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Explain major indications, drawbacks and treatment method of an IVF?

If we talk about reproductive technology in this modern era, it has reached its peak. If we see it commenced several decades back with the birth of the first IVF baby named Louise Brown in 1978 in Lancashire, England. Your newborn baby can be the next Louise with the help of IVF, and the best ivf center in Punjab will help you to execute this process from beginning to end. Here, you can attain the best ivf doctor‘s guidance to form your pregnancy successfully.

Besides this, numerous men suffer from severe urinary tract problems that do not perform the sexual intercourse and the step of pregnancy conception. Are you determine something similar in you, immediately visit the urology center in Moga.

What should you know about the IVF Conception?

Everybody knows that IVF performs the fusion of men’s sperm and women’s eggs on the outer side of the body in a petri dish at a medical laboratory. Here, this mixture develops for some time and then implants into the woman’s womb for further pregnancy. Then, the pregnancy process depends on the artificial method of IVF that helps to extract pregnancy with different medications.


The process of IVF usually comes to an action when all other alternative procedures do not prove successful in conceiving pregnancy due to the following indications:

  • Increase in maternal age

  • Male factor infertility

  • Unexplained infertility

  • Endometriosis (with or without tubal damage)

  • Pelvic inflammatory ailments, tubal infertility, and reproductive tract issues


  • The superovulation process occurs in which ovarian hyperstimulation comes into action to produce more than one ovum.

  • Eggs retrieve under the guidance of the aspiration follicle. Here, donor oocytes are used if a woman does not produce any egg.

  • Furthermore, the retrieved egg and male sperm combined to perform fertilization under the controlled condition. It takes a few hours to complete. Your doctor also readies other alternatives if this will form unassisted fertilization.

  • When the ovum fertilizes, the embryo culture implantation allows the embryo to split into several cells. It will take four to five days to complete. Here, particular attention devotes to the PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) so that the existing ailment will not transmit to your infant. It will perform after 3 to 4 days of egg fertilization and eliminate a single affected cell from each embryo.

  • Embryo transformation takes three to five days to transmit into the women’s womb after fertilization. It must send to the endometrium to extract the pregnancy. A majority of fertility experts believe in implanting more than one embryo to maximize the possibility of conception. Moreover, extra embryos keep in the frozen incubator for future use.

Drawbacks of IVF

  • It is costly and does not lie under any insurance policies; therefore, poor people do not bear its expense.

  • The birth rate is more than the pregnancy rate.

  • There are only 40% chances of pregnancy conception for women above 35.

  • Strong medications lead to several side effects on the entire body.

The Gomti Thapar Hospital will help you conceive your pregnancy with an IVF procedure without any significant difficulties.

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