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Everything You Need to Know about Mansard Roof Conversion

People change and so do their choices. You might not have a Mansard roof in Nottingham, but the look of it and the vibes it gives off might’ve gotten you of giving Mansard roof conversion a shot.

Mansard roofs are stylish with a unique personality and are pretty functional too. Luckily, if you don’t have one, it’s not too late. Through a process known as Mansard roof conversion, you can convert different types of roofs to a Mansard one.

For this, you need the help of professionals as this is not something you can do on your own unless you have a lot of experience on your hands.

Before you make your decision, here are a few things to keep in mind. We’ve also provided a summarized table in the end. You can check it before making a decision.

Mansard Roofs: What are they?

Mansard roof has two slopes on each side with one slope being steeper than the other one. Usually, the upper slope is less steep than the lower one is.

Mansard roofs are quite similar to Gambrel roofs. A major difference is that Gambrel roofs only have two sides. These give off rural vibes – that of a farmhouse.

You can read more about the Mansard roofs by clicking here.

What is Mansard Roof Conversion?

Unlike the name suggests, this is not exactly a type of conversion. In most cases, it is the addition of an extra floor with the required roof (which, in this case, is a Mansard roof).

There are some rare cases in which the addition of an extra floor is not be needed. If you want to know whether your current roof can be easily converted, contact the MC Roofing Experts to convert your roof into the Mansard roofs in Nottingham.

Why Bother with this Conversion Anyway?

Other than providing an absolutely awesome look, a Mansard roof has functional advantages too. Here are three reasons why getting a Mansard roof or converting yours is worth it.

  1. Mansard roofs provide a lot of space in a small area.
  2. They provide excellent lighting.
  3. They give a historical touch to the building.

The main reason people convert their roofs to a Mansard one is the attic space. You might be considering it for the same reason or because of the aesthetics it provides.

For the same area, Mansard and gambrel roofs provide the greatest attic space. However, gambrel roofs give off the vibe of a rural area. That’s why in urban areas, we wouldn’t recommend you to go for them.

Not only that, but a properly converted Mansard roof is one of the best options for water and snow drainage. This is one of the most suitable roof types for mildly harsh weather conditions.

The Downsides

The idea of converting almost any type of roof might be fascinating, but there are a few things to consider. Here are a few downsides of Mansard roof conversion.

  1. Pricing
  2. Permitted development rights vs full planning permission

Expenses of Mansard Roof Conversion

Mansard roof conversion isn’t exactly a conversion. Basically, you’re building a Mansard roof atop an existing roof. This makes it quite costly.

Though the direct cost of the roof conversion is quite high, it’s actually quite reasonable. Before we give you an exact number, here is something you need to know.

Mansard roof conversion is basically adding an extra floor and making the roof of that floor Mansard. In simple words, you’re adding one complete floor.

The cost of Mansard roof conversion ranges anything from £30,000 all the way up to £100,000 (and even more!) All of this is thanks to the quantity of structural change needed and the materials used.

This number might seem a lot, but it actually isn’t. At less than one-tenth the cost of your complete house, you’re getting an entire extra floor. The whole process is anything but overpriced.

If you’re planning a conversion and want to get a more precise estimate, reach out to us to get a free quote. Your roof will be one of the most beautiful and functional Mansard roofs in Nottingham.

Planning Permission: Is it needed?

The biggest downside of this is that you’ll need planning permission. Unlike other loft conversions, which are usually on a much smaller scale, this type of conversion can’t be done using permitted development rights.

For Mansard roof conversion, you will need full planning permission which, at times, can be hard to get.

What MC Roofing Experts can help you with

This process is a highly technical one. A lot of experience and industry expertise are needed to complete this effectively.

Our professionals have the required experience which makes our end products last long. Our primary focus is on the customer’s satisfaction, the longevity of the end product, and cost-effectiveness.

We do not charge ridiculous amounts – be it any service. If you’re under a tight budget, we can complete your project within your desired time constraints.

Here are a few things that we can help you with:

  1. Cost Estimation
  2. Time Constraints
  3. Specific Requirements

Cost Estimation

We have given you a wide range, but it is impossible to leave you with one solid figure. Many factors determine the cost of complete conversion.

Our professionals have a lot of experience on their hands, and they can accurately estimate how much it would cost to convert your roof.

For a FREE on-site visit and consultation, contact us. We’ll give you a free quote.

Time Constraints

We understand that sometimes things need to be done urgently. We do not back out at those times. Having worked for years, our experts know how to speed up work to get the same result quicker.

If time is an issue for you, MC Roofing Expert is your go-to place – especially for conversion services of Mansard roof in Nottingham.

Specific Requirements

Conversion isn’t very easy and straightforward. There are dozens of possibilities. If you have no idea and just want the conversion to be done, you can leave the thinking part to us.

However, if you have some specific ideas in your mind, you can let us know. We will cater according to your need.

Bottom Line

Mansard roof conversion is converting a different roof type to a Mansard roof. Mansard roofs have multiple advantages: they’re beautiful, have a historical vibe to them, provide excellent attic space and lightning.

A mansard loft conversion a is a large loft conversion that changes the shape of the roof of your property to maximize the amount of space you can get out of it.

However, all of this comes at a cost (literally). The entire process is quite expensive. But in the long run, we’d say it’s completely worth it.

For this type of loft conversion, you need full planning permission. Permitted development rights don’t allow you to do this sort of construction.

If you do plan on converting your roof, make sure to keep your roof well-insulated. Want to know more about roof and loft insulation? Check out our article on it by clicking here.

Get in touch with us to get a free quote for Mansard roof conversion.

Have any other things you need help with? Feel free to contact us!

Meta Description: Mansard roof conversion is converting a roof type to Mansard, but is it worth the money?

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