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Ending Translation Hassles: A 4 Step Easy Plan For Organisations To Scale Globally

Going International 

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Ineluctably, businesses have become global. Regardless of what product or service you are offering people, whether it’s selling pizza or teaching courses online, the customer base does not restrict itself to your locale. It is international now. When we say international. It means your customer base has automatically increased. Now, you do not have to cater to a small segment of the society, the world is your target market now.  

Hence, the reason language translation services like Korean translation services are so popular in the global market space. Because they provide an opportunity for businesses to penetrate an international market. The international market does not pertain to just one universal language. Though English is the lingua franca of the world, it does not mean that your job would be done if you create content in the English language. You need to create a multilingual online presence. 

The Challenge of Global Expansion

This may pose off as a challenge than an opportunity for many businesses. Especially to the ones that cannot expand their operations to a global scale. Communicating in multiple languages is not an easy task. Especially, if one is opting to expand in a formal demeanor. Errors cannot be afforded here. 

There are numerous English experts readily available in the online marketplace. However, if you are trying to offer Korean translation services, it will be difficult for you to find the most reliable experts that can guide you to create error-free translations. Considering the fact that not everyone speaks Korean except the people who live in Korea. Hence, one has to avail the assistance of specific experts that are not readily available.  

You Shall Receive If You Shall Ask 

Nonetheless, in the words of Kevin Costner, “ If you build, they will come”. 

Help is readily available for businesses. And just by taking a few necessary measures, they can put themselves in the best position to succeed. 

If businesses follow these four steps, they can diminish the issues pertaining to translation processes. Meanwhile, enable a successful global expansion.

Accepting Your Are A Global Business

From Brick and Mortar To Click and Mortar

E-commerce has become the retrograde for retailing, and not just a subsidiary. Amid the COVID-19 enforced lockdown, people had to pause their social affairs. Meanwhile, the business medium shifted to work-from-home. Organizations had to alter their operations vis-a-vis changing times. 

Organizations that initially pinned their hopes on mediocre sales of their handmade rugs, might discover a global demand. Promulgating the notion that businesses can no longer think locally.

Time demands change, even if you do not want to. A lot of organizations create a rigid organizational structure, hence, it becomes difficult to be flexible and adapt to change when the time comes.

Thereby, experts recommend that you create a flexible working environment that enables you to switch to any direction in the future.   

The Changing Fabric of Retail Sector 

Commercial link roads in your hometown are no longer the retail hub of the district. The social media space for online business retail stores has catapulted your local shopping stores into the world markets.  

You may feel satisfied with the notion that your local store occupies a safe and secure market share of the commercial community. But the truth of the matter is that you can access an entire worldwide market with a touch of your finger.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that just because you occupy a piece of the market share in a small town, its going to stay the same way for a long time. 

The Bitter Truth About Sustainability 

It may seem like a stretch, but sustainability in this competitive market environment can only be attained if you think globally. And not just locally. 

Hence, if you are offering translation services, don’t just limit your language portfolio to one language only. Try to expand into other markets, by offering localization services in Malay, Chinese or Korean. This is what Chinese simplified translation services and Malay translation services have done. 

Implement Emerging Technologies To Facilitate Easy Translation 

Striving For Competitive Advantage 

Striving for competitive advantage is the most effective way to go for.  The only way that can be achieved is if you think about the customers first. And then offer a product or service that can satisfy consumer needs. 

For instance, Korean translation services, have a portfolio of over seventy plus languages. Now, when they get multilingual projects from their clients, it allows them to reach millions of consumers worldwide. 

Efficiency and Accuracy 

The main thing to look for in a translation service is the efficiency and accuracy of translations.  Firms that are unable to incorporate the intricacies, nuances, and preferences of a language will never allow your brand to be accepted in that particular locale. The translated content should not exhibit unnaturalness or fabrication. Rather, it should sound like it was written by a human. 

View Translation As a Medium To Attain Good Customer Relations

The Mentality of Success

One of the biggest determinants in your journey to success is your mentality. If you perceive that the process of translation is burdensome or inconvenient, you will never experience the benefits that it provides to businesses. But still, people think that creating a multilingual website is an unnecessary step when penetrating a foreign market.

Addressing The Customer In The Best Possible Way

Organizations that have benefited from translating their website into multiple languages suggest that think of translation as an investment in building relationships with your consumer. If you have the opportunity to address your consumer in the best and most effective way possible, then opt for that. 

Professionalization Is The Name of The Game

Customers respond to messages that are enveloped in respectful words and phrases. Moreover, if the message is in their native language, seeds of trust are sowed there and then. Personalization is the name of the game. And the more you personalize, the more value customers will give to your brand. And that is how Brand value and image are established. 

Selecting the Right Language First

Multilingualism Breeds Sustainability 

The translation process may seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you are just a small business hoping to sell online in your locale.

While it may seem daunting sometimes, but you have to understand, e-commerce platforms can only sustain if they compete in the global market space. 

Start with the most appropriate language 

Nonetheless, there is a beacon of hope available. Translation services are there to assist you in your journey to global expansion vis-a-vis translation. And most importantly, they will help you choose the right language first.

 Once you start realizing that the future is not staying local but going global and acquiring new consumers, success will come easy to you.


In this article, we discussed how the process of translation can help you penetrate foreign markets with efficiency and effectiveness. 

Initially, it may seem like a hectic task. But if done with help from translation services, it can be quite a learning experience. Nonetheless, you first need to change your perception of translating your online presence.

And then find the most appropriate service for you that can guarantee the accuracy, quality, and a less turnaround time.  


Halen Terry is a creative writer and a professional linguist with expertise in using advanced translation management systems. She has been working in the localization industry for more than 6 years now. She creates informational content every day with the aim to serve the community and aspire translators to grow professionally.

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