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Everything You Need To Know about Signs Of Domestic Abuse 

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The first thing that comes to the mind of many when they hear domestic abuse is the physical injury that shows.  But that isn’t always the case since some aren’t as visible and might be easy to overlook. The problem is that these signs, even when unnoticeable, can bring severe physical and psychological impacts.

It is essential to know the various signs of domestic abuse. This article will highlight signs that show someone might be going through domestic abuse even if they are not aware of  it. It’ll help you be vigilant and seek help early before it worsens. 

We will also mention the best steps to follow after noticing these signs of domestic abuse. In short, this article is a complete guide to everything that relates to domestic abuse.

Here are the top signs that you should keep in mind always.

Signs of Domestic Abuse to Lookout For

There are two broad categories of the signs of domestic abuse. They can be either emotional or physical. Most of these signs lead to behavioral changes that should warn you that something is not correct. Once you notice domestic abuse, treat it as urgent before it gets serious.

The impact of domestic abuse is like a disease. It’s better prevented than treated because the path to healing isn’t an easy one. But if someone undergoes it, the first step should be getting medical attention and then seeking justice. In addition, they might need a domestic abuse attorney.

A lawyer plays a critical role in helping one get justice. They use their knowledge and experience to guide the victim down the correct path. They analyze their case and advise on the best steps to follow. Also, they look at the signs to verify if it is indeed a case of domestic abuse.

Here are some of the signs they look out for:

1- Unnecessary Panic

Panic is a familiar feeling.  All of us have either experienced it or witnessed it firsthand. But panicking all the time isn’t normal. It is a sign that you feel frightened by something you might be going through. It can show by how you express emotions, how you speak, and your physical appearance.

For instance, you might note that someone doesn’t do anything for themselves. Or, they always have to look around before eating, showering, or doing any activity. That shows they might be scared of something and if this does happen at home, start watching for signs of abuse.

2-Low Self-esteem

Kids and adults need to have high self-esteem. It is a feeling of self-confidence that even strangers can feel when they meet you. But many people who undergo domestic abuse do not show signs of confidence in themselves. This is a common sign that someone has low self-esteem.

For instance, you might notice that someone feels like a loser. Even when they do something good and get praise, they don’t see it as an achievement. They lack ambitions, and you might notice their abusers making them feel low. Always take low self-esteem signs seriously.

3- Contradictory Behavior

Contradictory Behavior

Source: Pixabay

Victims of domestic abuse might also display contradictory behavior. It is even easier to know who their abusers are when they show such behavior. For instance, they might be comfortable around you, laughing and talking. Then, all that changes in a flash once someone else joins in.

They might not feel free and choose to remain silent. Or, they could leave the place and go to spend time alone. If this happens more than once, then there are chances that the victim could be facing abuse. You can speak to them and seek a domestic abuse attorney for guidance.

4- Constant Criticism

It’s good to criticize, but not when it is done with bad intent and always. Some people do not realize that constant criticism can amount to domestic abuse. But the reality is that continuous criticism makes someone feel useless. They might not believe in what they do even if they are good at it.

If it is at work, this can negatively impact their productivity. They will also waste a lot of time checking what they have done. This is because they do not want to get blamed if issues arise. Among the signs we’ve mentioned, this might be difficult to note since people criticise.and face criticism daily.

5- Stress

Stress and anxiety are common signs of domestic abuse. They culminate into depression when not realized and dealt with early. It is essential to keep an eye on someone who always looks stressed, and there are many ways to identify stress.

For instance, the victim might be experiencing panic attacks. Or, you might see them isolating themselves from other people and looking mentally disturbed. You might also note a loss of interest or inability to cope with daily work or anything they enjoyed before.

In short, stress negatively impacts a person;s personality. They might try to hide this, but it won’t take long before it becomes noticeable. You’ll see them drowned in thoughts or even looking nervous. Please do not ignore these signs because they could be evidence of potential abuse.

Seek Help When You See These Signs of Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is a delicate subject that needs to be handled with care. Keeping these warning signs in mind will make it easier to seek help in time. This is before the impacts of domestic abuse become severe.

You now know the signs that should tell you when you become a victim. If these signs are too familiar to you, take your time to analyze the situation. You can take different kinds of action if you see these signs. A domestic abuse attorney will help you file a lawsuit against the abuser.

 In some instances, you might need someone to help you tell if what you are experiencing is abuse or not. It will be good to speak to an expert psychologist to know this. Once you get the medical help you need, a domestic abuse attorney can then help you get the justice you deserve. 

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