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Essential Features to Look in SMS Marketing Platforms

Social media and email marketing are not enough for progressive business organizations in this advanced era. Although these are mainstream marketing strategies, they do not have access to the general public. Every other individual may have a smartphone in developed counties like the United Arab Emirates; however, not everyone uses social media or email. On the other hand, every individual can send and receive messages through their phones. SMS also has a much higher opening rate as compared to emails. So, SMS marketing is the best option to maximize the reach to each and every individual of your target population. However, you cannot just pick any SMS marketing platform randomly but have to ensure a few features.

Explore this article to know about the essential features to look at in SMS marketing platforms in detail.

Top 8 Features Your SMS Marketing Platform Should Have

SMS marketing is one of the best tools to promote your product and services and let your target audience know about them. However, there are diversified practices in SMS marketing that ensure greater reach to different segments of society. You need to include a few features in your service, which makes your outcomes successful.
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Here are the top features your SMS marketing platform should have to enjoy the benefits.

1. Two-Way Texting

Two-way texting is the must-have feature for your SMS marketing platform. It means that you can send messages to your target population, and they also have the option of replying you back. The replying service may be limited to responding through codes or keywords. Most of the business organizations acquire the help of the best SMS marketing experts to facilitate their users.

2. Email-To-SMS

Most business organizations mainly rely on email marketing services. You can include your SMS marketing in email marketing. It means that your emails will reach the messages inbox of the receivers. They will not need an email account to receive the messages. You can ask your service provider for an email to SMS service if you want to mainly operate through emails.

3. Dedicated Virtual Numbers

One of the must-have features for your SMS marketing platform is the dedicated virtual numbers.  Too many promotional and marketing messages from varied numbers can be classified as spam. You need to have your dedicated virtual numbers so your audience can be aware of other fraudulent imposters.

4. Automatic Number Formatting

Another important feature essential for your SMS marketing platform is the automatic number formatting. Your target audience may be from different countries of the world. Sending the messages will require formatting their numbers with international codes. Doing so manually may consume hours on a daily basis, so look for automatic number formatting.

5. Duplicate Management

A lot of users may have double numbers. You need to ensure the fact that you do not send the same message twice at the same number or even to the same user. It has the tendency of annoying them and forcing them to opt-out of the service. So, make sure that your SMS marketing platform offers duplicate management to improve the quality of service.

6. List Merging

Increasing your contact list and winning new leads is one of the most important ways of maximizing your reach to the target audience. After winning new contacts, you need to update your existing list. Doing so manually can consume a lot of time. Therefore, look for an SMS marketing platform that offers list merging, which updates the contacts automatically.

7. Hard Bounce Reporting

At times, the user number does not exist anymore, but the service provider keeps sending messages to it. It is called hard bouncing. It does not only waste your time, effort and resources but also makes you worried about the progress. So, opt for the SMS marketing service that offers hard bounce reporting to better manage your contacts and ensure your reach to them.

8. Automated SMS

One of the must-have features for your SMS marketing platform is automated SMS. It means that you do not need to manage your contacts and messages manually, but everything is handled automatically. You can send a message to thousands of your users with a single click. You can hire the service of an SMS marketing agency in Dubai to ensure sending automated messages to your target audience according to a set frequency and reap the benefits.

Do not miss important features to make SMS marketing successful!

The success of your SMS marketing efforts depends on the quality and features of your platform. If it sticks only to the basic but manual practices, it will not render you any positive results. So, look for a service that offers a variety of automatic features to maximize your reach. You can easily get in touch with the professionals to use the advanced features and make your SMS marketing campaigns successful.

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