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Establish a stronghold in the real estate market by building an app like Zillow built with affordable cost


Before knowing the app development cost, let us discuss what Zillow is all about.
It is a real estate online marketplace helping renters and buyers to find affordable places or homes across the United States.

Why do people prefer using Zillow?

Zillow is the first approach for most of the people because it has become a trusted marketplace used by many users. The best part about this app is, it helps you give mandatory details like reported crime rates, giving details on nearby offices, schools, supermarkets around the locality, and much more.

The real estate clone app offers necessary information and details for renters and buyers to know certain details about the neighborhood before buying or renting. Since the app gives clarity and more transparency about the neighborhood, renters find it safe and secured to stay in the place. This is one of the crucial reasons for the app to gain trust and become the number one option to rent a place.

Statista Highlights

The trend for the real estate business has revitalized the global market. Also, users prefer using apps to perform all their needs using mobile apps with the technologies over traditional methods of looking for a home.

The survey taken by the Digital Age Report reveals that around 44% of home buyers start their research online first. Also, it is recorded that about 98% of these netizens are millennials.

The statistics declared that the most trusted and popular real estate websites people prefer in the United States as of January 2020, calculated based on the number of visits, Zillow tops the ranking approximately having more than 36 million unique monthly visitors.

How are costs fixed for developing an app like Zillow?

The cost is not constant because it is defined based on various factors like the time taken to build an app, the features you include in the app according to your business needs, the technology stack used in the app, enabling your real estate app like Zillow to be available on Android and iOS so that users from diverse platforms can make use of the app.

Costs are fixed based on the quality and time it took to build an app.

There are two ways you can build. They are

  • Developing your app from scratch
  • Approaching mobile app development company

If you choose to develop with the first option, you will have to hire the following individuals and separately charge them. They include,

  • The development team, including the front end and back end.
  • QA engineer
  • The designing team or UI/UX designer
  • Testing team
  • App developers
  • System administrator

Once you have them develop your real estate clone app like Zillow, it is time to get the real process where the charging varies for every individual based on hour calculation.

The second one is highly preferable as the cost here is comparatively low to the previous choice. All the Zillow app’s essential things are readily available, offering customizable features, ready-made clone scripts, etc.

All you have to do is, find the right clone app development company and invest for once, and the rest will be done by the experienced and trusted team in the company helping you launch it early, and the cost is budget-friendly. It also offers support and a bug-free app enabling you to alter according to your business needs and ideas.

To be precise, the clone app is readily available at any time and takes less time to build and launch, charging a reasonable cost for once.

Core features to integrate in a real estate app like Zillow

Almost all real estate app development companies prioritize, including customizable and core features that businesses are willing to have in their application.

  • Easy Registration

Ensure to have direct yet straightforward questions about the user details like name, age, address, etc.

  • Search, sort, and filter

Ensure to develop a real estate app with this feature where it provides the facility to sort the listings according to the user’s preferences in a particular area. Include more lists in your application’s search filters that help them easily find and explore new places and navigate the easiest ways possible according to their frequent searches and preferences.

  • Navigation

The app is developed with real-time navigation and has an accurate live tracking feature that helps users check further details about the wanted areas and places using the GPS.

For instance, let’s assume you get info like the number of crime rates frequently occurred in that particular area, the number of schools available over there, the nearby shops, etc. If you are in another city, these statistics will majorly guide and help you to decide if you still want to rent a home in that particular area or not.

The Zillow like app development is incorporated with reliable and proper databases and APIs to get the users’ details.

  • Accommodation detail

It is vital to have the necessary details of the place like the price, the year it was built, the number of rooms available, etc. The Zillow clone app provides all the accommodation details to be known to the user through an app.

  • In-app notifications

The one feature to have in the Zillow clone app is push notifications. This feature in the Rental app like Zillow helps your users get updates like festive offers, discounts, and deals, alerting the user about the rise or drop in the price. To be precise, this feature will keep them updated so they can make the best out of the offers.

  • Currency converter

This feature is mandatory to include as users are getting open to buying properties in various countries. It is vital to have a currency converter feature in your real estate application like Zillow.

  • Intuitive Interface

This feature is significant in a real estate mobile app application because it allows app users to engage with interested buyers. The eye-catching, attractive UI lets users stay in the app for a more extended time, thus helping your business get users consistently.

  • 3D tour

The online rental app like Zillow has this feature, and it does wonders for your platform to allow the end-users to visit the property before purchasing. They can have a virtual tour to their desired places without leaving or moving an inch from their respective places. A virtual tour is a brilliant way to help the buyer make their decision regarding the investment.

How to make profits from developing a real estate app like Zillow?

The revenue can be generated consistently by integrating the app with several revenue streams.

  • By displaying promotional ads for the real estate agents and companies.
  • Charging an additional price for users to avail premium services.
  • By enabling promotional ads for the interested ones such as mortgage lenders and other real estate businesses.

Bottom line,

If you are looking to build a robust and high-quality app like Zillow, associate your business ideas with the trusted clone app development company, offering a customizable app at a reasonable price, ensuring your business grows exponentially.

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