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The term electronic cigarette is a portmanteau of the words “electronic” and “cigarette.” The Electronic Cigarette was invented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003. He first thought of it as a smoking aid and not as a way to make nicotine available to the general public. For centuries, tobacco has been used to extract nicotine from the leaves of plants in two ways. The first is by converting the leaves into a finely shredded, moistened plant material that is then placed inside a “tobacco engine,” or pipe, which consists of a bowl and stem. This process is known as “fire-curing.” The second way to extract nicotine from tobacco leaves involves exposing them to heat and ammonia. Nicotine is also found in nicotine-containing products made from tobacco, such as cigarettes, cigars, snuff, and chewing tobacco. deal with Electronic Cigarette. They claim that their product is free from nicotine and helps smokers get rid of nicotine addiction by just exposing them to the synthetic smoke product which is not harmful to the lungs.


E-cigarettes have been getting more and more popular in recent years. There are now over two million users worldwide, with the number of users increasing by approximately 20% every year. This is largely due to their ability to help people quit smoking without any withdrawal symptoms.


The E-cigarette is made up of three main components: the atomizer, which vaporizes e-liquid; the cartridge or cartomizer, which contains the e-liquid and wicks that vaporize it; and the battery, which powers everything. . When the battery is turned on, it heats up the cartomizer coil, producing a vapor that the user inhales. The atomizer’s wick also helps to create vapor this way. The device is made from either plastic or glass. The design of the device can be customized with different colors and shapes. Some popular devices have been designed to resemble a cigarette.



  • E-cigarettes have also been shown to be effective for people who want to reduce their risk of developing cancer or heart disease. The FDA released a report in May 2016 confirming that e-cigarettes are not as harmful as conventional cigarettes. It is, however, still unclear whether e-cigarettes have the same benefits for people who are currently smoking or who have quit smoking.
  • E-cigarettes are often used in places where traditional smoking is not allowed, such as airplanes and hospitals. E-cigarettes are a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes. They contain no tobacco, which means that they are less harmful to both your health and the environment.


  • Cigarette use has in some cases been linked to damaging effects on the lungs. , including a higher risk of pneumonia and lung infections. However, the biggest concern associated with e-cigarettes is their potential to lead children who are using them to start smoking conventional cigarettes.

Conventional cigarettes or E-cigarettes both are not good for health and we should stay away from them as much as possible but if someone wants to get rid of smoking they should give it a try to this invention.

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