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Extraordinary Books that will Help you Stay Away from Drugs

The courage to go and browse for “Suboxone clinic near me” is not a miracle. Only true motivation can encourage us opt for the recovery process. One of the ways to hear the fascinating story of recovery is reading books. There are books for addicts and family members. No matter if you love reading books or want to start learning from the authors, you can read them.

The Naked Mind It tops our list and covers the health risks related to alcoholism, the sociology of drinking, and prevailing stereotypes. The Naked Mind is a fantastic combination of scientific proof and humor of real-life incidents.

1. Rewired

As the name suggests, Rewired is about thoughtful consideration of embracing recovery and sublocade treatment. Erica Spiegelman is a well-established narrator and addiction counselor who shares her struggles with substance addiction and alcoholism. It presents recovery due to leading life following compassion, solitude, hope, love, honesty, and evolution.

2. The Gifts of Imperfection

It’s 1 of the books that every individual on the planet should consider reading at least ten times. It’s about radical acceptance and evaluating oneself. It’s so profound in the global message of recovery that it transmutes amazingly for people recovering from substance addiction.

3. Spirit Junkie 

It gives us a meaningful message of mindfulness, asking the readers to discriminate between negative and positive feelings. The author conveys the power that comes from a vivid understanding of one’s mind and the ability to opt for a healthy response. Spirit Junkie can help an individual overcoming substance dependency to reconnect with a feeling of gratitude and hopefulness.

4. Codependent No More

Codependent No More is the healing touchstone of thousands and edited by America’s inspirational writers. It’s a book that motivates and supports people overcoming drug addiction or alcoholism. It’s equally helpful for people affected by addiction and family members.

5. Scar Issue

It’s the “inspiring and vivid” account of Chilli Pepper’s front man Kiedis & his journey through glamour and fame. Anthony speaks about his journey, including a descent into alcoholism and substance addiction, and finding a ray of hope in the darkness. Suppose you observe your closed ones or family members abuse alcohol or drugs. In that case, this book offers an insight into the struggles of alcoholism.

6. High Achiever 

Tiffany Jenkins is a talented and born storyteller. You will find “High Achiever” heart-wrenching, gripping and raw, but it’s based on a true story. Tiffany shares her journey from a high school cheerleader and how she spent her days recovering in Florida Jail.

7. Recovery

It’s a series of interviews with people struggling with substance addiction and how they progressed through addiction recovery stages and sublocade treatment. The talks range from fitness freaks to recovery advocates to popular celebrities. They offer bits of advice, tips from their own lives in the hope of helping someone else.

8. The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober 

This a must-have if you plan to quit alcohol or drugs and are curious to know what an alcohol-free life may look like. Catherine Gray talks to top psychologists about why we drink and how our brain and nerves react to it. The composition is about the escape and why an alcohol-free sober life is more intoxicating than your imagination.

9. Alcohol Lied to me 

The writer puts forward irrefutable causes as to why you need to conquer “evil down” in your subconscious mind. The chapters are consistent and informative about medications recommended by doctors. However, you should consult with Beck’s recommendation.

If your closed one or you are struggling with addiction problems, know that you are not alone. Reading addiction recovery articles won’t motivate full mental rehabilitation. Still, it will help you cope and recover from addiction tendencies. Consult with doctors of suboxone treatment clinics for treatment that can help you in regaining your growth.

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