Ezeparking team said the Volkswagen Polo is a supermini vehicle delivered by the German vehicle producer Volkswagen since 1975. It is sold in Europe and different business sectors worldwide in hatchback, cantina and bequest variations. The Polo has been created in six ages. Related Volkswagen Group models incorporate the Skoda Fabia, SEAT Ibiza, and Audi A1.


A few ages were face lifted halfway through creation, with the refreshed renditions known informally by an expansion of the letter F to the imprint number, for example Mk2F. A few individuals from the car press and a few lovers believe the facelifts to be discrete models and have subsequently utilized the informal assignments Polo Mk1 to Mk7 for past generations.

Ezeparking team said each Polo model is likewise distinguished by a few characters Volkswagen Group Type number. Official VW Polo history depicts Mark I to Mark IV utilizing either Roman numerals or Arabic numerals, with face lifted variations known as “Stage II” models. The body style has been changed through the duration of the vehicle, initially as a hatchback which got from the Audi 50. A cantina form was showcased as the Volkswagen Derby. Volkswagen vehicles worked off various stages have conveyed the Polo nameplate. For instance, the Volkswagen Polo Playa hatchback sold in Southern Africa in the last part of the 1990s was a rebadged SEAT Ibiza which has an alternate body shell from the Polo Mk3 sold in Europe simultaneously. The current cantina is just accessible in China, Latin America and South Africa and other Southern Africa nations.

Beginning in 1982, Volkswagen sold the Polo in Japan at first through a concurrence with Japanese business Yanase that has practical experience in European and North American vehicles. Of all Volkswagens brought into Japan, just the Polo (until 2017) and the Golf (until 1997), agreed with Japanese government measurement guidelines until the presentation of the VW Up in 2012.


There are 6 generations of Volkswagen polo which are mentioned below:

  • First generation
  • Second generation
  • Third generation
  • Fourth generation
  • Fifth generation
  • Sixth generation

Ezeparking team said the first original Polo, a rebadged variant of the Audi 50, was presented in 1975 and was delivered until October 1981. It is likewise called the Volkswagen Derby. By 1979, 500,000 Polos were created worldwide. It shared the inner assignment Type 86 with the Audi 50.


The contrasts between the Audi and Volkswagen models were minor, with the Polo being less expensive and substantially more fundamental. The two vehicles were at first sold close by one another; however the Audi 50 never sold too, and was removed in 1978. The Polo was produced at the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg.


The Polo Mk2 (or Type 86C) was presented in October 1981, with the significant change being the presentation of a third body style with a precarious (practically vertical) back window, notwithstanding a form taking after the

2nd GENERATION- Ezeparking

first Mk1 shape with a corner to corner back window. Ezeparking team said these two body styles were known as the Wagon (in certain business sectors) and Coupé separately, albeit truth be told both were three-entryway hatchbacks, and in certain business sectors the Wagon assignment was not utilized, with that vehicle being basically called the “Volkswagen Polo” without an addition. The cantina adaptation got the name of Volkswagen Derby. Creation was extended to Spain during the 1980s following Volkswagen’s takeover of SEAT. By 1983, the one millionth Polo was created. The subsequent million were delivered by 1986.


The Mark III Polo or Type 6N, (now and then alluded to as the “Imprint 4” by aficionados as it is the Polo’s fourth pretense) showed up in 1994, and was a totally new model (on another body), accessible as three-and five-entryway hatchback forms, the last making VW the last significant European maker to at last offer back side


entryways in this class. It imparted its foundation to the SEAT Ibiza Mark 2. This stage really utilized the floor pan of the Volkswagen Golf Mk3. Albeit the dashboard and various mechanical segments, including motors, were imparted to the Ibiza, ostensibly the two vehicles were unique, with no common body boards.


Ezeparking team said revealed in September 2001, the all-new Mark IV (or Type 9N, in some cases mistakenly alluded to as the “Imprint 4”) model was put on special in mid-2002. It imparts its foundation to the SEAT Ibiza Mk3, Skoda Fabia Mk1 and Skoda Fabia Mk2. The vehicle is all new contrasted with the Mark III/F, and bears underlying likeness to Golf MK4 . The back taillights take after that of the B5.5 Passat. Ostensibly the most conspicuous change is the utilization of quad round headlights like the Lupo.


Volkswagen Racing energized a Polo S1600 in the 2003 Junior World Rally Championships, winning the Turkish round. The Super 1600 created 165 kW (221 hp)/215 to its front wheels. This rendition of the Polo was a blended accomplishment in the United Kingdom. It sold sensibly well (however not just as some prior Polos) but rather a few consumer loyalty overviews by prominent motoring magazines, for example, Top Gear gave the Polo an exceptionally low evaluating.


Volkswagen dispatched the fifth era Polo (interior assignment Type 6R) at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2009. Without precedent for Polo’s set of experiences, the vehicle was proclaimed European Car of the Year, for


2010. The Polo was likewise announced 2010 World Car of the Year at the New York International Auto Show in April 2010.  It additionally won What Car. Supermini of the Year 2010, just as being granted Japan Import Car of the Year for 2010–2011


In light of the Volkswagen Group MQB A0 stage, the 6th era Polo was first divulged in Berlin on 16 June 2017 and dispatched in late 2017. It is professed to convey upgrades in lodge space, motors, and inside technology Ezeparking team said.


The vehicle accompanies a scope of 1.0-liter 3 chamber motors with different yields; 1.0 65 PS and 75 PS normally suctioned renditions, a gaseous petrol fueled 1.0-liter TGI creating 89 PS – just as 95 PS TSI. The GTI model gets a 200 PS 2.0-liter TSI engine. The 1.6-liter TDI motor is likewise accessible with 80 PS and 95 PS outputs. It is the principal Polo age that isn’t accessible with a 3-entryway body style, to reduce expenses.


Ezeparking team said the deals of Volkswagen Polo set a benchmark for Volkswagen which sold in excess of 12 million vehicles internationally up until this point; in February 2010 Volkswagen delivered the 11th Polo worldwide at the festival occasion of its first creation commemoration in Pune, India. In 2010, its first entire year on special in the United Kingdom, in excess of 45,000 units was sold. It was the UK’s 6th top of the line new car. This was a record for Polo deals in the UK. At no other time in over 30 years discounted in the UK had any variant of the Polo figured out how to complete among the best ten smash hit cars. Here is the rundown of Volkswagen Polo unit deals universally.


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