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Everything You Need to Know About Moroccan Rugs

Everything You Need to Know About Moroccan Rugs

Their unique designs characterize Moroccan design rugs. As the name suggests, Moroccan rugs originate from Morocco. This country is known for its rich culture and tradition in weaving carpets and textiles with bright colors. Moroccan rug patterns are often geometric or floral designs in various colors like red, green, yellow, blue, brown, or black with bold outlines. The soft wool used to make these rugs can be dyed in many different shades, but the most popular color is red because it’s believed that it brings luck to the homeowner! These rugs have been an important part of the culture for over a thousand years. The rugs are most often made from wool or silk, and they feature intricate patterns that typically depict flowers, animals, geometric shapes, and human figures. This blog post will explore Moroccan rug styles, designs, and materials-plus everything else you need to know about Moroccan rugs!


Origin and History

Moroccan designs have been around for over a thousand years, and there is some evidence to suggest that they were made as early as the fourth century! They first became popular in Europe during the 14th and 15th centuries. Moroccan-style best oriental rugs and runners are referenced several times throughout history-it’s even believed that Napoleon had one of them on his campaign bed. They are known for their bright colors, intricate patterns, and ornate designs! The earliest known rug was made from camel hair and had a geometric design, with red as the dominant color.


Weaving and Crafting 

The rug is a masterpiece of hand weaving, and it became an important part of Moroccan culture. The rug-making tradition had been largely unchanged for centuries until the 1970s when modern machines started to be used more frequently. Since then, many older weavers have passed on their techniques to younger generations who continue this art form today! You can find authentic Moroccan designs for sale around the world. They are sought after for their bright colors and intricate patterns, making them a great addition to any room’s décor! The weaving process is time-consuming and requires a great deal of skill. All handmade Moroccan pattern rugs are unique pieces crafted by artisans who have passed their techniques to younger generations, so no two rugs are alike!


Types of Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan design rugs are made in many different styles, which the culture and environment of Morocco have influenced. The Berber people who live throughout North Africa share a common history with Moroccan rug-making that dates back thousands of years. The main and popular  types of Moroccan rugs include:


  • Flatweave 

These rugs are produced by interweaving the weft threads with the warp threads, then beating them into place. The pile and back of these rugs are usually made of wool, but rugs can also be found with silk or cotton piles. This Moroccan-style rug tends to have a coarse weave and an overall rustic appearance, making them perfect for adding warmth to the floor.


  • Tapestry 

The pile knots are woven to form a pattern or design first. And this tapestry is wrapped around a cotton base called the “warp.” The warp threads are pulled tightly together to create an even surface. Then it is being beaten down with a comb-like tool. Their construction method is very similar to the way flatweaves are made. But its pile is usually more defined and dense than those seen on flatwoven rugs.


  • Soumak 

This type uses an extra weft yarn that wraps around two sets of warps at once before being sewn down. It is done by hand or machine, and the term soumak can refer to both finished pieces and rugs in progress.


  • Hooked or knotted

This type of area rug is made by pulling loops of yarn through a cotton or wool foundation and securing them with knots.


  • Chenille rugs 

They are also known as tufted rugs, which feature an extra weft yarn that’s pushed through the pile to add texture and design before being secured in place. These are often thicker than other types.


  • Embroidered and needlepoint

These are often made with 100% wool fibers. These types of rugs are a great way to add color and texture to any room! They’re also excellent for hiding imperfections in the floor underneath. The embroidery is usually done with cotton thread, which is finer than wool yarn.


Patterns and Designs 

The main patterns you’ll find in Moroccan rugs are geometric, floral, and animal designs. There are many colors and shades available to choose from. Depending on the region where they’re made, some styles will be more colorful than others. The patterns and designs of these rugs can vary a lot. Most of the rugs are made by hand, which means that the pattern is unique. However, some companies produce machine-made rugs as well. Their designs are more uniform. They are famous for their high-quality craftsmanship, and they use modern tools to produce these rugs. There is a huge variety of multiple patterns available in the market today. Their patterns create a unique blend of traditional and modern styles.

There are different design patterns available for you to choose from, such as the half-moon pattern or one that looks like a flower with leaves around it. You can also get rugs in geometric shapes. The Moroccan rugs will add warmth and personality to your home decor, whether they’re used indoors or outdoors.


Material and Weaves 

Moroccan-style rugs are most commonly made with 100% wool fibers, but they can also be found in cotton. Cotton is often used for the warp threads, while wool is used for the weft threading of the rug itself. These rugs make good choices for those who want to invest in pieces that can be used as decorative items. There are many types of weaves, and you must choose the right one based on your needs. Jacquard rugs have a distinctive look, and they come with unique patterns and colors. This type of rug features small knots, making them great choices for those interested in investing in items that look more stylish.


Dyes and Shades

The rug’s color is also an important detail you need to consider when choosing a Moroccan style. There are different types of dyes and shades, and it is recommended that you not rush your decision in this regard. The dyes used in these rugs are natural so that they won’t fade or change color over time. The popular color choices for Moroccan pattern rugs include Black, Brown or Blue, Red, Pink, Peach or Orange, Beige, Cream White, or Yellow. It is also possible for you to find a Moroccan rug that has multiple colors on it. The design will have one dominant color with the other hues being used as accents.


Wrapping Up

Moroccan rugs are a beautiful way to bring the beauty of your home into one space. They can be used for any room in your house, from living spaces to bedrooms and bathrooms. The colors on these pieces are vibrant and inviting. It is perfect if you want something to make your home trendy and attractive! RugKnots has over 10+ years of experience with all types of rugs, including those from Morocco, so we’re confident that we have a rug option that’s perfect for every taste and budget. Whether it’s time to freshen up or replace what you already have, there’s never been a better time than now to buy Moroccan-style rugs online today! 


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