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Luxury Fitted kitchens are a great investment for any home and make cooking and cleaning that much more enjoyable. Decorating kitchens can be very expensive, so any decision to improve your interior should not be taken lightly. In this article, we look at some of the essential features that should be in all kitchens.

Domestic Appliances

Obviously your kitchen wouldn’t be a kitchen without all the standard appliances. You will need a stove, fridge, dishwasher and microwave. All of these appliances can be built into the kitchen to fit into the design.

Built-in appliances instantly make your kitchen look a lot more fashionable and stylish. Keep this in mind when planning because you should buy the right types of appliances that will work well with your home and current decor.


A range hood is another essential piece of equipment that should not be missing from any luxury fitted kitchen. Cooker hoods or range hoods are fitted over your hob. These are available in many different styles and look very fashionable.

They are equipped with filters to remove smoke and unpleasant odors from the air. This will make your kitchen a much more comfortable space to spend time in.


When planning your kitchen, you need to make sure you have enough space to spread out to prepare food and eat. Additionally, these worktops can be made from many different materials, including wood, laminate composite panels, and natural materials like stone, marble, and granite.

Storage Room

Luxury fitted kitchens all come with loads of gadgets and small appliances. All of this needs to be stored somewhere, which is why every kitchen needs to have plenty of storage space. Cabinets and drawers are also a key consideration when purchasing as they help reduce clutter on your countertops.

Sinks And Faucets

Which sink and faucets you choose will depend on the type of countertop you choose. If you use natural stone or granite, you can have your sink sink into the worktop. This creates a very modern look that is practical and durable.


The design of a kitchen is something very personal. There are literally many different designs to choose from. There are modern, traditional and farmhouse designs.

When choosing designs for luxury fitted kitchens, it can be beneficial to look through a portfolio. Most kitchen builders have pictures for you to look at. You can also search the internet for ideas before creating a proper design.

kitchen island

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may want to incorporate a kitchen island. These fit as a freestanding unit in the middle of your room. Or consider having two units, one for prepping food and one for eating.


When purchasing luxury fitted kitchens, you should always consult a professional kitchen planner. Their expert knowledge means they can get the most out of your space , while also giving you hints and tips on what’s hot and what ‘s not.
A guide to choosing the right size of built-in bathroom furniture

A fabulous design feature for many bathrooms, built-in bathroom furniture can add structure and storage to a previously cluttered space. With its sleek, clean lines and coordinated looks, it’s easy to see why it’s a favorite in so many homes.

Windsor bathroom furniture, a range in high gloss white with chrome handles, is sold in the UK by a few different suppliers. Series like this are simple but eye-catching: they go with whatever accessories and decorations you choose, but still look good.

If you are unsure about which Fitted bathrooms to choose, first think about how you use your bathroom. A vanity unit is a standard piece and in series like the Windsor comes in a few sizes so you can choose the one that suits you best. If you have a small bathroom you will need to stick with a smaller vanity, but if you have a little more space you can opt for a wider basin area or go all out and go for two basins each with their own mirrored cabinet above. Allowing two people to use the bathroom at the same time can ease the pressure on a hectic work day in the morning or make evening personal hygiene a more social experience.

Closets come in a variety of sizes, too: you can choose floor-level storage units of various widths, or cabinets that are mounted higher on the wall, out of the reach of children, or within easier reach for household members who may not be able to bend down to a floor-level closet. Tall cabinets are a boon when you have lots of items to store: keep your everyday essentials at an easy-to-reach height, and store bulkier items that you don’t need to access every day high up in the closet or low down near the closet bottom. This wonderful bathroom furniture takes up very little space, but its height has a Tardis- like effect on its capacity.

A toilet unit is a useful finishing touch to a built-in bathroom: it conceals your concealed cistern and associated plumbing so that only the built-in toilet bowl is visible. This gives your bathroom design a sleek look while still allowing easy access for future maintenance on your toilet tank.

To ensure your bathroom is usable after installation, allow 600mm of user access to your sink and toilet and 700mm next to your bath. Of course, if only one person uses the bathroom at a time, these gaps can overlap. If you are unsure of how your bathroom decor will look in practice, try crayoning the floor and walls of your intended bathroom furniture outlines and walking around and through the ‘new’ room. This will help you have more confidence in your planned design – or spot mistakes.

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