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Everything You Need to Know about Air Admittance Valves

Did you know that air admittance valves are a vital part of any home’s plumbing system? You’d be surprised by the number of residential buildings that allow for air admittance through the use of a Studor vent. These sleek vents can get spotted on a number of roofs of the houses in any residential neighborhood across the United States.

It is quite possible that you’ve never heard of air admittance valves. They play an important role when it comes to the drainage system for your home and it is vital that you understand the role of the best valves. If you’re new to the world of air admittance valves then today is your lucky day.

You’re in the right place to learn all about the Studor AAV and why you need to make sure that you have the best valve for your household. Keep reading this article to learn more today!

What Are Air Admittance Valves?

There are a number of common names that people use to describe air admittance valves. Some people refer to them as a Studor vent while others refer to them as Studor air admittance valves. They play an important function in venting waste from your home and keeping your family members safe.

They’re often in the form of a one-way mechanical valve that gets installed on a plumbing fixture inside of your home. These best valves allow for proper venting of your waste from your plumbing system without the need for a larger and more expensive drainage system.

These air admittance valves work by allowing air from outside of the home to enter your home’s plumbing system for your drainage. The negative pressure will build up in your plumbing system due to water flowing through the pipes. Once the system equalizes, gravity works to close the vent.

It is vital that the air admittance valve allows for equalization because this step is what vents the sewer gases out of your home and into the exterior air. Each and every building and home is required to have a stack vent that allows for these sewer gases to escape outside of the building for the safety of everyone inside.

The Pros of Air Admittance Valves for Your Home

One of the big reasons why many plumbers choose to use the Studor AAV in homes that they’re working on is it is efficient and much cheaper than the alternative options. The plumber won’t need to use additional venting materials in order to ensure that the sewer gases don’t end up inside the home.

This also results in the plumber making putting money in their pocket since they’re cutting down on the number of resources that they need to use for the job. You’ll also gain a much greater deal of flexibility when it comes to the layout of your home if you’re willing to use the Studor vent in your home.

You can use a Studor vent for island sinks as well as for sinks in the vanity in your home’s bathrooms. It also cuts down on the need for regular roof maintenance since you won’t need to create a hole for venting the sewer gases from your plumbing system. The fewer holes in your home’s roof, the fewer places there are that water and the elements can enter your home.

The Drawbacks of Air Admittance Valves for Your Home

You need to be aware of the local building codes in your area if you’re interested in using air admittance valves in your home’s construction. There are some areas that prevent your ability to use these best valves in your home.

One thing to consider is that even the best valves are mechanical creations that are prone to failure. Most valves for air admittance will last you for two or three decades with no issues. Make sure that you’re getting the best valves when it comes to the warranty provided.

A good warranty will cover the Studor vent for life, while a poor option will only cover it for one year. Most plumbers won’t have access to the warranty information. It is up to you to make sure that you find the right studor vent and get accurate warranty info on it.

When Should You Consider a Studor Vent?

There are a number of circumstances that will make a Studor vent the perfect solution in your home. A big issue that people run into with renovations or remodeling is the inability to connect to the existing venting system in the home. It could be due to the complex network of pipes running through the house’s walls.

Going with a Studor vent is the perfect solution to these situations since you don’t need to connect to the existing network for venting. You’ll have a great deal of flexibility when you choose how to remodel your home or your kitchen thanks to the best valves on the market.

They’re also a wonderful solution if you’re someone that fears future issues with your home’s roof. Going with the Studor AAV will allow you to vent the sewer gases in your plumbing system without needing to put a hole in your roof for the venting stack. You can also consider venting through your home’s roofline if you’re worried about the aesthetics of your home’s appearance.

Most of all, you’ll decrease the amount of roof maintenance that you’ll need since you won’t have a hole in your roof. Having a hole in your roof for venting purposes is a weak point where rain will eventually make its way into your house and cause water damage.

Consider Getting Air Admittance Valves for Your House

Getting air admittance valves is a great idea for any homeowner that has big plans for a home renovation or remodel. The best valves will provide a lifetime warranty and they’ll get rid of any gases from your plumbing system that would otherwise harm you. Best of all, they allow for safe venting without increasing the odds of your roof leaking in the future.

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