can differ in many ways, e.g., in terms of battery, top speed, mile range, materials, etc. To buy the e-scooter which will meet your needs, Electric scooters invasion just think carefully about what you need and try to find your dream model accordingly.

If you don’t know what features your new e-scooters should have, discover electric scooters for adults by Apollo Scooters. Their collection includes vehicles of all types and price ranges.

Easy to store

When it comes to bikes and regular scooters, storage may turn out to be a hassle, especially if you don’t have a basement, indoor garage or any other additional area for storage. The e-scooter is literally the answer to this problem – thanks to its compact size, it can be stored almost everywhere. What is more, many models are foldable, and therefore you can put them in the closet or transport them easily anytime you need it.

These were just a few reasons explaining why e-scooters are popular in each and every corner of the world. If you are still not convinced to buy your own e-scooter, try hiring one once or twice to see what fun it is to ride it! At the beginning, you may feel a little insecure, but we guarantee that with time you will acquire more confidence and become a fan of e-scooters!



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