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Factors To Consider When Selecting A Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Concrete is really a versatile and valuable material inside the construction industry. It gets utilized in varying structures for its durability. Every investor’s dream is to obtain a unit that may perform varying tasks simultaneously. The invention from the self-loading concrete mixer has dramatically eased and improved work in the industry. Since the name suggests, the device can efficiently take upon the feeding of raw materials, mixing them from the drum and further discharging it for the allocated storage. Quite a while back, you required almost three devices to execute these tasks. Otherwise, you have to rely on manual labor, which can be slow and risky. The unit has proved to be efficient. Currently, there are several options on the market. If you have finally made a decision to buy it, below are vital tips to help in the purchasing process.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Price
Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale


The self-loading concrete mixer incorporates three distinct parts. One of these is definitely the mixing drum. The machines all have different sizes, and it’s what determines their capacity. Before assessing them, enquire about the quantity of demand essential to your business. The exact amount should direct you into deciding on a machine that could sufficiently provide without delays. Inspect the pace of production. Enquire simply how much it can produce in a given hour. Some self-loading machines are big hence appropriate for large-scale locations. The smaller versions will work for investors who definitely are joining this business and in locations with the competition. It really is vital to position the machine strategically since only then can it optimally perform. Big machines in small markets would bring about waste of materials and energy. Also, a more minor in high-end sites would result in delays hence inconveniences and risking your small business reputation.

Energy Efficiency.

The different types of self-loading concrete, mixers (автобетоносмеситель с самозагрузкой китай) all use different sources of energy to carry out the duties. A number of these machines run for very long hours to meet the enormous demand. This aspect is important since investors who don’t take into account the option turn out spending nearly all of their funds to operate the commodity. Some machines operate on electricity and some use diesel. In any event, you need to ensure your selection of machine will not likely function at the cost of your profits. Current manufacturers understand the desire to make energy-efficient devices, which always posseses an energy star mark. Check for this aspect prior to making a settlement. The long term result is smooth operations with limited use of the relevant method to obtain power. Another thing to inspect here is the rate of production. For your device to meet this goal, it will find a way to produce a great deal of concrete within a short period. Only then will it beat the downtime.


The last factor to consider is pricing. Like every other product in the market, everything you buy is exactly what you will get. The cost of a self-loading machine speaks volumes about its quality and expected services. Settling to get a cheaper option could mean opening your doors for problems. Quality and efficiency ought to be your number one goal.

Less Labor Costs

The price of labor makes up about a huge section of the running costs of any construction project. Well, the roll-out of self-loading concrete mixers in the concrete mixing industry has created manual concrete mixing and loading obsolete, at least for big construction projects.

With self-loading concrete mixers, you just have to have the operator and possibly two more individuals to facilitate the loading of materials and collection of concrete after mixing. This cuts on labor costs plus definitely makes the concrete mixing process shorter and much more efficient.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Cost
China Self Loading Concrete Mixer Cost

Easier Operation

Unlike manual concrete mixing, by using a self-loading concrete mixer automates the entire concrete mixing process. The operator relies on a joystick to regulate the shovel while loading the materials in the drum. The drum was designed to mix each of the materials homogeneously through the help of spiral blades and constant revolution.

After the mixing process is complete, concrete might be collected by tilting the drum or reserving the direction of rotation of the blades in the drum to make the concrete out.


Self-loading concrete mixers can be used for almost any construction project that requires concrete. They can be employed in construction sites with uneven terrain due to their mobility. The compact size of these mixers enables them to be utilized in mine and tunnel construction, where using concrete batching plants isn’t a choice.

Low Maintenance Costs

Generally, self-loading concrete mixers are compact and low-maintenance equipment because the concrete loading and mixing processes are automated. With proper scheduled maintenance, these mixers can go for long without experiencing major breakdowns. Because of this during this time, you can find no costs for repairing or purchasing replacement parts, which is often expensive.

Finalize Your Specifications

Before you begin researching various models of concrete mixers, you have to finalize your specifications. Figure out the capacity, measure of automation, warranty levels and also other such important matters. Finalizing your specifications should supply you with a rough idea of the amount of money those specifications would cost. In the event you don’t have the required knowledge, consider taking assistance from a seasoned consultant.

Start Researching

Once you have finalized your specifications and budget, it is actually time to dig deeper and commence researching various manufacturers. To start with, you need to understand that there are millions of manufacturers of concrete mixers, all throughout the world. However, it’s a high priced piece of construction machinery and also you wouldn’t want to purchase a no-name band. You might be able to get a cheaper no-name band model but it would be difficult so that you can find replacement parts and it might also be hard to get just about any warranty on such brands.

The best way to get a reputable manufacturer (AIMIX Company) is to check around. Get in touch with people you realize in the marketplace and get them for recommendations. If at all possible, visit a few contractors who definitely are utilizing a self-loading concrete mixer for own projects. It gives you a good idea of the advantages and disadvantages of various models of concrete mixers.

Finding Affordable Prices

While everybody wants to get concrete mixers at the lowest price, it does not always mean that you ought to ignore product quality. No matter how cheap a self-loading mixer is, it is going to still amount to hundreds and hundreds of dollars and that is certainly not much of a small amount of cash. This is why, your focus should not be around the initial value of the mixer. You should consider the long-term. Be sure they already have good reviews in the industry. Ensure replacement parts are typically available where there are ample resources readily available for timely repair and maintenance.

To conclude, price shouldn’t become the perfect only criteria when you are evaluating a self-loading concrete mixer. Your focus needs to be on long-term efficiency and overall price of ownership during its expected service life. For this reason, you need to seriously consider the standing of the maker, customer reviews and experiences of existing buyers to help you create the right decision.


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