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Extraordinary Places to Go Hiking in Spain

Go Hiking in Spain

Take a Hiking in Spain in the Rocky Peaks, see the lush green forests and enjoy the perfection of Spain on foot. Pack your bags and Book your Vacations now!

Hiking in Spain

Wanna Appease your wanderlust by exploring the difficult yet beautiful side of Spain on your foot? If you search for an ideal getaway that offers a perfect blend of nature with adventure and some picturesque locations, Spain can be your perfect choice. With an extra garnish of delicious food and wine, the experience of hiking in Spain becomes one of the best in Europe. But what will be the place most suitable for hiking? Well, it is not so simple to choose an ideal hiking location in Spain. The country is quite big, and depending on the region, the weather changes, so based on the weather condition, you may choose your place for a hike based on the weather condition. We have put together a list of places where you can go hiking and experience the sunny charm of the country. Let’s take a look at the Extraordinary Places to Go Hiking in Spain.

Hiking In Spain



The Spanish hiking list is incomplete without the Mahasen trek in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Sierra Nevada Mountains are the highest peak on the Spanish mainland, with an elevation of 3,479 meters! A hike to Poqueira Refuge from Hoya del Portillo can complete Mulhacen in two days, where you will stay overnight and then climb to the top of Mulhacen on the second day. However, taking the shuttle busto Mirador de Trevelez from Capileira is also an easy day hiking in Spain at Mirador de Trevelez. The shuttle bus will arrive for picking you 6 hours after getting off the bus, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the fun of walking and take photos as you wish, including lunch breaks. Hiking itself is not difficult, but the altitude makes it possible.


The vast mountains bordering Spain and France provide you with many options for trekking. You can stroll in the greenery or escape into the beauty of the mountains. To add to your wonderful experience, there are two national parks in the Pyrenees. One of them is Ordesa Y Monte Perdido National Park, and the other is Aiguestortes National Park. The beautiful scenery and picturesque environment will amaze you. So going there is a great experience. You can book flights with Jetblue booking and enjoy the amazing hike in Spain

El Caminito del Rey

The most prominent hiking place in Spain is El Caminito Rey! It is believed as the super dangerous sidewalk across the world, garrotting over the vertical cliffs of the Getanes Canyon in Ardales, Málaga. Such was before it was restored in 2015 and inaugurated for the public again. The old path has completely disappeared in several places and is still located under the new safe sidewalk to remind visitors of the original structure. In memory of those who died hiking there before they rebuilt the trail. The 8 km hike is linear & flat. It passes through a forest area, adjacent to the river, and finally along with the absolutely breathtaking boardwalk along the cliff, which is more than 100 meters above the ground. Hiking usually takes about 4 hours to complete. Please make sure you get the tickets from their website in advance.

Camino Santiago

The most famous trail in Spain is the De Camino Santiago which is also known as the Way of Saint James, which is just a hike, but a series of walking routes from different places in Spain — in fact, also from Portugal and France — and Lead the pilgrims across the country to the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, even the capital of Galicia, the resting place of Saint James. However, this is not an ordinary multi-day hiking in Spain. It is a spiritual experience, a companionship, during which you will eventually meet people from all over the world. Even if you are not religious, you will like it.

Ruta del Cares

The best hiking route in Picos de Europa is Ruta del Cares, a 12-kilometer hiking route that runs along the Cares River and is nicknamed the “Sacred Canyon.” The trek will bring you to Caín in Leon from Poncebos in Asturias, You can pass the trek enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way. This is also an easy walk suitable for children because there are almost no uphill roads and there are many places to rest and view.

Bis de Granada Hiking in Spain

The best hike in the Sierra Nevada is Beas de Granada, where you can enjoy impressive mountain views. This is a 16-kilometer trail that begins from Granada and is ideal for your day hike trip. If you rather prefer a more leisurely pace, you can complete it in 2 days. The perfect time to step towards this trail is during winters, so you can adore the snow-studded mountains. But keep inside your reach that there may be snow on the trail. Not suitable for summer because it is very exposed to the sun. There can be several opportunities for you to go Hiking in Spain but you can choose your direction according to your own preference.

Mirador de Trevelez

For a more impressive view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, choose a two-hour walk on the south side of Mt. Murhassen.  This is relatively an easy trail because taking a vehicle like a car or public bus will bring you all over the way to an altitude of 2700 meters, but due to altitude, it can be tricky! Remember, if you are willing to accept the challenge, you will find more trails in the area and go hiking in Spain. This may be your best chance to experience the unbeatable paths of the country.

Los Cahorros de Monachil

It is a great hike for families with children because it is easy,, and it goes to beautiful meadows with lots of flowers, lavender, and rosemary. It is very suitable for spring, but also for autumn. You will love crossing the canyon on the suspension bridge! This trail is a circular route of approximately 8 kilometers, and you can complete it in approximately 3 hours. You will have to climb under the rocks, but other than that, this is one of the easiest hikes in the area. That’s how you can witness the fact that hiking in Spain can be another escape than the ideal romantic experience and with a travel guide you can easily roam everywhere.

Camí dels Ganxos

Among each of the challenging trails in Costa Brava in the Pyrenees region is Camí dels Ganxos. It is a round hike starting from Joanetes in Altagarotesa. The most valuable part is the view of Puigsacalm and the visit to the small retreat of Santa Magdalena. This is a very challenging hike, which may take 7 hours, on good terrain, but there are some almost completely vertical ganchos you will need to use that you will need to use to improve yourself next. This is definitely not achievable alone. If you are afraid of heights, you should avoid them.

So, when hiking and hiking in these places, let your excitement be released. Go plan ahead and book your trip to Spain with American airlines booking and enjoying a perfect hike in one of these locations we mentioned above.

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