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Erectile Dysfunction Tablets in Pakistan, Types and cost

Among different health issues that people are facing these days, one of the very common problems is erectile dysfunction in men. Not only in Pakistan, is this problem disturbing life of a man all around the globe. This condition is due to various reasons. But good news is that it can be treated today. Science has made such a huge progress that people are now able to overcome this issue as well. There is large number of medications available in market today to treat erectile dysfunction. Either you can consult a doctor or select them by completely reading description of these medicines.

Why ED medicines are used?

Basic purpose of these medicines is to increase penis erection of a person so that he can perform well with his partner. These tablets are quite easy to use and are made of natural ingredients. The medicine works it best if taken on proper time in a proper way.

Advantages of ED medications

  1. Foremost advantage is these tablets never harm your sensitive organ. They just work by providing more blood supply to the particular area thus giving you proper erection.
  2. After having this medicine you will feel like you are having more sexual desire and your time of intimacy would increase obviously. Best results can be seen during three to four hours after having medicine.
  3. These tablets provide such firm erection that the person feels sexually stimulated in no time.
  4. These tablets in Pakistan are currently in high demand and people love them a lot. It is because they are herbal medicines and does not cause any hormonal issues

Types of ED Medications

There are different medicines available to treat this problem. All of the medicines have their own method of using them. Moreover, all have different timings to show proper effect and have different prices. Let’s discuss them

  • Cialis 20mg price in Pakistan

Cialis 20mg tablet is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It works by increasing blood flow to specific areas of the body. It is also used to treat the issue of enlarged prostate. The tablet is usually taken orally. Each tablet is film-coated yellow just like an almond. Cialis tablet has tadalafil in it which is a very active drug ingredient

Cialis 20mg is mostly available in four doses. The least dosage is 2.5 mg and the highest dosage is 20 mg. The selection of dosage depends on what condition you are taking this tablet. . The tablet can be taken in the morning or evening, but you should repeat the same time every day.

Cialis 20mg price in Pakistan is very reasonable. As it is preferred by many people so Cialis 20mg is quite economical. Mostly Cialis 20mg price in Pakistan is about Rs 2000. This price is for a 20mg tablet.

  • Viagra 100 mg price in Pakistan

To treat problems related to male sexuality, viagra tablets are available now. It usually works by relaxing walls of your blood vessels around your penis. The result is more and more blood flows around the particular organ which causes firm erection. If Viagra tablets are taken daily in small amounts, they have many benefits. Gradually problem of erectile dysfunction starts resolving. At a certain age, men find a bit of difficulty in urinating as the prostate gets larger. But taking these tablets, make it easy for them to urinate.

Apart from physical benefits, men usually feel more confident and self-worthy if they are sexually fit. So Viagra tablets help them to gain this confidence. There are also some side effects of these tablets. Most common are Stomach issues, severe headache, muscular pains, back pains and vision problems.

Also, price of Viagra in Pakistan is quite affordable. Viagra 100 mg price in Pakistan is about Rs 2000.

  • Levitra 20 mg price in Pakistan

This tablet is of orange color in which the active ingredient is vardenafil. Each tablet has 20 mg of this ingredient in it. Levitra tablet is a common medication to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It works well when you are sexually aroused. It works by increasing blood flow to blood vessels of a particular area. But it should be kept in mind that it does not protect you from sexually transmitted disease

Levitra 20mg price in Pakistan is different for various brands. Mostly it is available in pack of four at Rs 2000 only.

Black cobra tablets are used to treat problems of male sexuality. They are usually prescribed to the person suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is a condition in which men are unable to get an erection during sexual intimacy. So these tablets help by increasing blood flow in that particular area. There are many other medicines available for this issue but black cobra tablets in Pakistan are the simplest treatment. The tablet contains a very active drug as its main ingredient known as sildenafil. Along with natural ingredients, sildenafil work by maximizing the blood flow.

  • Cobra 150 mg price in Pakistan

Cobra also has slidenafil as active ingredient in it.Black cobra tablets has many benefits. They make men feel more confident and self-worthy. When a person is sexually fit, he tends to enjoy life more. His sex life also improves by taking this medicine. Apart from many benefits, cobra 150 mg price in Pakistan is about Rs 1500.

  • Penegra 100 mg price in Pakistan

People suffering from anxiety, depression and stress tend to have more erectile dysfunction problem as compared to those who are stress free.  Penegra, in this case, works by increasing blood flow to penis. This increased blood flow makes the tissues tighter giving you a perfect erection.

It is usually composed of Slidenafil. This medicine is prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It is the condition in which men are unable to maintain erection and penetration and thus looses sexual control. This problem can be because of any injury, medical reason or sometimes due to some psychological issues.

No doubt, everyone is concerned with price before having a product. This Penegra 100 mg tablet price in Pakistan is Rs 550. There are four tablets available in this pack. So, we can say penegra 100 mg tablet price in Pakistan is quite affordable.

  • Vega 100 mg price in Pakistan

They are linked with a specific group of medicines which are called PDE5 inhibitors. Main ingredient of this medicine is slidenafil citrate. Basic purpose of slidenafil is to increase blood flow in particular area. Therefore, this medicine is best to treat impotence in men. It gives proper erection and helps in full penetration.

If you are concerned with Vega 100 mg price in Pakistan, it is RS 1000 for pack of four tablets. So we can say that as the product is genuine, price of Vega 100 mg Tablets in Pakistan is quite reasonable and affordable.

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