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Fail To Get Student Visa 500? Know the Reasons For Visa Rejection

Getting a student visa to step into a foreign country to pursue academics sounds like approaching a new dream. It is a new venture where you have to fill the Visa application form carefully, meeting every requirement and stating valid reasons for the perusal of the concerned Visa officer. However, people facing rejection over the application of Student Visa Subclass 500 must know the reasons why their Visas are not getting accepted and the subsequent process of making amends before reapplying for another. Here is a guide of developing full knowledge and rectifying your mistake to pursue your academic dream.

Possible Reasons for Facing Rejections While Applying For Visa Subclass 500

If you wish to study in Australia, you have to know the modalities that come under student visa subclass 500. This Visa subclass 500 allows you to stay in Australia for a period of five years but strictly under academic purposes i.e. only if you are permitted to pursue higher studies in any of the Universities in Australia. During the tenure, you can seek employment as a means of extra income and have free access to any place. There are some other advantages that tag along with these provisions. Those are:

  • You can take your family members along with you as a part of your Visa application. You may take your partner along with you and a child along with you.
  • Working every two weeks for a period of 40 hours is allowed as a means of extra income.

However, Visas get rejected and you may get in a perplexed state, trying to understand what went wrong. Sometimes, the reasons are many and sometimes, they are minute but you overlooked them while filling up the forms and now, here you are. With the guide of an expert agent, know what is wrong with your application and how you can work on it to receive the approval of the Student subclass 500 visa. Coming to the probable reasons why Visas often get rejected, the causes are:

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  • Lack Of Insufficient Funds

One of the primary requirements is to be able to fund your stay during the academic course. If you are not able to provide substantial documents to prove that you are financially equipped, your Visa will highly get rejected. If you are an international student visiting Australia on an exchange study program, you have to show genuine proof of access which includes details of the person sponsoring your fund. In case you are on a loan for this program, details about the loan are necessary where you have to state the terms and conditions, costs you need to cover and every other detail.

Providing clear financial proof is very important so consult expert Visa agents before proceeding towards application. They will make a visa subclass 500 checklist for you which you must follow.

  • Incomplete Or False Documents

Needless to say but focus on getting your documents clean and compiled. You cannot afford to miss out on any document otherwise your Visa will not be approved. Consulting a migrant agent Adelaide in case you are worried about the documents required will help you. All the details of the documents required are provided in the checklist of the Department Of Immigration and Border Protection.

Documents of your details including birth certificate, government ID, student health cover, and proof of scholarships (if any) are required. Failing to provide valid documents will render your Visa inapplicable. All the documents undergo monitoring to check whether they are valid so you have to be careful while producing your documents.

  • Lack Of Adequate Communication Skills

Since Australia is majorly an English speaking country, it is necessary for you to have a good knowledge of English in order to stay there and study. An evaluation will be taken on your English knowledge skills which you have to pass in order to apply for a visa. This is one of the major requirements for your Visa approval in Australia. If you are an international student coming from a non-English speaking country, it is mandatory for you to clear the test to prove your competence.

  • Inability To Prove Your Purpose

You have to prove that you are visiting for academic purposes in Australia. It is necessary that you reflect upon the pursuit of your academic on the student visa subclass 500 because based on your academic qualifications and intent of purpose, Visa officers will evaluate your intention and grant you permission to enter and stay in a foreign country.

Inability to clear IELTS or corresponding exams, lacking a good academic result or inability to produce details about the purpose of your studying in an Australian university may hinder your purpose of getting a student Visa.

Lacking Overseas Student Health Cover or Other Welfare

Before stepping into a new country, you have to prove yourself physically fit by undertaking some medical tests. It is important to show that you do not have tuberculosis as the Australian government has zero-tolerance towards TB and other such respiratory diseases.

Having an OSHC is important as it provides health insurance during your stay in Australia and promises to cover your health while you are staying here. Lacking OSHC may lead to the rejection of your Visa. You must add the policy number in your application. If an education provider is giving you the insurance, you must document the provider’s name. For students under the age of 18, it is mandatory for your provider to arrange for your welfare, lacking which may lead to Visa disapproval.

These are some of the major reasons which may lead to the rejection of your Visa. But, don’t be disheartened. Every cloud has a silver lining and hence, getting in touch with an expert immigration agent Adelaide will provide you student visa subclass 500 conditions that you must follow to get your Visa approved on the very first hand.

You must rectify the mistakes you had committed in the first place. The faster you apply for Visa, the higher the chances are of getting approved. In the Visa interview, speak clearly with confidence about the purpose of your research or higher studies. The genuineness in your tone accounts for your seriousness which leads to the Visa getting approved. Clear all the doubts with the help of agents who will offer their expert service in building your Visa and you will be able to pursue your academics.

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