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Health and Medical

Everything you need to know about OneTouch EMR

OneTouch EMR

OneTouch EMR is a great EHR software that was designed to improve the quality of care. The reason why this software is so beautifully designed is that it is designed and developed by a physician who understands how physicians think. 


The software is available for free and offers all the basic solutions in this plan but the software also offers premium features and charges users for them. Its different pricing plans include free, Silver, Gold, Platinum, EHR and Billing, and Revenue Cycle. We will talk about these plans as we move forward with this article. 


OneTouch EMR helps users streamline their whole practice. The software offers many features that help practitioners improve their clinical as well as financial efficiency. It has many excellent features so let’s move forward and talk about its best ones. 

OneTouch EMR Features

OneTouch EMR has several different EHR Features to offer. We are going to be talking about the top 4 EHR Features that it offers. 

  1. Lab Integration

One feature that OneTouch EMR reviews talk a lot about is its lab integration feature. Basically, with the OneTouch EMR lab integration feature, you can get lab results sent directly to you so that you can view them right away. You do not need a staff member or to spare time yourself to call the lab and have them sent the results over. The time and money you can save with this feature will make up for the AllScripts EMR price in no time at all.


This feature helps improve efficiency majorly as less time is wasted. All the reports and lab results are maintained in one place which later helps in comparing progress. 

  1. Electronic prescriptions

OneTouch EMR reviews are filled with praises of its Electronic Prescription feature. Electronic prescriptions can help you save a lot of time and you can focus on other important things. With OneTouch EMR electronic prescriptions feature, doctors can send electronic prescriptions directly to the pharmacies with accurate dosages and everything. 


This feature helps in improving efficiency and streamlining the process. The usage of paper also decreases. This feature is extremely loved by all the OneTouch EMR users. They love how easy and convenient this feature is to both the patients as well as the doctors.

  1. Patient Portal

OneTouch EMR has an excellent Patient Portal. It is so well structured and performs all the functions that are expected from it. With the help of the OneTouch EMR Patient portal, not only the communication between patient and doctor improves but also doctors can access their complete patient history. A patient portal is also used with the progress of the patient and needs to be checked. 


This feature makes many things so easy for the doctors and patients. Patients can schedule their appointments which help take off some of the administrative load. This streamlines the whole system and makes it so smooth. 

  1. Cloud Access

One feature that almost every medical practice looks for in EHR software is cloud access. The reason for this is that with a cloud-based EHR you have the ability to access the software from anywhere possible. All the information can be accessed even if you are not at your practice. Many functions can be performed outside of work


OneTouch EMR has many different pricing plans.


Free Plan: Free plan has almost all the basic EHR features like Patient Portal, Electronic labs and orders, Support group, Back-up recovery, etc. It has 300 reminders per month.


Silver plan: The silver plan has all the basic EHR features plus marketing integration plus unlimited reminders. The cost is $199 per month, per provider. 


Gold plan: The gold plan has many excellent features plus documentation features as well as integration with over 70 vendors. The cost is $349 per month, per provider. 


Platinum plan: The platinum plan has many great features. It also includes a documentation feature, Voice dictation features, Migration of problems (CCD). The cost is $599 per month, per provider. 


EHR and billing: EHR features combined with billing features. The cost for this plan is $565 per month, per provider. 


Revenue Cycle: The cost of OneTouch EMR Revenue Cycle hasn’t been published by the vendor but you can visit Software Finder to find the cost out. 

Final Thoughts!

OneTouch EMR has many outstanding features to offer to its customers. It offers many different pricing plans and also has a free version. If you are in search of EHR software, OneTouch EMR would be a great choice. 

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