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Facebook Account Temporarily Locked? Know How to Unlock

Facebook temporarily locked how to unlock

If your Facebook account is locked you need to be sure about it at first. Therefore, to check whether your account is locked or not locked, you’ll need to look and focus on a few symptoms. It is because if your Facebook account is genuinely locked you’ll definitely face or encounter with the below-given symptoms:

  • Unable to sign-in with correct information and credentials
  • Not able to post anything on Facebook Account
  • Can’t create Facebook Fan Page
  • Not able to send or receive Facebook Friend Requests
  • Not even able to change Facebook Password
  • Also the inability to change FB settings

Once you know your Facebook account is locked temporarily by Facebook, the question arises

“Why Facebook temporarily locked your Facebook Account?”

So, the possible answer to this question is that in nowadays scenario, the Facebook team has taken some serious steps to maintain security and enhance the Facebook guidelines that in turn lead to an increase in the number of closed Facebook accounts.

Whoever doesn’t follow the “Community Standards and Terms of Use” of Facebook, their accounts will be locked by the team of Facebook. However, no need to panic so much instead, try to understand the reasons behind your locked Facebook accounts, and then address your concerns to the Facebook team. This way they’ll also able to address your issue more effectively. Having that in mind, below we have mentioned every possible

The reason behind temporarily locked Facebook Accounts,

have a look and find out the reason that best suits your situation in order to deal with it in the more correct manner:

  • On a regular basis, Facebook cleans their databases and update it. In this procedure they cleanup all those accounts’ which are duplicate and fake. So, if your account also falls under this category, it will be locked. If your account is reported as fake not by one single person but by masses, then your account will be locked as they requested Facebook to block your account probably reported for some illegal activity, etc.
  • Instead of receiving various warnings from the Facebook team for some prohibited behavior (harassment, illegal product promotion, etc), if you still continue to do that, Facebook will lock your account.
  • In order to take security precautions, Facebook will probably lock your account if it has detected some suspicious activity on your Facebook account.
  • If you continuously adding new friends and sending an unlimited message to them, it will also lead to your locked Facebook account as they will probably report your account.

Due to all these reasons, Facebook will disable your account if you post such content, engage yourself in any such illegal activities on Facebook, and don’t follow the Facebook Terms and code of conduct.

However, even then also there are ways with the help of which, you can unlock or recover your temporarily locked Facebook account. And, to help you with that, below we have listed those ways with which your locked account will be recovered. Let’s have a look:

  • First of all, do not hurry, and wait up to 96 hours, do not open your Facebook account till then. After 96 hours, try to clear your history, browser cookies, and cache, etc in order to get back your account.
  • If it doesn’t work, try to get access to your account through the “Automated Security Verification” process.
    • Simply verify your account by giving the answer to your security question to prove your true identity.
    • Another way to do that is to select one of your friends from Facebook whom you can trust and nominate him/her to receive a security code so that, you can take that security code from your friend and enter it where prompted. This will prove your as well as your account identity to Facebook.
  • Another way to unlock your Facebook account is by submitting an “Appeal” to Facebook.
    • To do that, open ‘My Facebook account has been disabled page’.
    • There you’ll see the option ‘Submit an Appeal’ next to the text that reads ‘If you think your account was disabled by mistake, please’, just click on it.
    • This will open an appeal form for you.
    • Now, as required, provide all those details which are necessary to sign-up and sing-in Facebook account like, phone number, or email address and username.
    • After that click on ‘Choose files’ > select ‘Picture’ > and click ‘open’ to simply upload a picture of yours as an identity proof.
    • And at last, hit on the ‘Send’ button to send the appeal to Facebook and its team.

That’s it! Using this method, you’ll get back your locked account and you can then use it as you use it before once you received a message from Facebook saying that you can now access your available account.

Meta: If your Facebook account has been temporarily locked then no need to worry? Here are many ways to fix temporarily locked Facebook account. Just follow the steps


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