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Essential things you should consider when you’re choosing tiles

Are you renovating your house but are stuck on tile choices? Or do you want to replace your lacklustre, old, and chipped room tiles but don’t know the factors to consider while making the right choice? 

Well, the following are some essential things you must consider while choosing tiles for your space. These choices are insightful and can also help you make an aesthetic and tasteful choice.

Room size 

You must choose your tiles as per your room size because large tiles can make your room look airy and more significant than it really is. Make sure you don’t use wall tiles on the floor since floor tiles have a more complex glaze and durability. You can look for wall tilers near me to consult professionals on this matter.

However, you can use floor tiles on your walls since they give the room a more put-together look and make large spaces look more cohesive. It is better to use lighter shades of tiles in small rooms to make them feel larger. You can opt for large tiles for the living room or sitting area.


Color combination is one of the most critical factors you must consider while selecting tiles for your living space. The colour of your tiles can be a defining feature of the mood of your room. They can give your room a serene and relaxing atmosphere or a moody and edgy feel. 

You should go for vibrant options for your kitchen that contrast with each other well. Make sure that your tile colour complements the design and colour of your room. It is better to use a relaxing set of tiles for your bathroom. 


Tiles come in various textures and patterns. You can find plain and polished tiles in the market, along with glazed and patterned tiles. You can also look for some wavy, checkered, or honeycomb patterns for your kitchen. 

You can also opt for matte tiles for your kitchen and bathroom since they are slip-resistant and non-reflective. At the same time, glossy tiles are an excellent choice for your room. You can always consult a good tile company by looking up wall tilers near me.


Like texture and patterns, tiles are available in various materials ranging from ceramic to porcelain. Ceramic tiles, though affordable, are prone to chipping and cracking. Thus they should be used in places with medium traffic. Vitrified tiles are fantastic since they are strong, durable, and water and stain-resistant. Moreover, they are available in a variety of colours and textures.

Porcelain tiles are a better choice than ceramic tiles since they are denser with a perfect finish. They are also stain and scratch-resistant and give a neat look to your floor. Apart from these, you can go for natural options like sandstone or marble tiles.


Tiles are essential in your living space and can make your home look brighter and livelier. There are endless options of tiles available in the market. These tiles come in various sizes, colours, texture, design, material, and cut. Thus, this variety and choice can be confusing to some degree. So, contact All Area Tiling today and get the best tiles for your space!

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