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Everything You Should Know About the Different Types of Escape Rooms

One of the most interesting and adventurous games with a high craze is the Escape room. It includes a variety of themes with different missions, which you need to clear along with your teammates. It is one of the best games to play when you are bored during your leisure time. You can also play this game with your family member, friends, or co-workers and create some beautiful fun-time memories

The escape game is all about looking for clues, cracking codes, and solving puzzles to find a way out of the room. You will get different challenges to compete. To experience one of the best escape room games in Atlanta, you must contact Paranoias Quest. They are popular for their best themes and adventurous challenges that you can enjoy. Therefore, book the escape room Atlanta at Paranoias Quest to play with your dear ones.    

Types of Escape Rooms:

  • Physical or In-person escape rooms:

Here, you will have to play the game manually, along with your teammates. That means your physical presence is important. It is the most common type of escape game.

  • Virtual escape room:

It is the opposite of an in-person escape room. As the name says, you will be playing the game virtually from your home. 

Forms of Escape Rooms Based On the Game Sequence:

  • Linear Escape Room:
  • A linear escape room is a simple type of escape room where you will have to solve one puzzle at a time. 
  • By solving one puzzle, you will get the hint of the next. 
  • In this type of escape room, you do not require a big team of people. A small group of members is enough to play. 
  • Further, it is not very complex and is easy to solve. 
  • It is perfect for those playing for the first time or still learning. 
  • You can also go for a linear escape room if you are with a small group of people. 
  • Non-Linear Escape Room:
  • A non-linear escape room is more complex when compared to a linear escape room. 
  • Here you will have to solve multiple puzzles within a short period. 
  • To play this type of escape game, you will require a large team as you will have to split it into a smaller group. 
  • Now each group should solve one puzzle at a time. 
  • This way, the team can focus on all the separate challenges of the mission. 
  • It is perfect for corporate teams.  

Different Types of Escape Room Puzzles: 

  • Written:

These type of puzzles includes numbers, letters, or words. To solve these written puzzles, you must think uniquely. Concentrate and think out of the box while solving written puzzles. 

  • Physical:

It requires the physical movement of your body. It usually includes moving objects from one place to another, untying the knots, etc.

  • Sensory:

Here, you will have to utilize your sense organs. You will have to notice every detail such as songs, lights, smell, etc. These play a huge role in solving a puzzle.

  • Hidden clues:

These are the types of puzzles where you will have to find hidden clues such as a piece of paper, objects, etc., within the room. 

Therefore, these were the different types of escape rooms and the puzzles. Get your team to play this game by thinking strategically and collectively. 

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